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Friday, September 18, 2015


The people of Bendigo are presenting a shimmering example of the heroic narrative of democracy — that the people united can have a voice.

And it’s a narrative that democracy is valued upon, but which thrashes all four hackles the minute anyone contests the power it gives elected officials.

In the case of the proposed Mosque in Bendigo, which Bendigo council shushed through the approval process without any public consultation, the media and all the whips of the multiculti/globalist system are united against that people power.

This is because the people are saying something that these demagogues don’t want to hear — that the diversity and social engineering for dollars that they are intent on forcing on them is not welcome. Moreover, they did not elect a mayor and councillors to become their community dictators, moral judges, and social planners.

This is something that the council, the media, and the political agitators from the gutter left are oblivious to.

The reports of the recent anti-mosqueprotest at the public gallery of Bendigo Town Hall were rife with a pro-council/pro-mosque bias in the detailing of the protesters, who came to call arch “maggot” Mayor Peter Cox to account for his un-democratic, un-Australian and unscrupulous doings.

Coxy folded up like a beach chair and required a police escort as locals demanded to be heard. From there on, both he and the Islamic planners received a dignified treatment by media, while the citizens – who are the whole point of a democracy, since they’re the actual people who cast their vote — were reported on like an infested rabble that had half a brain between them.

Yes, and the salient point that the democratic process was NOT observed seems to be of no interest either to the council, the media, or Mayor Cox who piffles the notion. But the dreck from the gutter and their cuckolded brethren from the middle class who make up the ranks of the “anarchists” and “anti-racists” have been especially baffling in their commentary on the news on their particular pages.

To them, it’s not a matter of democracy, which they deride anyway, but a ‘race’ issue born of the fact that the Bendigo folk do not want a mosque or the social upheaval that will attend the obvious intention of a sizeable non-Australian community migrating there.

So, for a group that is incensed at any notion of a breach of civic will, personal freedom, and general liberty these cucks are mocking the locals for exercising their right to raise their voice — after all, it’s their money that pays for that council.

As long as that element of “race” is divined to be a factor in the equation, there is no right and wrong to method as long as diversity is enforced, and these crumbs of civic life have no problem with that, which kind of compromises the entire value sets that their political subcultures are founded upon.

We go even further into it, and here is a selection of comments on the topic. Note the generally appalling grammar:

-          Abbott's hate criminal army. Its about time they are all rounded up and branded terrorist nazis.

-          fucking Bullies

-          if they had half a brain, they'd be dangerous.

-          Animals

And if dehumanizing them isn’t good enough, then attempting to invalidate the locals resentment and attribute it to “outsiders”, while concurrently suggesting locals are incapable of having a contrary opinion speaks an elitist volume.

-          The Bendigo racists really don't like hearing that their movement has been stirred up by out-of-towners (Holt, Shermon, Kiralee, etc), no sir. All totally grass-roots and home-grown, these racists, yes sir.


But for a secular lot, who disdain religion especially if it’s Christian, and attend no Islamic services, or observe any Islamic religious practises, they’re damn keen to be at the forefront of promoting Islam in Victoria.

-          I say we crowd fund and start building loads of mosques in Bendigo. A mosque on every corner.

-          With another mosque on top of every mosque

-          And maybe a Synagogue as the cherry on top

-          Bendigo doesn't need a mosque. It needs 88 mosques.

You’ll remember at some point back in the moronic morass of these half-bright witticisms that one of these donkeys suggested that it was outsiders influencing the Mosque protest, and yet, here we have outsiders influencing the counter protest impervious to irony of their own remarks.

Well, forgive them, they aren’t too bright – they went to university after all.

But this is an example of what the battler is up against in the war of cultures being waged globally on European identity. However, it’s more of an insight into the contempt for democratic will that exists in the very people who hide behind the skirts of democracy every time they tool up, pull on a facemask, and turn out to protest.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Neo Nazi/Hollywood Nazis, just a Jewish Wet Dream.

For to many years we have seen this, for to many years we have tolerated it or ignored it. Time to sweep them away. After they have all moved on we must make sure they never return. 

Ever wonder why Storm Front Downunder is dead?  Answer is simple, the fashion Nazis who once used it as a platform to discredit real Nationalists and Real National Socialists have been shown the door. Praise the Gods. But we have a long way to go.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Poland Is Making A Stand.

 Not that the main stream media are letting on. As far as they are concerned, this isn't happening and everyone is embracing the invasion.

Friday, September 11, 2015

"War is Peace"

So today marks the 14th year of the war. A whole generation has been born knowing nothing but war and images of war. Never knowing what peace is. How does that make you feel? Now I know my generation had the cold war. I know we lived with the very real threat of being vaporized in a Nuclear Holocaust, but that's hardly  comparable with now.

Other than the Vietnam War (also started via a false flag incident)that ended in 1975, the only countries fighting were third world countries. These wars made lots of money for the mainly Arab weapons dealers of the time and of course the East and the West. The only Terrorism or Terrorists that got any news then were Marxist Terrorists groups from Europe and South America along with the PLO. I may be generalizing but I'm not writing an essay.

In 2015 the Terrorists, the real Terrorists don't even get a mention. Call them what you like, The military industrial complex, The Neo Cons, The Zionists, The Lizard People or if you are Alex Jones, The Nazis. They are the only ones who profit from the misery of the last 14 years. They just had to have their war, for a host of reasons.To many to list here.

14 years ago today they manufactured a war. Now we live in this perpetual war just as Orwell predicted in his Novel 1984. Countless millions of people have died directly from this perpetual war. 

Millions of Muslims have been radicalized after seeing their country and their homes destroyed. Millions of them bearing witness to the murder and torture of their families and neighbors. Does anyone think that these hundreds of thousands of refugees invading now are not thinking "pay back bitch". 

Of course there are the Muslims living in the U.A.E. In their case many are still making money from the misery of their fellow Muslims. Just as they did in the 70,s and 80,s.

What we have here is an evil cabal of Jews, Arabs and greedy Zionist Christians. Destroying any country that will not accept their rule. Germany is still learning this lesson since the surrender in 1945. A Nation and its people should never question the International Bankers, let alone go it alone.

The real enemy keeps changing its public face. It was I suppose the face of Right Wing Conservatives in the last Wars. Not Right Wing as we know it, but just enough that it appealed to the people of that time. Conservative God fearing people who still remembered with pride the achievements of their pioneering forefathers. They were the ones who fought and died to prop up the wars of last century. 

Today they wear the face of the Liberal Left Wing. All caring and sharing, full of progressive ideas and rainbows. Bombing for peace and freedom. Crying over one drowned child, yet ignoring the millions killed horribly over the past 14 years. 
Antifascist new motto

Face it if you are pro refugee, you are pro big government and pro big business and a fool. You are the problem, you are the ones fueling the misery. It is you that the state funded media appeals to and lies to. It is you that walks blindly into your own grave taking everyone with you. If you could only wake the fuck up all this could stop.

A lot has changed in 14 years, but even more has changed this year alone. This global war that started 14 years ago, no doubt will expand to include Russia. As I type the battlefield is currently being cleared of civilians in preparation for the first shot to be fired for WW3. The victor will eventually rule over the brain washed coffee colored survivors, just as the Kings of old once did.

What a fucking horrible world we live in. Controlled by so much evil and filled with so much stupidity. How could we not  have learned our lesson from the last mass cull and slaughter of White Europeans? We are the only people with the ability to organize and take the whole stinking mess down. The world better pray we survive, no matter what the color of your skin is or its game over.

"Lest We Forget" we can get out of this mess if we try. 

The Reality of Mass Non White Immigration Into The West!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thoughts on our future.

In the light of the disastrous move by Western Governments to replace White Europeans and destroy our culture and heritage. We thought we may give our thoughts on what we called very early on in the piece "The Jacki Howe Revolution." 

We have fielded a lot of emails and calls asking for our thoughts concerning Reclaim and its off shoots, The Great Aussie Patriot, The United Patriots Front and Blair Cottrell's National Democratic Party of Australia. I will attempt to answer some of these questions. Keep in mind I have very limited ties with these new up and coming groups. But I will try and speak openly. I should also mention that this is not an endorsement but an observation. We truly do need something else to talk about, it may as well be this.

I will make this easy, Reclaim Australia has nothing to offer me personally. I didn't attend the rallies for a few reasons. One is that the antifa would use my attendance to damage their reputation.  Two, I didn't like the idea of being shown the door by some Kosher Nationalist. Years of State entrenched anti Nationalist Propaganda and "We Stand With Israel" rhetoric wont be washed away with the majority any time soon. Although viewing the comments on many of their FB pages, it would appear that may change. Its amazing how current events are making people take notice.

This next one I truly scratch my head over, "The Great Aussie Patriot" Sherman Burgess.  I get so many mixed messages from this guy my head has sometimes felt it would explode. He has been known to sport a Thors Hammer the size of his head. But unfortunately he is very friendly with some real old school movement destroying Kosher Nationalists. Many of whom are very well known to those from our political side of the barricades.  He best watch his back with them.

Some of his videos are so cringe worthy, I just have to switch off at times. Yet they are lapped up by his followers and supporters. The guy has 24,914 followers currently on his FB page alone. So no doubt unless he starts smoking crack and takes an Asian Bride he will be around for a bit yet. If we had known 10 years ago it was so easy to catch the attention of the average working class Australian, my guess we would have given it a shot also.  So we tip our hat to him and will continue to watch.

Now for the UPF. As far as I can see this is basically fronted by Blaire Cottrell and Neil Erickson. It sometimes is also represented by Shermon Burgess who is also a member/supporter/speaker. I think most of his videos should probably stay on his page for now. Just a suggestion.

The UPF guys are movers and shakers. They have had a fantastic run by playing the man not the ball. By doing so they have managed to show the Australian Public the real face of the Left in this country. At the same time they have been able to skip around the standard tags of Racist, Nazi, Bigot.  Oh they still get labeled with the above, but it just wont stick as it does with people like myself who have a history of being lied about in the media. The standard labels also do not seem to wash with their followers. Who on the whole are truly concerned with what is going on in Australia.

These guys have nearly 14k of supporters and growing on their FB page alone. Their videos go viral as soon as they appear thanks to the brutal honesty and passion shown by Blaire, Neil and Shermon. Sometimes just a little to brutal and raw from Shermon, but hey Im trying not to judge as he is very popular.

A few months back Jim Saleam, Party President for the Australia First Party was interviewed favorably and asked to comment by UPF member and Documentary Film Maker Neil Erickson. This ruffled a few feathers with antifa, but who gives a shit what they think. No doubt the UPF and Australia First are sharing intelligence and appear to be happy seen supporting each other at this stage. 

Finally Blair Cottrell and the N.D.P.A . As we have said Blaire also fronts the UPF. But we think his heart lies with his little known Nationalist Democratic Party of Australia. Watch the following video before reading on. 

This guy is a natural leader. His beliefs appear to be unshakable. In his rather short time on the Patriotic field and now what looks to be the Nationalist field, he has become one of the most influential leaders and speakers we have seen in the past 40 years. 

His age does not appear to be a barrier at all, unlike some of his comrades. No doubt this guy is going places. This makes him a rather large target for the left. That does not appear to faze him at all, in fact I believe it is a driving force. 

His ability and willingness to lead from the front, unlike antifa leadership is commendable. Although this is very risky, its certainly a attribute worthy of a true Nationalists. 

I would hope that after the proposed 10.10 rally the UPF are planning in Bendigo, he will be approached by all legitimate Nationalist groups for further talks on our Nations future?


Scott Roberts Was Right.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Tony Abbott, Worse "Nazi Fascist" Ever.

The left agree.
Problem is Jake  us "Right Wing Nut Jobs" all know it doesn't matter who is in power, the outcome is always the same. With Cultural Marxism, White Europeans always loose. 

Now its been one hell of a ride the past week and a bit. From the moment I heard Bill Shorten (Leader of the Australian Labour Party currently in opposition for our overseas followers)  on the radio saying "we must increase our refugee intake" I knew then and there we are screwed.

The Australian Labour Party must of nearly wet their collective pants over this MASSIVE distraction. Considering that bothersome Royal Commission currently ongoing with Australian Unions. You could almost here a collective sigh from the Labour Front bench. Dont worry Bill we have been keeping an eye on your CFMEU antifascist crew. 

We will be coming for you again in a a day or two Collier, you sad sack of shit.

Back to Tony Abbott. Not to be outdone by his idol John Howard, another Nazi if you listen to the left. Tony has decided that he will finish what John Howard started, the destruction of Australia as we know it.

This spineless Prime Minister folded like a cheap suit when confronted with a very noisy minority. A minority given a platform by a complicit media. Going against the wishes of the majority of Australians, read "Right Wing Nut Jobs" according to Jake Schmidt. 

Early days but so far....

Dont for a second think it will stop here. Already the noisy minority is screaming for more. If Germany can do it so can we? One does wonder how many Jews have booked their flights out of Germany? What with all those nasty Nazis and now all those angry Muslims. No doubt there is another Holocaust in the making. The Ex Communist Merkel has been able to do what Hitler could never have achieved, a Jew free Germany. Only problem is there wont be to many Ethnic Germans either by time the Merkel has finished. 

Meanwhile the Genocide of Whites in South Africa goes on unabated. Tony could not give a shit about them. At a time that has seen our Nations Farmers and children walking off the land or selling out to the Chinese. One wonders what could have been if we allowed White South African Farmers a chance to do what they do best.  

The enormous cost of this "700 million" will be the burden of the average TAX PAYER, that's me and you by the way. Strange considering us tax payers or  "Right Wing Nut Jobs" are the ones paying for this. I guess there will no banjo lessons for our kids once we paid for it all?  

It wouldn't be such a bitter pill to swallow, if the only people paying for this are the ones supporting it. But in another kick to the nuts, the average White Australian  (Right Wing Nut Jobs) will be paying for his or hers own demise. We simply will not be able to afford to have kids. Our kids if we already have any, certainly will be lucky to even have a job. You the "Right Wing Nut Jobs"  will be to busy paying for the Third World to breed like rabbits in your own suburbs. 

Good work Tony. My bet the "brown Skinned" kids wont vote Liberal.

Half of these traitors who support this new refugee intake are already receiving benefits. While the other half  have their snouts in the trough or go to Uni. These Uni kids are training away feverishly to join their peers at the trough. Yet the later wont be the ones living in a hostile environment in the new "brown skinned" suburbs of Australia. 

So the general consensus is that we are screwed. Something I agree with. If you are lucky enough to be able to move and get a job in the country, do it. Take your culture and beliefs with you as these things wont survive in  the "brown skinned" suburbs of our cities. As soon as the first bombs start exploding and the mass killings start in Europe you can bet we wont be to far behind. Neither will the Communist kids looking for their revolution and overthrow of the system. They will be cut down very fast. But they will have a crack at the prize when it all goes to shit, that is a given.  

Let the people who supported this genocide be the first victims. Let them taste the fruits of their labor. Don't let it get you down, be the better person. Waste no time complaining or feeling sorry for ourselves. Move on, prepare for what we know will come next.   

Stay out of trouble and stay out of the way. The last place you want to be is in jail when it all kicks off. We will win, just not this battle.
In the meantime support White Nationalists Political Party's and legitimate groups. Emphasis on LEGITIMATE. Keep an eye on the UPF and see what comes from that. Rise above the disaster and close ranks.

The only headline we want to see!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

These are economic migrants, NOT refugees.

Be a "real thinker" and see past the emotional propaganda.

What more can we say......

The Truth Behind The Invasion Of Our Homelands.

Source  “They tried to overturn the coach, in which I was travelling with a group. Excrement was thrown in our direction… they banged on the doors, to get the driver to open them. They spat at the windows.” — such is the report of Kamil Bulonis, the author of a travel blog.

 It’s difficult to accuse the author of this entry, who writes a blog called “Obywatel Swiata” [Citizen of the World], of right-wing, Catholic or nationalist “looniness”. For Kamil Bulonis writes about himself openly on Instagram as a “journalist, globetrotter, gay”, while on Facebook, his profile picture appears in rainbow colours.

    Last night Kamil Bulonis posted a report of his journey from Italy by coach. It is so moving that we are pasting it in full. Especially given that we cannot rely on mainstream media to break with their common narrative about “bad Hungarian nationalists” and “poor immigrants”.

    This is the account by Kamil Bulonis:

 One and a half hours ago, on the border of Italy and Austria, I saw with my own eyes massive incidents involving immigrants… in all my solidarity with people finding themselves in a difficult life situation I must say, that what I saw breeds fear…

This great mass of people — sorry that I write this, but it’s an absolute horde. Vulgar words, thrown bottles, loud cries of “We want Germany” — is Germany at present some kind of paradise? I saw how they surrounded the car of an older Italian lady, pulled her out by her hair and wanted to drive off in that car. The coach I was on in a group, they attempted to overturn. Excrement was thrown at us, they banged on the doors, so that the driver would open them, they spat at the window… I ask, for what purpose? How can this wild horde assimilate in Germany? For a moment, I thought I was in a war…

    I really feel sorry for these people, but if they were to reach us [Poland] — I don’t think they would receive any understanding from us… For three hours we waited at the border, which ultimately we did not cross. The whole group was escorted back to Italy in a police cordon. The coach looks destroyed, covered in excrement, scratched and with broken windows. And this is the idea to solve our demographic issues? These great, giant regiments of barbarians? Among them, there were almost no women, no children — the overwhelming majority were young aggressive males…

    Yesterday, reading the news on all the websites, I was still subconsciously caring, worried about their destiny, but today, after what I saw, I am simply afraid, but happy at the same time that they do not choose our nation as their destination. We Poles are simply not ready to accept these people — not culturally, and not financially. I don’t know if anyone is ready. A pathology is entering the EU, which up until now we never had a chance to see. And my apologies to anyone I may have offended anyone with this entry.

 Finally, I’ll add that cars arrived containing humanitarian aid — first and foremost, with food and water, yet they simply overturned these cars… through the megaphone, the Austrians announced that they agree for them to cross the border — they wanted to register them, and allow them to go further — but they didn’t understand these announcements. They understood nothing. And in all this, that was the biggest horror… among a few thousand people, nobody understood Italian, English, German, Russian or Spanish. The power of the fist was what mattered… they fought for the right to proceed further, and they had this right — but they didn’t understand this! In the coach of the French group they opened the luggage compartment — everything that was inside, in a few moments was stolen, a few of the items were strewn across the ground… in my short life, I had never had a chance to witness such scenes, and I have a feeling that this is only the beginning. On a final note I’ll add, that it’s good to help — but not at any cost.