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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Blast from the past, "Andy Fleming Government Informer."

WLT Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well how many times have we said at Whitelaw how suspicious it is that @ndy the Anarchist works with the State to attack White Nationalists? An Anarchist working with the State? So what is an Anarchist?

“Anarchism is a political philosophy encompassing theories and attitudes which support the elimination of all compulsory government, i.e. the state. Specific anarchists may have additional criteria for what constitutes anarchism, and they often disagree with each other on what these criteria are. According to The Oxford Companion to Philosophy, "there is no single defining position that all anarchists hold, beyond their rejection of compulsory government, and those considered anarchists at best share a certain family resemblance".

There are many types and traditions of anarchism, not all of which are mutually exclusive.Anarchism is usually considered to be a radical left-wing ideology,and as such much of anarchist economics and legal philosophy reflect anti-authoritarian interpretations of communism, collectivism, syndicalism or participatory economics; however, anarchism has always included an individualist strain,[9] including those who support capitalism (e.g. market anarchists: anarcho-capitalism, agorism, etc.) and other market-orientated economic structures (e.g. mutualists). s described by the 21st century anarchist Cindy Milstein, anarchism is a "political tradition that has consistently grappled with the tension between the individual and society."

Others, such as panarchists and anarchists without adjectives neither advocate nor object to any particular form of organization. Anarchist schools of thought differ fundamentally, supporting anything from extreme individualism to complete collectivism. Some anarchists have vocally opposed all types of coercion, while others have supported the use of some coercive measures, including violent revolution, on the path to anarchy”.

Ok so we get the idea? Anti state Anti Government throw in a bit of individulasim and a touch of collectivism. On the face of it you could say they have a fair bit in common with the average National Socialist and or White Nationalist. Or dare I say it the National Anarchist people @ndy hates so much.

So to be an anarchist it would be fair to assume that you would not sell out your principles? I mean how could you be an anarchist and work with the state. Or how could you be an anarchist and rub shoulders with Capitalists or Zionists? I mean would you not be turning your back on the core anarchists principles? Of course the answer is yes.

So what type of person would claim to be an anarchist and yet not observe the traditional role of an anarchist? A fraud maybe?

Now in any other political movement left or right the believers of what ever “ism” usually follow the basic belief of their chosen political persuasion. Yet no place in history has an Anarchist ever worked with the state. So what is @ndy? He sure as shit aint a Anarchist.

Now who makes up @ndy’s list of friends? Who does @ndy support? Lets have a look. Well on his site he tells us a little about his chums at FDB.

“Mathew Henderson-Hau is a member of the Australian Greens.

In Melbourne, the group nominated Cam Smith, a multi-media producer and radio journalist, as its spokesperson. Donald Oorst, a part-time academic and author, represented the group in Perth.

In Aotearoa / New Zealand, the public faces of the group were the lawyer Robert Trigan and political activist Asher Goldman. (NB. Trigan left FDB (and New Zealand) in July 2005.)Brian Stokes has also acted as a spokesperson for the group. "

Interesting the only one we can see here that would fit the anarchist description is our old friend Asher Ash Goldman. You remember Asher readers, he posted this in @ndy’s comment section only a few weeks back. I think he may be a bit sus on @ndy and his mates at FDB.

Asher Jul 29th, 2008 at 11:43 pm Quotes like this:
Gerry Gable, of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight said: “Antifa like getting stuck in basically. They are related to groups in Germany and other parts of Europe. They will confront Nazis wherever they find them. They’re really quite intimidating and scary.”
Make me wonder if Gerry has totally lost his memory in his old age - that’s exactly what he used to do with the 43 Group, before he sold out and started cooperating with the British State and its “intelligence” services… *sigh*

Dr. Cam Jul 30th, 2008 at 12:27 am

He’s not exactly condemning them, Ash

Asher Jul 30th, 2008 at 9:45 pm
Cam - No, he really is. He’s also known for ratting out AFA activists to the British intelligence services, back in the day - no reason to think it isn’t still happening with antifa too.

Dr. Cam Jul 31st, 2008 at 4:00 am
I rat you guys out to intelligence services all the time. Are you saying that’s not cool?

@ndy Jul 31st, 2008 at 4:58 am
Uh-oh: I think we both may be in trouble Doctor.”

So it would seem that @ndy is aware of Gerry Gable? Hell @ndy is a core member at FDB he would be privy to a lot of info. Let alone his knowledge from being Australia’s number one expert in Anarchism.

Posted by Mathew Henderson Hau “Darp”.
Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:58 am Post subject: Just who is 'IN' FDB?

Just a gentle reminder dear readers that being 'IN' FDB comes as a result of the senior and founding members voting you in. If anyone is out there running their own antifa activities, good on them. The only people who can do stuff in the name of FDB are myself, Anarchia, Balaclava, Weez, Bana, Cam, Don, Blair Peach, Raz, Aketus, Rooster, Harry, @ndy.

Now it is well noted that Mathew Henderson Hau founder of Fight Dem back admitted in an interview with an Australian News paper that he had modeled Fight Dem back on the British Anti fa group “Searchlight”. Gee Asher you must be truly feeling a little stupid by now. But is Asher in on the scam also. He is a Jew just like Searchlights founder Gerry Gable.

Lets recap. @ndy is a self proclaimed Anarchist and is a senior founding member of Fight Dem back. Now in the past Fight Dem Back have bragged about relationships with Australian Law Enforcement. Especially Cam Smith, who bragged openly that he and FDB were working closely with the Federal police after the Cronulla Riots.

Lets not forget Donald Orst from Perth who also was caught out working with the Western Australian Task Force that was looking for JVT in 2006. Donald was also involved in making false and misleading complaints to ASIO along with his Melbourne bum chum Cam Smith. Old Cam Smith used his Police connections in Melbourne to smear a Senior White Nationalist in Australia.

Not real bright these state informers. But neither is Gerry Gabel from Searchlight. Hardly what I would call Anarchists. May I suggest that the evidence shows that FDB are more likely State Sponsored Informers than anarchists or your typical left-winger?

Sorta puts @ndy aka Andrew Fleming aka slackbastard in a bit of a jam? Whitelaw staff is aware that the Queensland chapter of the Red Anarchist Action Network has taken up digs in Victoria. Our guess to get closer to the King Informer @ndy. I wonder how much information he has sourced from those young Anarchists and then passed onto the Feds? The mind boggles.

Lets have a look at the Anti Fa in the UK and the Anarchists you will see a pattern.

Breakdown of the united front

The 'united front' where activists worked together started to break down as the 1990s progressed. The relationship with Searchlight started to turn sour. Anarchists had not trusted Searchlight since at least the early 1980's - when articles in anarchist papers examined Searchlight's then editor Gerry Gable's links with Special Branch (alleging a 'something for something' relationship – i.e. Searchlight would give details to the State, and not just about fascists).

In 1993 Searchlight ran a smear campaign against anarchists - in particular against specific DAM and Class War members - alleging they were really fascists. This probably wasn't a coincidence now there were alternatives to AFA to back. From the mid-1990's Red Action - who had previously had a very close relationship with Searchlight - began more and more to take the line that association with Searchlight was becoming a liability - with Searchlight increasingly providing misinformation and trying to manipulate AFA for its own agenda .

Relationships between Red Action and anarchists also began to break down. In London , state interest in Red Action at this time seemed more than just paranoia, and anarchists were obviously being kept out of the loop. Workers Power left for the ANL, many independents left, and, increasingly, London AFA was moving from an alliance run mainly by Red Action, to one consisting more or less exclusively of Red Action.

In Glasgow - around late 1992 - relationships between anarchists and Glasgow Red Action deteriorated to the extent that anarchists felt compelled to organise a separate meeting. At least two anarchists leaving the meeting were physically attacked by Red Action members. One of the organisers of the meeting - a committed anti-fascist of long standing - was later falsely smeared as a police grass in Red Action's paper 'Red Action' .

So why would an Anarchist such as @ndy align himself to a group that claimed from the very beginning that it intended to model itself on Searchlight? Something for something is a very interesting term.

Are we to believe that FDB who has also claimed in the past of its high-ranking legal professional connections works for the state for free? Lets be clear here, FDB and @ndy have and do co-operate with ASIO and State and Federal Police to frame and set up Australians. Yes folks Australians who have more in common with Anarchism than these frauds.

Why would @ndy and his mates from FDB spend so much time attacking groups such as the National Anarchists? An Anarchist group that supports the rights of all peoples no matter of race in their fight against the Capitalists. Yep they attack the people who clearly are making a stand against the “US Imperialists”. I bet the National Anarchists don’t talk and share info with ASIO.

What about a direct link to the UK and Searchlight? OK we can do that. Check out the UK’s one and only confused Anti Fascist group Unity News. This hate site is nothing more than a Zionist love fest. FDB’s UK contact Denise plays a prominent role as the local right wing lesbian.

It has been suggested that FDB’s own Anti Zionist Jew Asher Goldman spent some time with this Pro Zionist group while he was over in the UK recently. What would FDB core member from New Zealand have to talk about with a bunch of right wing Zionists? Oh yeah just before he took off to his Home Land Israel. While Asher was hanging out with the real pro Palestinians in Israel was he working for his Zionist masters? Or is he also a victim of this rather elaborate scam by Australia’s own Searchlight.

How impressed local Anarchists and pro Palestinian groups in Australia must be to see FDB and @ndy’s site Slack Bastard listed with Searchlight over at Unity News.

DIRTY TRICKS AGAINST THE LEFT (and it wasn’t us go figure).

Searchlight have shown themselves willing and able to play their part in dirty tricks against the Left, especially anarchists, something obviously related but not reducible to, the Stalinist origins of many Searchlight personnel.

In 1985 close Searchlight associate journalist David Rose printed lies about the militant anarchist group 'Class War' implying they were 'run by former leading figures in the National Front.' lies he later admitted came from Searchlight.

A couple of weeks later, Rose (who is always very well informed as to the opinions of Special Branch) retracted this specific charge in the course of making more general insinuations about Class War.

The (intended) damage had been done, and the recently formed street-oriented 'Anti Fascist Action' suspended Class War's membership, and set up a Commission of Enquiry. When AFA's report into the matter was finally published in 1986, they exonerated Class War, and had this to say'Despite the leading role of Searchlight magazine in the affair, and despite many approaches to the magazine for evidence, the sum total of material from Searchlight to the enquiry was nil.
We are bemused by Searchlight's role in this affair. They shouldn't have been bemused: this was yet another instance of Searchlight running errands on behalf of the state, disorganizing the anti-fascist movement by spreading disinformation.

A fascinating article in the now defunct International Times (IT) illuminated the state operation against Class War and the similarity of specific lies spread by Gable to those coming more directly from the state .

When the IT reporters caught up with Gable, he repeated the assertion that 'Class War is being manipulated by the state There was, needless to say, no evidence for this in the slightest, but the episode shows how, as IT speculated 'Gable is using Searchlight's street-credibility and Fleet-street credibility to spread rumours about anarchists This is precisely the point -- by getting close to militant anti-fascists, Searchlight have been able, not just to spy on them, but disseminate tit-bits of genuine information, and thereby use this leverage to more effectively aid state operations of various kinds, including those against sections of the Left.

The first lies about Class War surfaced in 1985 in the aftermath of the Brixton riots which had followed the shooting by police of a black woman in her home. In October 1994 there was again rioting on the streets of London, this time against the Criminal Justice Bill (now Act) which curtailed many political and civil rights.

As sure as night follows day, the lies about Class War were recycled, and one instance, not sourced to Searchlight freely admitted the state was the origin of the fantasies. It was reported that 'Special Branch officers believe that Class War itself has been infiltrated by elements of the extreme right ... in an attempt to stir up violence and thus encourage draconian laws banning all public protest.

That this story does not mention Searchlight shows very well the ultimate source of the disinformation being the state and not them. Which is not to say they didn't get in on the act: regular team associate Julian Kossoff in Time Out quoted Gable without criticism as stating that 'one of the leading members of Class War in the '80s fed information to the far right.' Kossoff supplemented this clear reference to Tim Scargill with his own slur: that 'Class War has attracted fascists to its ranks with their own sinister motives for creating chaos.' In this (ongoing) operation against anarchists, Searchlight have only been one (albeit at times crucial) conduit. Not all 'favours' Searchlight perfoms in this way are on behalf of the national state or security agencies.

A good example of a 'ground setting' operation intended to have local effects were the smears against anarchist squatters describing them as heavily infiltrated by nazis in Hackney (East London) which began in January 1988 and culminated in a lying one page spread in the March 1988 issue, which came just a couple of days after a massive police operation evicted the squatters. It shows how useful Searchlight were to the local (Labour) Council in suppressing Left-field dissent and sowing dissention between the squatters and potential supporters.

I think it’s rather strange that Searchlight would attack Class War? Class War and Nazis? Sounds like the FDB tactic used on the National Anarchists. Not to mention the cozy relationship between Searchlight and the Labor movement in the UK. A bit like Mathew Henderson founder of FDB working in the New South Wales State Labor office while hunting down Nazis in 2005/2007. This is all clearly documented here and at Victor Whitelaw.

Back to the UK

“It was a victory because we all worked together,” said Liam Smith, the Labor Party agent. “The Labor Party, Searchlight and the unions have formed a great team together and this sets us in good stead for next year’s all-out local elections.”

It will be interesting to see what happens after the electoral commission finish its investigation into @ndy and FDB after the attempted smear on Australia First in the last NSW council elections. Will they find a Labor party Black Hand involved?

Well that’s a fair bit for you guys to chew over. But a few things must be said. Whitelaw and many other Australian White Nationalists deserve answers. Hell they expect to be fronted by the left. In fact many believe this to be a greatly respected part of our democracy. We are the right they are the left. We clash.

We also understand that many of our beliefs overlap, but when it comes to race and nation we split onto a differing path. Nationalists in this country ask that if we are going to debate or fight with the left that it should be the left that we fight not the state disguised as the left. At this moment the traditional left and the right have been fooled. We are all the victims here left and right.

To all the Anarchists that are reading this. I say you better clean up your own camp first or you will all end up in the same prison cell as us.

"Black Power Gangs" Take to the Streets in QLD.

Yes while the good people of Queensland stood by and in some cases applauded the unfair round up of Outlaw Bikers under Queensland the Stalinist State VLAD laws, Black Power Gangs from New Zealand have been busy recruiting, trafficking and dealing illegal drugs.

So putting aside the fact that innocent white bikers and their families have been locked up and blamed for all types of BS. Forgetting for the moment that the Queensland Police the former LNP Government and a host of corrupt lawyers and Judges, set up a Star Chamber that found you guilty with out charge. Not to mention the false claims of criminal activity on the Gold Coast that started this whole stripping people of everyones rights and freedom under the VLAD legislation.

The media who co-sponsored the theft of our rights with some serious spin doctoring actually convinced the population to walk into what can only be called a Stalinist Dictatorship. All blamed on White Bikers. How many more examples of media complicity and State collusion do we need to see? At home and around the world.

But recently the media on the Gold Coast have wet their collective pants over reports of a PRIVATE BBQ held on the Gold Coast by members of Blood and Honour QLD. No doubt tipped off by Andy Fleming in an attempt to discredit the people from the Reclaim Australia Rallies, who he is currently accusing of being "Nazis". 

Although not a single White Nationalist or National Socialist group in Australia support the Kosher Nationalists of Reclaim, the Gold Coast media have taken to accusing them of being "Nazis"..

Black Power gangs standing over people, selling drugs. Sounds like organized crime to me? Yet the media are more concerned about people who do not do drugs nor break any laws. But they are guilty of being White and Proud and in the Reclaim Australia Rallies case, standing up to Islam. That makes them all "Nazis" in this case. Far bigger issue than a Black Power Gang well known for its vicious criminal antics.

Lets see a single anti racist group, a single anarchist group, a single Aboriginal group call this for what it is. Lets see the mostly non white folk from the Australian Race Discrimination Commission speak out about this Racist anti white crime gang. Lets see Andy Fleming organize a single rally with his mates from the CFMEU, ALP, Greens and anti-fa. Lets see them carrying banners down the streets of Beenleigh calling for the death, murder and imprisonment of Black Racist Thugs.

At the same time groups such as Right Wing Resistance patrol the streets of New Zealand in an attempt to prevent gangs like Black Power taking over their suburbs. State Sponsored Anarchists and Media pets such as Andy Fleming accuse them of being Nazi Terrorists, yet will not say a word about the Black Power Gangs in QLD.  All I can say is good work Kyle from RWR. Wish we had you blokes here. 

Read on and let it sink in. 

Violent New Zealand Black Power gang has moved into the Gold Coast and there’s nothing cops can do.

Robyn Wuth
Gold Coast Bulletin
March 04, 2015 12:00AM Source

A NEW Zealand street gang notorious for brazen violence, drugs and extortion has moved into the Coast’s northern corridor and there is nothing anti-bikie police can do about it.

Black Power is actively recruiting Maori and Pacific Islander members and has moved into the drug trade in the south east corner.

The gang is escaping the statewide crackdown because it is not named in Queensland’s tough anti-gang laws.

Anti-gang police squad Taskforce Maxima says it is monitoring Black Power’s activities, but because it is classified as a street gang and not a criminal motorcycle gang, it falls under the dominion of local police.

Black Power has carved significant territory in Beenleigh, taking over what was formerly Hells Angels heartland, and police say it has been causing problems for months.

Last month police intercepted gang members waving blue bandannas outside the windows — a sign used to intimidate and flag rival gangs.

A day later at Waitangi Day celebrations at Kingston, 15 Black Power members surrounded police as they spoke to the chapter president.

“Clearly it was an act of intimidation,” a police source said.

“When 15 gang members surround police officers in the course of their duties, it’s not for a friendly chat, is it. This is a very real concern to police.”

Black Power members wear bikie-style patches but do not ride motorcycles, similar to now-defunct street gang Notorious.

Wearing blue and black gang colours, members have proudly announced their presence on social media. “Black Power Australia Black and White … COMING TO AN AUSTRALIAN CITY AND TOWN NEAR YOU!!!” it states on the gang’s Facebook page.

It is understood the gang meets regularly and has elected a president, a 42-year-old man from Logan, but a clubhouse has not yet been established.

The New Zealand Police said the gang is involved “in serious violence, selling and distributing drugs, possessing firearms and offensive weapons, and using intimidation and threatening tactics in pursuit of their criminal activities”.

The criminality and brutality of the gang is well documented in New Zealand.

Its members are Maori and Polynesian, and many have intimidating facial tattoos.

A decades-long rivalry with another feared and largely Maori street gang, Mongrel Mob, has led to many violent clashes in public.

According to police intelligence, Black Power began as the “Black Bulls” around 1970 in response to the rival Mongrel Mob gang and white power-associated gangs.

One can only wonder how many of the Maori CFMEU members who threatened patriots at the Golden Dawn Rally belonged to this gang?

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

A quick history on Anti-Fa terroism and violence. "Who are the losers"

This is a must read article. Australian Anti-fa, in particular Andy Fleming base almost everything they do on the groups spoken of in this well written and researched article. From the very inception of today's anti-fa in Australia they have mimicked and praised the actions of the groups mentioned below. The fact that Andy Fleming and his former group F.D.B have very strong relationships with British Anti-Fa is worth noting. 

The origins of Anti-Racist Action.
Alex Kurtagic, American Renaissance, November 8, 2013 Source

Many readers of American Renaissance are aware of “anti-racist” activist networks, but very little has been written about them. These networks are the most militant proponents of political correctness and are ideologically very much with the grain of mainstream social trends. They have many chapters throughout the country. And yet they are notoriously shady and obscure—most members of the public are unaware of them. Indeed, they operate in near secrecy, and their members often wear masks at public events. 

Worse still, they are violent; they proclaim this proudly in their literature. In this article I would like to examine what is probably the best-known of these networks in the United States: Anti-Racist Action.


The anti-racist movement in the United States has antecedents in Britain, and was first organized by the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP), which in turn traces its intellectual roots all the way back to the Trotsky’s Fourth International of 1938. The SWP’s anti-racist activity was in response to the success in Britain of the National Front.

With up to 14,000 members, John Tyndall and Martin Webster’s National Front was at the height of its success in the mid-1970s, performing well—for a nationalist party—in local and parliamentary by-elections. Though the NF won no seats, in the Greater London Council election of 1977, for example, it got nearly 120,000 votes, and polled better than the Liberals in 33 of 92 constituencies.

The SWP’s original anti-fa group was the Anti-Nazi League (ANL, though some prefer ANaL), organized in 1977. ANL had sponsors who were either prominent or went on to prominence. One was the anti-Apartheid campaigner and former Youth Liberals president Peter Hain, who later joined the Labour Party and remains a prominent supporter of Unite Against Fascism. Until he was forced to resign for failing to declare campaign donations, Mr. Hain held cabinet positions under Gordon Brown’s and Tony Blair’s Labour administrations, and was Leader of the House of Commons during half of Mr. Blair’s second term.
Anti-Nazi League protest
Anti-Nazi League protest.
Another Anti-Nazi League sponsor was Neil Kinnock, who was later Labour Party leader, member of the European Parliament, and Vice-President of the European Commission. He now sits in the House of Lords, having accepted a peerage despite previously refusing (allegedly out of principle) even to set foot in the upper chamber.  

The ANL also enjoyed the support of many trade unions.
The ANL was linked to the Rock Against Racism campaign, started in 1976 by Sunday Times photographer Red Saunders, after Eric Clapton declared support for Enoch Powell and shouted the NF slogan—“Keep Britain White”—at a concert in Birmingham. Another impetus to Rock Against Racism was David Bowie’s “racist” and “pro-Nazi” declarations (“Adolf Hitler was one of the first rock stars”) in 1976. Mr. Bowie later blamed these comments on drug use and an obsession with occultism and Nietzsche.

Rock Against Racism enjoyed support from pop, rock, and reggae, but it overlapped with the punk movement to a significant degree, and its “Carnival Against the Nazis,” organized jointly with the ANL in 1978, included groups such as The Clash, Buzzcocks, Sham 69, X-Ray Spex, and Generation X. Other punk groups supported later festivals.
The Anti-Nazi League targeted the National Front and Colin Jordan’s British Movement, though the league was primarily anti-police, and became known for its violent street-fighting gangs, referred to as “squads.” These were formed first in Manchester and then elsewhere, with the aim of assaulting National Front members—and the police, whom they saw as instruments of fascism—on every possible occasion. (Manchester remains the capital of militant anti-fascism.) This was not the only tactic used by ANL squadists: One of them, Steven Tizley, was imprisoned for kidnapping a young skinhead in his efforts to discover the address a family of NF activists then living in Lancashire.

Yet it was not the Anti-Nazi League that eventually stopped the National Front, but Margaret Thatcher, who by 1979 had moved the Conservative Party to the Right, offering a “respectable” alternative after five years of miserable Labour governments. Many former Conservatives, who had defected to the NF, rejoined the Conservative Party, and the NF, afflicted by internal problems, went into sharp decline. By 1981, the ANL had thoroughly discredited itself because of its violent squadism, and was finally disbanded by the Socialist Workers’ Party, which expelled ANL members from the party.

This was not the end of anti-fa terrorism, however. Former ANL members quickly formed an equally violent working-class group, Red Action, grouped around a newspaper of the same name that was sold in Left-wing bookshops. Red Action was mostly Irish, pro-IRA, and anti-police. One of Red Action’s leading members, Patrick Hayes, who was English, was involved in street fights against NF members from the beginning, and would later run an IRA bombing campaign. When he was finally arrested in 1993, the police found Semtex, handguns, ammunition, and electronic detonators in his basement flat, plus keys to a north-London garage filled with home-made explosives.

Red Action provided leaders for Anti-Fascist Action (AFA), a group formed in 1985. Violence was at the center of the AFA’s strategy and it even criticized the ANL for not having been confrontational enough with the National Front and for having cooperated with “bourgeois” (i.e., “conservative”) groups linked to the state. These included the Labour Party and even such “anti-racist” but non-violent publications as Searchlight.

In 1988, Red Action developed a musical arm called Cable Street Beat, which organized concerts and published an occasional magazine. The bands had a strong DIY (“do it yourself,” meaning independently produced and marketed)/punk flavour and included The Men They Couldn’t Hang (folk punk), The Neurotics (punk rock/post-punk), Attila the Stockbroker (folk punk), The Blaggers (Oi!/punk rock), Angelic Upstarts (Oi!/punk rock).

Cable Street Beat was named after the "Battle of Cable Street," a clash in 1936 of anti-fascists with the British Union of Fascists, led by Oswald Mosley.
Cable Street Beat was named after the “Battle of Cable Street,” a clash in 1936 between anti-fascists and the British Union of Fascists, led by Oswald Mosley.

Origins of Anti-Racist Action

Anti-Racist Action was founded in 1988 by a Minneapolis-based group of Left-wing skinheads, who had adopted the name “Baldies” in 1986. According to Minnesota journalist Matt Snyders:

The Baldies began as a small, insular group of friends hanging out, drawn together by a shared love of oi! music—working-class punk rock with unpretentious, street level lyrics. Many were straight-edge—no drugs or drink—and all harbored a disdain for racists, particularly neo-Nazis.
Their main target was the White Knights, a Klan group, whom they would attack (give a “boot party”) on sight.
By 1987 they tried to widen their influence and introduce a more explicitly political approach to their brand of anti-racism. They approached student groups, including the University of Minnesota Black Law Student Association, of which now-Congressman Keith Ellison was then an officer. The name Anti-Racist Action was a variant on Anti-Fascist Action, the British group founded two years earlier. ARA copied the “no platform” (i.e., no debate with opponents) policy of the AFA. Mr. Snyders continues:

That summer, two carloads of Baldies followed Blind Approach on their tour to New York City. For two weeks, the crew acted as the Johnny Appleseeds of the ARA, planting the seeds of what would become a national movement. They cruised the streets of Chicago; Milwaukee; Allentown, Pennsylvania; and Rochester, New York, shouting the international skinhead greeting to any Doc Martens-wearing, close-cropped chap they passed: “Oi!”
Many of the groups they came across were scattered, unorganized, and nameless. Upon learning about the activities of Anti-Racist Action, some simply decided to adopt the name “ARA” and operate as a chapter. ARA affiliates sprang up in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Vancouver, and Front Range, Colorado. The first gathering of the national network was held in Portland, Oregon, in 1988.

Ideological roots
As with their antecedents in Britain, ARA’s ideology mixes anarchism and Trotskyism. The Love and Rage Anarchist Federation, a revolutionary organization, played a key role building the ARA network during the 1990s.

Love and Rage was launched at a conference in 1989. Its predecessors were the Minnesota-based Revolutionary Anarchist Bowling League (RABL), and a faction of the Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL), an orthodox Trotskyist group, from which Love and Rage obtained the Aspect Foundation, its tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

The RABL had been founded by members of the Back Room Anarchist Books collective who wanted more militant, explicitly revolutionary anarchist politics. The group gained notoriety during a protest of Ronald Reagan’s invasion of Nicaragua in 1988, when someone who was probably a member of the Revolutionary Anarchist Bowling League threw a bowling ball through the window of a military recruiting center. Some of the Baldies/ARA were involved with RABL, and it is probably through this group that anarchist politics became integral to the ARA program.

Love and Rage members had scant regard for anarchist orthodoxies, and from the beginning were influenced by several varieties of Marxism, most notably support for national liberation struggles and the embrace of a white-privilege analysis of racism in the US. 

They claimed that white workers received material and psychological benefits at the expense of non-white—especially black—workers, and since white privilege undermined multi-racial working class unity, it had to be confronted directly.

These ideas were reinforced by prison-solidarity work, which forged personal relationships between Love and Rage members and former members of groups such as the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army, the Weather Underground Organization, and the George Jackson Brigade.

Noel Ignatiev, now a history professor at the Massachusetts College of Art, was one of the writers who was influential in linking black nationalism and American Communism. 

In the late 1950s, Prof. Ignatiev had been a member of the Provisional Organizing Committee, a proto-Maoist breakaway from the Communist Party USA. Prof. Ignatiev then became active in the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and played a leading role in the Sojourner Truth Organisation, which blended Maoism and Italian Autonomist Marxism. 

Prof. Ignatiev briefly joined Love and Rage when it was founded, and is now probably best known for his book, How the Irish Became White. He also edited a journal, Race Traitor, which was notorious for its motto, “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity,” and for its calls to “abolish” the white race. He is frequently cited as an authority by ARA activists.
One of the most important contributions to the ARA mindset may have been the ideology of the Weather Underground Organisation. Indeed, it is similar to the ARA: clandestine, militant, confrontational, violent, conspiratorial, and attracts young, mostly white members with its egalitarian-universalist moral idealism. 

Originating from the Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM) faction of the SDS, members of the Weather Underground were dissatisfied with the previous strategy of non-violent resistance and opted for domestic terrorism.

The Weathermen issued a declaration of war against the United States, and from 1969 until the mid-1970s, conducted a violent anti-government campaign, included bombings and arson, targeting, in particular, the police and the FBI. 

The Weathermen hoped that urban guerrilla warfare would catalyze a revolutionary uprising that would support a Marxist-Leninist Party in the United States, overthrow the government, and support national liberation movements in the Third World. 

The Weathermen had contacts with the governments of Cuba and North Vietnam, but also with the Chinese government, then three years into the Cultural Revolution. (Up to 20 million people were killed in the violence of the Cultural Revolution, according to Daniel Chirot.) The FBI soon put the Weathermen on its ten-most-wanted list.
Citing Lenin in Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism (1916), the Weathermen thought that “the main struggle going on in the world today is between US imperialism and the national liberation struggles against it.” Like Marx, the group claimed that oppressed people were the rightful owners of the wealth of empire, because they created it. 

The Weathermen saw their goal as “the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism.” Their 1969 founding document, You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows, takes its title from a verse of a song by Bob Dylan.

Most importantly for our purposes, the Weathermen were vociferous advocates of the theory of “white privilege,” against which they supported non-white identity politics. Bernardine Dohrn, a leading theorist of the terrorist group (and now, ironically—without ever having served a prison sentence, due to a judge’s error—an associate professor of law at the Northwestern University School of Law), stated, “White youth must choose sides now. They must either fight on the side of the oppressed, or be on the side of the oppressor.” This has since become textbook ARA language.

Historians sympathetic to these groups conceive them as part of a tradition of American anti-racist white organising that goes back to the 19th century, beginning with the radical wing of the abolitionist movement, which sought both an end to slavery and racial equality. 

These efforts continued with the white anarchists and socialists of the labour movement, including the Industrial Workers of the World and the Congress of Industrial Organizations. This led into the 1960s and the Civil Rights Movement. For Chris Crass, author of Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and Movement Building Strategy, ARA was part of a continuation of this tradition into the 1990s that also included Earth First!, Food Not Bombs, Anarchist Black Cross, Books to Prisoners, Homes Not Jails, Lesbian Avengers, Anarchist Youth Federation, and Art and Revolution.

Food Not Bombs serves free vegan and vegetarian meals to protest war and poverty.
Food Not Bombs serves free vegan and vegetarian meals as a protest against war and poverty.
The Anti-Racist Action network’s national structure was finally formalized in 1994 at the Midwest Anti-Fascist Network meeting in Columbus, Ohio. The network is decentralized, with chapters spread throughout the United States. It has a logo, but no central office—although it has released a compilation CD giving an address in California, which may simply be a chapter. It does have four points of unity, upon which every chapter must agree:

  1. We go where they go. Whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we’re there. We don’t believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the Nazis have the street!
  2. We don’t rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us. This doesn’t mean we never go to court, but the cops uphold white supremacy and the status quo. They attack us and everyone who resists oppression. We must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.
  3. Non-sectarian defense of other anti-fascists. In ARA, we have a lot of different groups and individuals. We don’t agree about everything and we have a right to differ openly. But in this movement an attack on one is an attack on us all. We stand behind each other.
  4. We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. ARA intends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest, and the most oppressed people. We want a classless, free society. We intend to win!
The main ARA website now lists only a few chapters in the United States and Canada: Los Angeles, Arch City (Columbus), Calgary, Central Florida, Central Texas, Lafayette (Indiana), Circle City (Indiana), Rose City (Portland), South Side Chicago, and Minneapolis.

I have already noted that the “anti-racist” movement has links to the punk subculture, and that ARA is proud of its ethos of violence. This is evident in all its propaganda, which is crude, hastily thrown together, and designed for maximum visual aggression. White, black, and red are the dominant colors; faces in masks, hoodies, and balaclavas are common. The archetypal “anti-racist” activist is always depicted as angry, in aggressive postures, about to commit or committing an assault against an unseen victim, who is sometimes the viewer. Indeed, the main theme is intimidation and bodily assault. The most common weapons depicted are fists, slings, and baseball bats.
ARA literature delights in displaying smashed swastikas and bleeding skinheads and neo-Nazis, surrounded by blocky, screaming slogans, and humorous, triumphalist copy. In style and content, their prose suggests little reading or education; any knowledge they have was most likely acquired second-hand from their comrades, and in their minds it is reduced to slogans. In look and feel it is like the do-it-yourself ethos of the 1970s punk scene, only updated with personal computers and simple publishing software.
Compared to the bravado of their graphics, ARA activists are unimpressive: scrawny, unkempt, wearing informal, worn-out clothes from charity shops. Far from the image they cultivate of tough street warriors clad in black and wearing Doc Marten’s boots, they wear soft cotton clothing and comfortable shoes. There is no evidence of involvement in sports. The women, who are always a minority, are consistently unglamorous.

Despite the romanticized conception given to them by people like Mr. Crass, it seems that the main appeal of ARA is that it lets activists engage in anti-social acts of violence and vandalism against private people and property under the cloak of moral idealism. It seems improbable that a person with high self-esteem, talent, and good prospects in life would choose ARA activism as a lifestyle or as the most meaningful way to improve the world. 

These young activists seem to have concluded early that their prospects in life were minimal, and that ARA terror was the only way to give their lives meaning. They find significance in lashing out.
Their choice of targets is instructive. In their war against privilege and racial supremacy, they target the most marginalized, disprivileged, and powerless: Klansmen and Neo-Nazis. This suggests cowardice because they are dishonest about their simple desire for cathartic violence, and because they choose unpopular, ridiculous, weird, or powerless targets from the far reaches of society. Their choice of enemies also shows a lack of ambition. 

They keep their sights low by targeting people who are, in essence, just like them, only at the opposite extreme of their race-based worldview.
This worldview is so intensely polarized, exaggerated, and stripped of nuance that they end up—comically—applying incongruous labels to middle-class proponents of Euro-American identity politics. Indeed, they are baffled when confronted with ideas or people who defy their system of classification. American Renaissance, the National Policy Institute, and Arktos Media, whose editor John Morgan lived for many years in India, are perplexing to them. For the ARA, these must necessarily be Nazis and Klansmen who have disguised themselves in suits and ties in order to deceive a credulous public; indeed, an ARA activist recently complained on Internet radio that Richard Spencer was intelligent.

Anti-fa protest of the 2013 AmRen conference.
Anti-fa protest of the 2013 AmRen conference.
Ultimately, ARA activism represents a psychopathological mindset, a form of militant masochism. In it we have a group of near- or self-disenfranchised white youths assaulting whites who campaign—in a variety of guises—for what is essentially in their interest. The pathological nature of this mindset is obscured by the fact that many of the groups they target are unserious, unpopular, and considered immoral. In a society in which egalitarianism was considered immoral, ARA activism would be incomprehensible, comical, and would deserve clinical study.

End Game, Full Video.

Friday, February 27, 2015

We get sick of saying this, Andy Fleming works for the state!

He truly is the Clayton's anarchist with his friends in high places. Not to mention his minions that just love working for State Security. You see folks its not Islam that is the threat, its the every day people of this country. You know the white working class, the ones they claim to represent. Well if you are burger flipper at Maccas or a corrupt woman bashing drug using CFMEU official, Andy and his mates have got your back.The rest of you are racists bigots, illegally occupying Australia.

So it would appear once again Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard has something planned for patriots in Western Australia. Its not the first time Andy has told outright lies to his friends in the State Security Intelligence Group.

Yeah so "mind your P's&Q's" Andy, we don't want anyone thinking that you are a fraud. Yes my bet they are big fans and sponcors Andy.

So it would appear all this is because some evil bigots obviously not Union members reported his FB and had him shut down. Now his FB flag ship Slackbastard is all a drift with no one at the helm.

Anyway if you haven't heard of the State Security Intelligence Group in Western Australia we suggest you Google them. You will see a common theme.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Its not about left or right, Its right and Wrong!

 I wrote another post on the "Andy Fleming" herp derp.

Was skimming my way through some of the comments on one of the reclaim pages when I noticed this comment "Its not about Left or Right". It got me thinking, that's what free men and women do you know.

Now people like myself may have an interest in this Reclaim Movement. But the current battle field is occupied by the everyday men and women of this nation. Now we can go on about symptoms and causes, but why? It only fuels contempt between them and us. The propaganda and lies over the past 40+ years wont get washed away by this event alone.

Is it a left or Right Battle? The only people who are accusing the people of Reclaim of being Right Wing are the people we all consider to be Left Wing. I think its time we all open our eyes and see the merit of the comment made by an Average Aussie.

Although people like myself could be considered Right Wing, our small numbers could hardly be held responsible for the growth and popularity of Reclaim and its leader Shermon Burgess. That my friends is all their doing. They made it look all so easy, truly gives a whole new meaning to the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Now the people or rather person who is spearheading the opposition with lies and innuendo is the non existent entity Andy Fleming. But is Andy left Wing? Shit no, Andy is a card carrying, bomb throwing Anarchist. This guy lives in a perpetual dream, a dream that has him standing on the front lines fighting the Spanish Civil War. He has so much in common with the Hollywood Nazis he hates, both trying to fight a long lost war.

At no time has Andy Fleming claimed that he is left wing. In fact its only recently he has admitted to being Anti-Fa. Thats probably our fault, as we have thrown the anti-fa tag around a bit over the past 7 years. Sadly I think we made it fashionable for him. At the end of the day he is the spearhead of the Fifth Column, his lies are quoted by the press with out fact checks or context. It is that legitimacy lent to him incorrectly by the media that allows Bullshit to be his current weapon of choice.

This armchair Anarchist would be flat out drawing back a sling shot let alone throw a grenade. Hence he enlists others to do his dirty work. Once he relied mainly on angry kids and Islamic Thugs. Now he relies on a seriously corrupt and ever increasing hostile media. It will be the media that he uses to gather forces to oppose. It will be the media that spreads his lies.  

Andy Fleming started off by co-founding a State Sponsored Group called Fight Dem Back. As a founding member he was responsible for some of the worse under handed tactics ever witnessed by any political activists on the left or right. Innocent people connected to his political opponents became his weapon of choice. Destroy their reputation, have them fired, have them publicly named and shamed. The trickle down affect on their families was and is a true injustice.

Back then Andy got lucky as the Australian Greens, Australian Labor Party, CFMEU and a whole host of groups from the Bnai Brith to the Australian Democrats were busy changing the face of the Australia. He was like a U Boat commander at the beginning of WW2, the hunting was good.

The Cronulla Riots, a mass rejection from the average Australian of Islam was a catalyst for Anarchist Andy. This was either his introduction to Radical Islam or he planned on being there all along. Its all about Nation Wrecking Folks.

After Cronulla Andy and his FDB pals immediately stood up calling Australians "Racist Thugs" as the state went into overdrive demonizing anyone who didn't embrace Islamic Culture. They shared the stage at a "anti racism" rally hosted by the Keysar Trad. Security was provided by Scum Bag Lebanese Nike Bikies. Meanwhile Andy's Islamic members and friends were encouraged to make statements such as this.     

Fight Dem Back Member Jihad Fee-Sabeel'Illah:

 “Let us not forget that U AREN'T REAL AUSTRALIANS! You came here in chains.. as convicts.. REAL Australians are the Indigenous people.. If you have a problem with Lebs being here.. just remember, Aborigines have a HUGE problem with YOU being here.. So don't say Lebs and Muslims aren't welcome here,.. because last time I checked.. you weren't either.. we will come after you.. furthermore, I think that you will find that, Muslim's have more right to this land than you do.. because we were also brought here by the british (sic) in the VERY early days, by way of Afghan Cameleers.. These Afghans married into indigenous families and blended in with their societies.. as a result you now have MANY Afghan-Aborigine's... Your worst nightmare will become a reality once we start going back into these indigenous communities and reestablishing ties with them.. As it is we are having a lot of Aboriginal brothers and sisters returning to Islam in Sydney.. This thought must be scary, because YOU will be the ones told to go home..”
"other memmbers may preach non violence.. But I don't.. If u (sic) put your finger on one of our members, than there will be a reaction that you are too small to take, you'll be opening Pandoras (sic) Box on yourself and it will be something you WONT (sic) be able to contain... So don't think this is an empty promise, because it WILL happen... Make sure you stay non-violent... because if you touch one of our members.. then you will be dealing with some people who I ASSURE you, want to die for the Sake of God, more than you want to live".. With Love, Jihad Fee-Sabeel'Illah.

Yes before Andy was telling the CFMEU who to bash, he was using his contacts in the Islamic community to stop White Nationalists having BBQs. After infiltrating White Nationalists forums they passed meeting details onto Islamic groups in the vain hope to have them bashed. At the time the WPCA forum was so full of  his mates pretending to be Nazis and gun nuts it had to be shut down.  As reported by one of Andy Fleming's recruits back in December 06. 

Posted on: September 11, 2006 04:24 pm
Replies: 64Views: 714
Yeah, I was watching, it was funny. I was chatting with some hip-hop dude who was absolutely freaked out cos the nazis had caught him taping them and he'd had to leg it real fast when we heard some shouting up where they were a-BBQ'ing. So we headed back and there was a bunch of Muslim blokes, all geared up in proper Muslim dress, shouting at the Nazis, who packed up and left in a hurry. The Muslims pissed off after them, so this hip-hop bloke and i nicked the Nazi's beer and tattoo magazines and headed off back to mine. O yeh- had a chat with the Muslims shortly before they went off after the Nazis or away from the cops- i thought they were about to bash me too- they were out for bllod and my head's shaved too they must've thought I was fascisti, but they cool'd down and laughed when I congratulated em for pissing the Nazis off. Of course they denied everything- 'naa man, we're just here to have a BBQ' oooooh yeah...."

Andy didn't waste anytime running his shell game. When he wasn't out shaking hands with Islamic thugs he was grooming his firebombing fan club. In fact before Andy became the darling of the ABC 7.30 Report his friends made all types of threats and actual attacks on people who spoke out after Cronulla. Threats to poison the water supply of Patriots living in Rural QLD, threatening to throw  Petrol Bombs at patriots having BBQ's, blowing up the letter box of the mother of an outspoken critic of Islam in QLD, and recently throwing fake severed heads of prominent white activists over the fence of the Australia First Headquarters in Sydney. The message could not be any clearer. This is the guy the 7.30 report presents as a cyber hero halting racism. Shame on you ABC.

From 2005 to very recent, Andy Fleming and his group continually passed fake and misleading information onto ASIO and the Federal Police. 

To this day he still claims the lies he has written as fact. All of the following investigations started by his lies to Authorities have proven to be totally false and resulted in nothing more than wasting the time of ASIO, Military Intelligence and the federal Police. 

Investigations included claims of a, White Nationalist handing out bomb making materiel, FALSE. Hiding Jack Van Tongren while he was on the run in Western Australia on a property on the Darling Downs, FALSE. Making threats to Sudanese and Indigenous leaders in Toowoomba, FALSE. Stealing weapons from the ADF, FALSE. 

Not to mention the endless claims of people belonging to and leading groups such as the KKK, FALSE. The list goes on, yet the idiots in the media read his lies on an obscure site and think they have found a modern day hero. Actual peoples lives have been seriously affected, destroying families and putting them onto the streets. 

How many Islamic terrorists have authorities missed while groups and people like Andy Fleming feed them false information? 

Try watching ASIO quote false info about yourself sourced from Andy's group. How about Info from the front page of a newspaper that's in their actual hands and they are reading from it. An article that may well have been written by Andy himself. The feeling of hopelessness is almost surreal. 

To add insult to injury being questioned over a large unused printed sticker with your PO Box address on it. A sticker that obviously is shocking and not of your making, but is now being attributed to you. 

Or try having a reporter come to the town you live in. He then proceeds to go to every business in that town asking if they know where you live. Showing them a file full of lies and half truths supplied to them from Andy. Do you truly think these people care about the consequences? 

 Once you have seen it for yourself you start to question everything. 

Either way if you think ASIO and other Intel groups know what they are doing, think again. If you think the media prints the truth, think again. If you think that members of State or Federal Parliament don't get their info from the above groups and the media think again. Are you comfortable knowing that an Anarchist who supports Islamic Terrorism has friends in the media? That he sends your Intel groups on wild goose chases instead of protecting you from the real threats? Are you comfortable with the State Run and Tax Payer funded ABC presenting this man as a hero?  Thats what your up against folks. 

The comment is correct, its not a right wing or left wing fight. There is no Left or Right anymore. But others will try and make you think its that simple while they make plans for bigger things.

For us and the people who support this blog its about our very survival and that of our culture. For many others its just a single issue like Islam and how it is destroying their country.You can treat the symptom and make people aware of the problem. But eventually you will have to confront the real cause of the problem.  When you start doing that on mass you truly will be reclaiming your Nation. 

Monday, February 09, 2015

The Jacki Howe Revolution will not be televised.

For those who don't know, Jacki Howe is an iconic Australian figure who sheared his way into history wearing his famous Jacki Howe singlet. More HERE. 

Well the folks from Reclaim sure as hell are not in the taking prisoners mood. As a matter of fact judging by Andy Flemings silence and his total inability to do anything of substance so far, I would say the war is going well. 

Just a couple of observations. Looks like Andy Flemings fear of everything and being exposed has hampered his response. Maybe Andy is leading from the rear? (pardon the pun). Or maybe the majority of flak Reclaim is getting at the moment is from scattered groups that do not communicate with the ring leader (again pardon the pun) Andy Fleming?

The best these scattered groups have done so far is managed to truly piss off their intended victims. Not a smart move by the looks of it. Obviously these small and truly ineffective anti-fa groups have been reading the Slackbastard archives and following his SOP on confronting "the fash". Although his information is off the mark and very outdated, the fact that they repeat it gives everyone on our side a good laugh and insight into how much they don't know. But it gives the anti-fa kids something of a moral boost I suppose, we just cant wait to see their reaction when it all goes to shit.

The bottom line is that besides pretending to be in control, Andy truly has no control outside of his circle. His claims of having to hide his true identity for fear of being attacked by his opponents is total BULLSHIT. 

The only threats and actual violence has come from his mates and his mates only. He is more concerned about his friends being exposed, who knows how deep the rabbit hole goes. The fact that he works in the shadows is great when taking on the few. But when you are taking on Reclaim, you are taking on a very very large group. Face it anti-fa you mugs are in over your head.

So what should us WN,s and NS folks do? Well nothing for now. Let Reclaim do what needs to be done. Although they are attacking the symptom and not the cause is of no concern to us for now. We must stay focused and out of the way. Sure join the rally on April 4th. But leave your flags and banners at home. Go and stand with the working class, after all they are our people also. 

Awesome video, truly strikes a note with the majority of Australians. Well Done Reclaim, good luck with the Jacki Howe Revolution.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Great Aussie Patriot, Andy you're My Bitch Now.

Seriously folks we are loving this. Now its either a really good way of getting free advertising from us or this guy is truly owning Andy Fleming. Ha who, cares its awesome. Hey Andy, it would appear the working class have rejected your Cultural Marxist message.

Oh lordy the gnashing of teeth, the emergency meetings, the phone calls to his media mates at the ABC. Help me everyone the Nationalists have called me out, and I have nothing. Go to 1.45 and enjoy.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

When two tribes go to war, but are they both from the same tribe?

Get that pop corn out folks this looks like it will be one hell of a ride. Our resident state Anarchist Agent Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard has painted himself into a corner, or has he?

Lets start with some background. 

On one hand we have Andy Fleming. Andy is the state sanctioned  leader of the Australian anti-fa. His connections to the Australian Labor Party, CFMEU and Islamic Fundamentalists is well known.  There is no love lost between the staff at WLT and old Andy Fleming. We have been following this idiot for a very long time. 

Andy Fleming was one of the founding members of the now defunct Fight Dem Back group. Fight Dem Back was a Jewish run operation with  friends in the ALP, The Greens, The Australian Democrats, and various Judges, Lawyers.

On the other hand we have Shermon Burgess and his Reclaim Australia following. To be honest we truly don't know much about these guys. But our feeling towards these type of groups is well documented. If indeed these groups are White Nationalist at all, as we suspect they are not. Its most likely they are also unknowingly  State Controlled, unlike like Andy Fleming who is purely a State Agent. They all serve a purpose and we suspect the purpose of this group is a recruitment drive for the ADF. So be it, its more than likely anything Reclaim does would be better than doing nothing at all.  But be warned folks, handle with care.

So here we are. The ding dong battle of the year, Australian Anti-Fa versus The Great Aussie Patriot. Lets now look at some stats. Starting with Andy Fleming. 
Andy has a small public following for an Anarchist/Anti-Fa. His gang made up of mostly middle class students, will eventually grow up to despise who they once were. His number of public followers although growing, has taken a few years to get there. Its not his followers we should be worried about. Its his Union and Political followers who you don't see that pack the punch, did we mention he also has the ear of the State Run Media? Yes folks Andy Fleming doesn't hide his identity for fear of being bashed, killed or attacked. He hides his identity so others connected to him do not get exposed. 

Above the very cheesy but obviously affective "The Great Aussie Patriot", Shermon Burgess. His gang, that is growing at a rather astonishing speed is made up of every type of Australian. Most likely these people are majority working class and easily led. They are but a step away from learning the horrifying truth. They are Andy Flemming's worse nightmare, mainstream Nationalism questioning the state. 

Its of no surprise that Andy Flemming came out swinging when he was upstaged recently by the Reclaim mob with the following we reported on WLT.  We are still laughing at that. So round one goes to Shermon, nice work. 

Meanwhile Andy Fleming retaliates in the only way he knows how. He blames it on a conspiracy from members of this blog and the leader of the Australia First Party. Creating fake conversations, Andy has a sad attempt at taking wild swings at his old enemies. Obviously trying to shift the blame for his blunder. We are still wondering if there will be a legal response to this. Seeing as it is a fraudulent attack on a Public Figure, one would hope so. See Below.

So big swing no ding from Andy Fleming. That wont perturb our State sponsored Anarchist.

He just pulls out one of the weapons in his armory, bullshit slinging and invoking the standard mantra, Nazi, Bogan, Bigot, Racist. 

That brings us to another weapon Andy likes to use. The new and not much respected or liked group Squadron 88. Now leaving our personal opinions to the side, Andy had already attempted to discredit Australia First with this group. But the majority of the White Nationalists and true followers of National Socialism in Australia (not to be confused with Hollywood Nazis) have already distanced themselves from this failed group. Squadron 88 is at best an ignorant bunch of well meaning blokes led by disturbed individuals, at worse something more sinister. Either way they are about the most embarrassing group you can find in Australia and ready made for media and state consumption.

So as it goes April 4 will be worth watching. A lot will happen between now and then we suspect. So far Reclaim hold onto the high ground. 

This is make or break for Andy Fleming. He may have to show his hand trying to halt the massive ground swell of support for Reclaim Australia. It will show us all how well connected he still is since the demise of FDB. He isn't just dealing with a handful this time around. 

Does he still have the backing of the Jewish elite? We may just see a token attack from Andy and that will be it.  Will his fight back be just enough that it doesn't blow his cover, or upset his masters? We hope not, we would love to see this turn into something bigger. Either way it will show us what he is made of. 

For now the battle honors must go to the well meaning yet mostly ignorant every day folk who are preparing for April 4. We just hope security is tight and it wont turn into a false flag event for the War on Terror.

The Passing of a Great Man. Anthony Lawson RIP.

Truly sad news on the passing of a well know activist and staunch defender of the truth. Although we never corespondent with him ourselves, we greatly enjoyed his videos and believe he is responsible for the awakening of many across the world. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.   

Please if you haven't seen his video collection I would suggest you do so now. HERE