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Thursday, September 18, 2014

So how is that Multiculturalism working out for you in Australia?

Terrorists plan on beheading Australian just for shits and giggles.

First the suspected terrorist are not white Australians, go figure.
Above Australian.
 Below scum bag
Mohamed “Moey” Elomar, 29 — Fighting with IS in Iraq, just so happens to think he is Australian.

 Easy to spot the difference?

Now over the past 10 years, people such as myself and others connected to this Blog have been questioned time and time again by ASIO and the Federal Police. Claims from Anarchists, Antifa and Anti Racists of the threat to National Security we pose prompted action from the authorities. What threat did we actually pose? Simple we spoke out against mass immigration into this country. We spoke openly about the threat to our nation our culture and our future. We dared to distribute flyers to try and warn our fellow Australians to the unique peril Multiculturalism posses to our way of life. 

Meanwhile Antifa, in particular @ndy Slackbastard and his side kick Cam Smith openly embraced assistance from the Islamic community in not only having White patriots attacked but also gave false and misleading information to ASIO and the Federal Police concerning writers from this blog, members from Storm Front Down Under, Members from Australia First and anyone else out there who spoke about real issues of mass third world immigration into the west. 

Lets be perfectly clear here. These people have successfully played both sides. They have used their friends in the CFMEU, Australian Labour Party, Australian Greens and the now defunct Australian Democrats. Used them to pressure authorities to break up any resistance to their all out plan to change the face of the West forever.  While using the state to silence their opposition, they have gone about radicalizing our youth in preparation for god only knows what. While ASIO runs around collecting data on White Nationalists, data sourced from Antifa and other assorted Anarchists. The real threat has been allowed to grow and now become a very real problem. 

Now its only early times for this story. We cant say for sure what is true and whats State sponsored media hype. Media hype that is designed to have this tiny nation commit to more meaningless wars for Israel and its Proxy State the United States.   More wars that further infuriate even more Muslims. Not just ones that are now living here. "Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia, which also has a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world, with approximately 202.9 million identified as Muslim (88.2% of Indonesia's total population of 237 million). Shit hey, anyone else see a problem here? 

Australian terror raids: AFP, ASIO move on suspected terrorists


"A PUBLIC execution of a random Australian was designed to shock the community, a Sydney court has heard.

Details of the alleged plot have emerged as the first man charged after this morning’s terror raids has appeared in Sydney Local Court on one charge to act in preparation/planning for terrorist attack.
Lawyers for Omarjan Azari, 22, said he would make no application for bail.
Azari is accused of conspiring with Mohammed Ali Baryalei, the most senior Australian involved in Islamic State."

 “It’s a horrifying thought...There are people among us that means us harm.”

Now you can all go and read  the full story from the MSM if you like. Its not like white nationalists haven't been warning the public about this type of behavior since the end of the white Australia policy. 

So who benefits? Well if you are a White Nationalists like us sadly not us. For us to benefit it would have to actually happen. Something so horrifying that the reaction from White Australia would certainly end any and all Non White immigration to this country. So that wont happen, not as long as the Jews are busy making sure that the flow of  pissed off victims keep getting sent to the west. 

So prepare for the Orwellian onslaught, prepare for the Israel First types to do something stupid in the name of patriotism, prepare for war.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Great thoughts.....

Have been a bit of a slackbastard this week (if you'll pardon the pun) and not posted anything.  Will try to get something up this weekend or early next week.

In the meantime... here is a thought for the week (two actually...)

Friday, August 08, 2014

Thought for the week...

It's Friday... have a great weekend everyone.... 

Monday, August 04, 2014

Lying Jews...

I’m sure that most of our readers have been watching and reading about the atrocities happening in Gaza with absolute horror.  Apart from the brutality of it all what really disgusts us are the lies Israel says about justifying it’s actions.

To most of us this latest attack on Gaza started with the alleged kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas.  This made headlines around the world and was Israel’s justification for its bombing attacks on Gaza.

Except Hamas didn’t kidnap and kill the three jewish kids.  And Israel has admitted it…

Then today we read about how Israel justified violating an agreed ceasefire because of the kidnaping and killing of an Israeli soldier.

Except now Israel admits that he wasn’t kidnapped and killed… he died in the line of duty.  Apparently that can happen in a war zone, what do they expect.

What lies will they tell next....

How stupid do they think people really are.  The world is starting to see through them.

And they know it....

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Wise words for the week....

A good policy to live by....

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Zionists Have The Floor.

Well we could go on about Antifa throwing a bag of fake severed heads with names of prominent and not so prominent  activists over the fence at the Australia First Headquarters last week. We could even go on about how they placed a banner on the front of said building calling for the murder of White activists. But for now I feel the focus should be squarely on those dirty bastards in Israel and their evil followers around the world.

Yeah we will do a write up next week on the events that occurred last weekend.  

Now in Germany at the moment, German antifa are bravely guarding Synagogues after some individual yesterday pissed at seeing kids torn to bits by Israel, chucked a home made petrol bomb at one of temples of hate and evil. No damage was reported but it did make world headlines, along with footage of Antifa standing guard to prevent another terror attack on their masters. Once again showing who they take their orders from. I will leave the rest to David Duke, a true champion of the truth and clearly a man with compassion.