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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stupidity Anti-Fa Style.

Not sure how many laws are being broken by Australian Anti-Fa but it must be getting some attention from the authorities. But I think the claim that a Russian Female hacker is at large this time around is a bit rich. But Anti-Fa are well know for telling lies, blackmail,intimidation and just being the most fascist anti fascist that ever existed. They truly do give fascism a bad name. 

But they persist in leaving up the address of a Nationalist Mothers house. What is wrong with these people? They then try and cover their arse by saying its ok, he lives there. Well no he doesn't, in fact you would be hard pressed to find a nationalist that is, unemployed, living with mum and dad. going to uni, doing any type of drug or publishing addresses of innocent people. In fact all the Nationalists we know are family people paying off the mortgage. 

Anyway, blackmail and tactics like this is not new. In fact Andy Fleming used these tactics way back when. Hacking the personal computer of an author of this blog and blackmailing Ben Wyrem from Redwatch. Its just another day in the life of some truly screwed up people. Who the hell protects these people and allows them to get away with so much?

So now the "we are all slackbastard" army are gloating over blackmailing and the hacking of private emails. But it has nothing to do with Andy Fleming, its just some chick from Russia ok. FFS. 

Dont ask me who James is as we have no idea, he pissed fat boy off at some time obviously.

Yeah that apparently gives them clearance to blackmail and intimidate by wire? Thats a new approach. They call us stupid?

The following exchange is also that ridiculous that it immediately gave away the game. After April 4 we are in for some fun. Andy must be thanking them for taking the heat off him for now.

Deathsec is some Russian chick got it, not a potato shaped internet wanker from Australia. We could be wrong they both could be as dumb as dog shit?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Anti Antifa notes.

Well this has been enjoyable, but maybe just maybe it is going to end real messy. It is now likely a completely innocent person will be the first victim,  our guess closely followed by a so called bystander. Well its hardly a bystander if you are a combatant on the field  denying your involvement, but that's another matter.

We have been watching with popcorn at the ready as certain people from antifa have been outed over the past week. The one thing we noted is the common theme of working for the Australian Tax Department. Yep anarchists working within the ATO and one even working for Australia Post, how interesting. There has been a lot said and done over the past few days and well like we said, we have just been taking notes.

It would appear that a few feathers have been ruffled in the process. Andy Fleming and his potato shaped friend from reclaimwhat have retaliated at first with some rather ridiculous denials, but that wasn't enough to take the heat off the creator of reclaimwhat. Oh yeah no doubt they have got him/it, but more on that wanker after April 4. 

In what many of us see as no big surprise, the dumb arses from the "we are all slackbastard" (nope not kidding) have gone and outed the reported head of NRG promotions Neil Ericksons mother. Real smart for a super savy antifa hacking group who most probably just pulled his tax file illegaly from the ATO. Let that sink in, they just published the address of this guys mother. The poor woman just so happens to live in Melbourne. Cultural Marxist capitol of Australia. Just a bit of a flask point don't you think?

Shit just got real folks, how this ends now is anyone's guess. Either way we can wait, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Yeah real smart Andy, just like the old days now isn't it. Last time Andys gang of idiots blew up the letter box of what they thought was a Nationalists house in QLD. Yep you guessed it, it was his elderly mothers place. 

The whole reclaim rally in Melbourne is looking rather shaky, and I think its possible antifa may just get that one shut down. Threats and counter threats are running hot between the Patriotic anti Islam pro Israel group and the anti Israel pro Islam Marxist anti fa. One would think that Melbourne's rather large Jewish community are as confused as hell. Mum and Dad Jew will be going with reclaim and their snotty nosed pimply faced reactionary kids will be hanging with antifa. Whats not to love about this?   

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Time out.

Well readers to be honest enough is enough. Lets take a break from the Andy Flemings of the world and focus on something positive. Why we fight and what we believe. 
This post has not been approved by the following groups, Reclaim Australia, NRG or Hollywood Nazis.  On the other hand this post has been endorsed by Fascist followers the world over. Just clearing that up for the hard of hearing and the terminally stupid.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Has the CFMEU been caught out?

Seems the scales of justice move slow when it concerns Nationalists in this country.  With all the serious threats of violence from the left of late, it is with great pleasure we give you this update.

Source Australia First.


A man will appear in a Brisbane court in June to answer charges relating to assaults on Australia First members on May 2 last year.

Australia First members had demonstrated in Brisbane against the political imprisonments of Golden Dawn members of parliament in Greece.
Our demonstration was counter-demonstrated by various groups.

The assaults on our members and supporters were carried out by a criminal structure operating within the CFMEU. This group drew in some workers who provided via loud street theatre, a gloss for a premeditated action; these workers were motivated by the false claim made to them by the criminal group that Australia First Party had favoured Campbell Newman’s anti union laws in Queensland.
The entire fracas was linked also to the disinformation Slackbastard website. 

The editor of Slackbastard, believed to be one Andy Hutchings who operates out of an office in South Yarra, appeared on ABC 7.30 Report a few months ago, boasting that he organized the counter-demonstration. If that is so, he may have knowledge of what was intended.

The CFMEU based criminal group has been subject to investigation by a Royal Commission and other agencies. It is also an enemy of genuine Australian workers.

One of this gang has recently been subject of legal proceedings. He has an interesting criminal past.

 CFMEU’s Luke Collier has entry permit suspended for 12 months
Above Luke Collier standing with a flag he stole after assaulting a member of Australia First. This assault and theft was witnessed by Queensland Police, who stood by refusing to act on threats and actual violent attacks on Nationalists.  
Needless to say this inspired these CFMEU thugs to attack Nationalists at the Red Brick Hotel later that day in a cowardly hit and RUN attack. This attack saw a 70 year old member of Australia First hospitalized after being sucker punched in the back of the head. Such bravery should be rewarded.
The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has suspended Luke Collier’s right of entry permit for 12 months, after an application made by FWBC. The CFMEU currently employs Mr Collier as an organiser.

Union officials can apply to the Fair Work Commission for a right of entry permit to enter building and construction sites to hold discussions with workers or investigate possible problems.

FWBC claimed that Mr Collier made false declarations when he applied for a right of entry permit in 2013.

In the application lodged on his behalf by the CFMEU, Mr Collier declared that he had never been convicted of an offence involving entry onto premises, fraud or dishonesty, or intentional use of violence against another person or intentional damage or destruction of property.

In its application to the FWC, FWBC submitted that in 2003 Mr Collier was convicted of recklessly causing injury and criminal damage. He had a Community Based Order imposed upon him by the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court in Victoria.

Mr Collier was found to have failed to comply with the Community Based Order.

In 2007 Mr Collier was convicted of theft and going equipped to steal in the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court.

FWBC Director Nigel Hadgkiss said holding a right of entry permit was a privilege.

“All this agency asks is that people go about their work within the law, and this includes honesty and full disclosure when making an application for a right of entry permit,” Mr Hadgkiss said. Mr Hadgkiss said Mr Collier would be added to FWBC’s ‘No Permit List’.

“The list is a critical tool for site managers across Australia. The No Permit List is a list of people who do not have a valid right of entry permit. Some of them have a history of attempting to enter building sites without valid permits.”

There are currently 20 people named on FWBC’s No Permit List. Of those 17 are from the CFMEU, two from the ETU, and one from the AMWU. Mr Collier will take the list to 21.

The 12 month suspension of Mr Collier’s permit began on 29 January 2015.

Back ground HERE and HERE 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dirty Tricks and Andy Fleming once again.

Again and again and again.

Well it would appear that local Authorities are doing the rounds and knocking on the doors of the wrong people once again. No doubt this intelligence gathering operation has again been inspired by Australia's favorite Anarchist (we truly use that word loosely)Andy Fleming.

Andy has shown time and time again he and his mates Cam Smith and Donald Oorst (Perth) have no issues with sending the state on harassment duties on their behalf. 

I will break it down for the state. Reclaim rallies have nothing to do with us on the right. In fact everyone from the silliest to the most dedicated have only given tacit support at most. If any one has something to gain from these rallies being well attended and non violent it is us. The only people who will benefit from it becoming a violent disaster is Andy Fleming and his Cultural Marxist brigade.So why are we, the smallest minority, being questioned?

Cant the authorities see that the rallies that have been organized have all the approvals needed? Do they not see that the counter demos that have been organized by Andy Fleming are not approved and just so happen to be at the same spot and times as the legal Reclaim rallies? Do they not understand that the only people who are intending to carry out attacks and disrupt is Anti-Fa and Andy Fleming?

Again who benefits?  Even if the Reclaim rallies are a success it is only a small victory for us.  On the other hand a success is a massive victory to the Kosher Nationalists and the Pro Israel groups in Australia. All we want to see is the average Australian start questioning the PC madness and see Anti-Fa outnumbered and embarrassed.

Seeing as Anti-Fa, Andy Fleming and various Unions including the CFMEU have become the voice of Islam (as I haven't heard anything from Islamic groups) I would have thought the Authorities would be questioning them? Maybe even questioning some of the Dual Citizen Jews involved in this? Hell does anyone from our circles believe that these rallies could have even got this far with out getting the nod from Bnai Brith?

We hope the Rallies go off with out any problems. The last thing we need is for this to go pear shape and wake up the next day to even further laws taking away our rights. That my friends is my greatest fear. 


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Andy Flemings Anti-Fa Army sink to a new low.

Lets see if I wanted to truly piss off the average patriotic Australian, how could I do that? Well photo shop pictures of dead Anzacs by super imposing faces of criminals, fascists and others on them. Anti-Fa and Andy Fleming think this is real funny. 

We at WLT are not surprised in the least. But it would appear the average Australian is not used to dealing with vermin like this, they don't read WLT, maybe they will now?

I recall way back when it first dawned on me how truly evil these people are. Many folk like myself when first confronted with the reality of how corrupted and twisted these groups are, simply have no idea how to combat it. When you are at odds with people with out a shred of honour you have to learn to adapt.

If they cant get their way, nothing is out of the question. From what we have observed of late Andy Fleming has just about used up all their options. There is still a few left, but we wont see them until the very end. What will that be? Well if you are a WN you would be well aware of what they do when they cant stop you from holding a rally or a meeting.

Like spoiled children who throw tantrums, if they cant have their way they inevitably turn to mummy, in this case the state. They will agitate to the point that the state will have to step in and shut the rallies down for the sake of public safety. This is common with Anti-Fa, as they will call venues or councils stating if the meeting or rally goes ahead they promise there will be trouble. The next method if the above doesn't work is to call in a bomb threat the day before a meeting or a rally. Think it doesn't happen? I can assure you Mr and Mrs average Aussie it does.

So there isn't much you can do with the last option, but you can help put a stop to their other. Don't take the bait. They will be sending their army of agents to your pages. They will say things to ruffle feathers and invite your readers to retaliate. Making it look like the rallies will turn into violent clashes. Don't take the bait and don't engage.  We wish you luck.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Comedy Gold from Anti Golden Dawn.

Seriously we are not making the following up. You know we may get it wrong sometimes, but seriously we don't usually have much to go by. But we never get it this wrong.

It would seem that the Admin over at another Left Wing Facebook Page just took out the "I'm the biggest bullshit artists of them all" award. This page just so happened to be involved in working with Andy Fleming in organizing the violent counter protest during the Golden Dawn Rally in Brisbane last year.

It all starts with Neil Erickson, Andy Flemings latest target. So far Andy has accused Neil of being a "Convicted Neo Nazi". Even though Neils Granddad served during WW2 and was a guest of the Germans for a few years, Neil was never, and we repeat never in the docks at Nuremberg.  Nor was he kidnapped by the Mossad and taken to Israel to face charges of being a "Nazi".  Andy has also been stretching the truth accusing Neil of being a convicted anti-Semite. Again totally false. Is that even possible to be convicted in Australia for being a anti-Semite? Possibly, remember Brendon O'Connell?

We can say that he was convicted of being a drunken dickhead and was given a Community Corrections Order. He was then ordered to clean latrines at the local synagogue.

Ok so maybe I just  made up the "ordered to clean latrines at the local synagogue" bit, but the following is truly breath taking. 

So with no evidence or any other collaborating voices, this guy accuses Neil of being on Parole and bashing people, Jews as a matter of fact. He did once call a leading Rabi while drunk and acted like a dickhead. He was found guilty of that offense, publicly humiliated by the Press and the state anti-fa agents, and given a Community Correction Order. 

No bashing, no attacks just some very stupid behavior that did him no favors that's for sure.  Of course if it wasn't a Rabi and a very well connected Rabi at that, we would not have heard a thing. Still not a smart or very good way to communicate a belief.  

As for the next Claim that he was the Author of a recent article on the Daily Stormer, I think the fact that the Author put his name to it should seal that one. I guess our brave defender of truth missed that?

So even though the aggrieved contacted the page that is slandering him, they ignore his request to remove the lies and publicly apologize.   

Crazy stuff, but that's what we deal with every day. Still the media use them often as credible experts.

Don't leave yet. it gets better.

So we have a screen shot of a post by some kid probably  being a drunken dickhead like our friend Neil. Just stupid shit that kids do. But our champion of truth and justice posts it up linking this kid to Australia's number one Hollywood Nazi fly by night group Squadron 88. Using a link from Andy Fleming. If you want to tag someone with some Hollywood Nazi BS roll out S88 and Andy Fleming. But it gets better.

Our intrepid Nazi hunter does some FB stalking of this kids page and immediately warns his followers of this vicious gang. But whats that, is that a non white kid hanging with Squadron 88? I shit you not it doesn't get any better than this. He even goes further and posts the following picture of one of the Nazis.

Any questions?