Wednesday, May 25, 2016


This will no doubt bring joy to a few, maybe thousands? The staff at WLT will all go their separate ways as of today. Fear not gentle reader its not the end and certainly is just a start.

The original page, The Victor Whitelaw Project. Very crude and looking back some of the worse formatting known to mankind.
As many of our faithful readers will recall, this is not the first time there has been a change of guard in the cyber world or a rearranging of the deck chairs.

What started out as a voice for the victims of Marxist slander squads, WLT soon adapted to the needs of Nationalist and Nationalism here at home and in New Zealand. What originated as a voice for the few, soon became the voice for many White Nationalist, National Socialist, political and non political groups in the Southern Hemisphere. 

So here we are ten years on. Our victories far outweigh our failures. In ten years we ushered out the door not only the key figures from the then Antifa, but some of most damaging and toxic turncoats in Australian Nationalists history. Our message then and now has always been, Nationalism belongs to the White Nationalists of this country, treat the disease not the symptoms, close ranks and speak with one voice. Carry yourself with honour and pride.

After ten years it has been decided a new tactic will need to be employed. Since the rise of the patriots in early 2015, Nationalism has once again found itself in the thick of it with its traditional enemy the state-based Kosher conservatives and Antifa, who're effectively one and the same. With the rise of the patriot groups, the Kosher squad once again found a foothold; now investing all into the Australian Liberty Alliance. Rolling out their trolls back in 2015, firstly on SFDU and then onto Facebook. People and groups who had long been sent back into the hell-hole they spawned from eagerly clutched at the patriots to lift themselves back onto the scene. Once they got rolling they set about evening old scores with the Nationalists who banished them. Nearly seven years of hard work was washed away in less than six months. Again, the focus was on the symptom, not the cause. The lies and slander since then has been virtually unstoppable. 
As a rule the contributors to WLT  are people of honour. They hold true to the 14 words and follow the teachings of many past and present Nationalists, Fascists, and Traditionalists. We are a good mix. But what we have witnessed in the past 18 months is beyond our repair alone and the tactics being employed are certainly beneath us. We know what must be done, but for us we refuse to lower ourselves and bring dishonor to ourselves by becoming like our enemy. So now is the time to let others fight that fight. People with such fire and hatred that total war on any level must be taken to the enemy. People willing to adopt the same tactics of the enemy to send them all back into hell they rose from. You simply don't send soldiers trained in jungle warfare into a cold climate. You must adapt and retrain. For us who are unwilling to change or who would simply not take to the training, its time to move out of the way. 

The sickness that currently prevails in the numerous groups claiming to be patriots on Social Media is breathtaking. The hypocritical nature that once was the domain of the left has carried onto our own countrymen and women. It is near impossible to tell the difference between antifa and many of these self-proclaimed leaders of the patriot masses. On the other hand, there is good respectable people who also are under constant attack from antifa and Kosher conservationists. Sadly, these people are simply reinventing the wheel of Nationalism. They struggle at times to learn from the past. The book is still being written on this so we will hold our judgement for now.

So, this my friends is what you must do if you are truly a Nationalist. First realise there is only one political flagship you should support. Like it or hate it, it is Australia First. Read the policy of a real Nationalist party. It is not perfect, but compared to any mainstream or minor conservative party, you will agree they best represent you and our beliefs. Support only Nationalist groups who are part of the upcoming Nationalist coalition. These groups will be proven to be 100% Nationalist and troll free. If you are not a part of the coalition then you are simply sent to destroy and disrupt.  A policy of Policing our own ranks will be an effective method of stopping state-sanctioned frauds and their gullible followers.

Now there will be a shifting of the cyberguard to another quality Australian Nationalist blog and Facebook. Over the next few days the official Whitelaw Towers/Anti Antifa page will be merged into an already existing page. A fresh crop of new recruits with fire in their hearts will take the field.

Fear not, many of us here will move onto other projects as many have already. These projects will not include having to deal with slander and lies on a daily basis. They will not include getting wrapped up in the stunts and ridiculous behavior of clearly insane people. We shall move onto a more forward thinking program and get back into the lines with our comrades on the street.   

We would like to thank personally you our readers. Thank you for the support you have given and kindness shown to us when ever we have traveled interstate. We would like to thank the people who have written for this blog many times over the years. You people have been the backbone of Australian Nationalism since 2005 and its always an honour to work with you. You have all suffered greatly for what you believe, your sacrifice and untold story of this struggle will never be known publicly. You are the true heroes, you don't crave fame or Facebook likes. You simply crave for a future of our people and a place to truly call home. Thank you friends, and we will see you all on the front lines! 

The Whitelaw Towers Project has finished its patrol. The responsibility of keeping you informed and up to date has now been passed to a new generation of activists. Please follow the below links and subscribe. Support Fortress Nationalism, protect it at all cost.   Subscribe to United Nationalist Australia

See you round like a rissole, fellow nationalists!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016


No way on earth would Nick Folkes pretend to be an Arab making a bomb threat! It's just not in his character
We warned youse that Nick Folkes was a galah, but his latest caper leaves no room for Doubting Thomases.

Nick was arrested on Sunday night and held for questioning as a dozen officers from the elite Special Response Group raided his Rozelle rat’s nest. After searching every room for incriminating evidence and finding mainly jizzy handkerchiefs and Asian titty mags they whisked him away in a van. Dumped in the cells with hardened crims who’re partial to another man’s rear, Nick nervously glued his backside to the cell’s bench while the law investigated reports he had made a bomb threat to Sydney’s Town Hall station. Apparently the caller shouted something like, “Allah Akbar, there is a bomb in the station.”

It is said that the security at Town Hall flew into defcon one, so the rozzes were not seeing the funny side. The call happened a few days back, but after trawling CCTV from around the vicinity of where the threat was made, they zeroed in on images of Nick behaving shiftily at a payphone. Recognising him from footage, NSW’s finest then checked his metadata and pinpointed his being in the general area when the hoax occurred via his mobile phone’s satellite info. That was, of course, before they hauled him in.

Folkes was eventually interviewed by detectives, whereupon he was asked to account for his whereabouts on the day, and offer up a DNA swab, to which he agreed. Likud-Nick signed his release form, got home, took a crap and hit his Facebook page to plead his innocence. Unsurprisingly, his doltish followers, who immediately rallied around their buffoonish leader, are conjuring dippy theories about a “left wing” conspiracy to defame him because he is so “dangerous” to the system, man. Their sort will buy any alibi, support any batty theory, and subscribe to any type of gibberish rather than face the overwhelming probability their bozo-in-chief is guilty.

Two things should come as no surprise, firstly that Nick would deny it, and secondly that he probably did it. Not that we’re trying to unfairly influence proceedings, as the matter is ongoing, but all we’re saying is that the cops could save themselves a heap of bother and lock him up now before he does something even more ridiculous. The big mistake is to assume he has any control over what he does. Rather than talking to detectives, Nick should be speaking to the best psychologist that money can buy. Yep, a read through years of Whitelaw Towers will reveal a damaged unit who’ll stick a flag up his bum, condoms to his head, wrap himself in toilet paper and be photographed nude ironing a burka. He wanted to start a riot at Cronulla, exploit the homeless in his cheesy propaganda with Kim Vuga, and outright lied about nationalists and patriots.
Nick doesn't go in for goofy charades. Nick is one of those fair dinkum, no wukkas, fully legit straight shooters like you see in the westerns

Nick had Jim Saleam kicked out of the last Reclaim Rally, drove John Safran to AFP’s Tempe headquarters after his abortive Cronulla rally (on the belief that Blair and Tom from the UPF were round there sipping shandies with Jim Saleam), and is now cos-playing Donald Trump in a stunt straight out of Better Call Saul.

Only recently we reported that Nick was cracking up. He got involved with a joker called Howard Crawford who does dirty operations for the Liberal party’s sewer division. Nick was used like a disposable diaper and chucked over the fence. Mentally exhausted and emotionally wrecked, Nick has lost all semblance of lucidity. Still owing thousands out of the court costs from his brush with Arab supremacist Jamal Rifi, Nick is now fully off his rocker. They say he sobs into his pillow, and giggles in the tub.

Given his predilection for stunts, and his proclivity for seeking attention, it is almost inevitable that Nick will be prosecuted. Then, after justice takes its course, he will probably be locked up for a hundred years. If he isn’t, then it will not be due to innocence, but because those pursuing the case are fully inept.

Whether or not he answers for his crime, Nick will forever be an albatross around the neck of the Australian patriot movement.  Likewise, the patriots will always hang around the neck of Aussie nationalism like a petrified dog-turd.
Nick preparing for the day he'll have to safeguard his ring from predatory inmates in prison

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Two years ago Tel Aviv Neil was Nazi Neil and here he can be seen celebrating avoiding a jail term for stalking a rabbi by telephone
During the Second World War a female Japanese propagandist the allies named Tokyo Rose would regularly broadcast tacky propaganda intended to deflate the morale of those fighting heroes.

Broadcasting via Radio Tokyo, the English speaking nip bitches (there was more than one) skewered news and reported with a deliberate slant that hoped any listening allies would give up the ghost, and surrender to the murdering rice monkeys. It was one endless spray of disinformation. Those GIs who couldn’t find a way to laugh seriously cracked the shits.

When you consider the kind of lies and disinformation that is spewed out by Messrs Antifa Neil and his suspiciously cashed-up mate Shermon Burgess on an hourly basis it seems proper to dub him ‘Tel Aviv Neil’.

Tel Aviv Neil is like Tokyo Rose, only without a vagina, at least not one between his legs. Neil’s vagina sits on his shoulders with a mullet-faced expression and is constantly jabbering mendacities into a digital camera.
Tel Aviv Neil's forerunner, Tokyo Rose. They both talked a lot of shit
Now, bear in mind, that “don’t be Nazis, guys” Tel Aviv Neil was arrested back in 2014 for making crank calls to a Rabbi Dovid Gutnick. He was spared jail, most likely to become an informant, even though magistrate Donna Bakos found that his calls were “motivated by prejudice” and that he “showed little remorse for his crime”. Furthermore, crazy old Neil was ordered to undergo psychiatric assessment in which it was reported that he told the forensic psychologist, “…he had many Aryan friends that he found more entertaining than his other friends”.

Right here we have all the historical evidence of an inveterate liar and a total gooney bird. This same Neil that “showed no remorse” for his prejudice is now acting as a surrogate anti-racist activist and filling the social media airwaves with his Tokyo Rose torrents. Only now the mentally unstable 31-year-old Melbourne labourer HAS found remorse; at least the kind that you don’t have to prove to a court-appointed psychologist.

Not so long ago, in his Tel Aviv Neil series, Neil uploaded a video that as usual defamed the United Patriots Front as “Nazis”. At the end, he gazed earnestly into the camera with his mullet-vagina head and implored impressionable young patriots frustrated with the rise of Islam to, “Don’t be Nazis”.

So, we wonder what his forensic psychologist might have to say about this, since his rhetoric is now almost fully in support of Israel; the very nation that through its machinations in the Middle East has generated the rapeugee crisis in Europe, and the Islamic invasion of Australia. The Neil Erikson that tried gaining favour with Blood & Honour and goose-stepping through Melbourne in his Romper Stomper cos-dress has, in the space of two short years, after being ejected from the UPF for all the same insane behaviour that got him arrested, remodelled himself as the Israel-friendly “no Nazis” patriot who also does conspiracy theories on his low rent version of the Rense Network.

But gentle reader, this whole thing more accurately has its comparisons in Days Of Our Lives; because nuggets like Neil and Indie Rose, who he laughably went ballistic at in a video for acting exactly like he does, have reduced the patriot movement to a soap opera.
Starring, 'Tel Aviv' Neil Erikson, Shermon Burgess, Indie Rose, and special guest star Nicholas "I am channelling Donald Trump but really I'm a cuck" Folkes
Those few dozen people who bother to click on his drivel do so not because they want to be educated about patriot politics, which Neil can’t do since he hasn’t a clue himself, but to tune in to see the latest train wreck. And Neil always happily gives his audience what they come to see.

The United Patriots Front has to be congratulated for resisting any urge to buy into the dog’s breakfast that Neil and sperm boy Sherm has made of things. Nationalists and the UPF have had our differences, but whereas it took only as long as a match head burns off all its phosphorus for Neil and Sherm to sell out to the state, they carry the flame as resolutely as ever… and they’re better for having cast off the baggage like those two glorified toerags. It is that kind of steely resolve that Fortress Nationalism and the imminent coalition of Australian Nationalist groups are built on. Who knows, maybe the UPF might even decide to do themselves a favour and further protect the quality of their brand by signing on the dotted line along with the rest of us.

Hello all you listeners out there, my name is Tel Aviv Neil and you should stop being nationalists and don't join the UPF because I said so. And who am I? I just told you, I'm Tel Aviv Neil, the former Nazi now Anti Nazi. Make sense? Talk to my former forensic psychologist

Friday, May 13, 2016


The Great Aussie Antifascist himself
Antifa have validated as two of their own Shard-boy Shermon Burgess and Antifa Neil Erikson, the two state stooges who turned on the patriot movement they would have everyone believe they created.

Posting on their semi-illiterate Facebook page, the mucky union-funded druggies who want all Whites replaced by third world immigrants gave a shout-out to these two social media pariahs.
Antifa rewrite Toni Basil's 80s' hit Mickey with the lyrics: 'Oh Shermon you're so fine, you're so fine you blow our mind, hey Shermon! Hey Shermon!"
Reposting the potentially libellous video rushed out by Sherm and showcased by his bi-polar BFF regarding the arrest of three alleged Aryan Nations members in Perth, they helped perpetuate possible contempt of court proceedings by pronouncing the trio guilty in advance of due legal process.

But they also proved everything we have been saying about the link between the state, Antifa, and traitors in the so-called patriot movement.

Both Neil the Knucklehead and Sherm the Worm now join the slum-dwelling ranks of the politically and ideologically disordered known as Antifa. WLT this week published on our Facebook page a video from the Maritime Union of Australia with an as-yet-to-be-identified union official addressing a demonstration by maritime workers outside of Malcolm Turnbull’s office.

What were they protesting? Why, Australian maritime workers being replaced by foreigners. Which makes it especially incongruous that one of the officials is blatantly wearing an Antifascist Action T-shirt.
A screengrab of the video of the knucky union organiser who is speaking out against foreign workers taking Aussie jobs while wearing an Antifa T-shirt made in a Bangladeshi prison camp
Yep, that’s right, a Gumby in a sweatshop-manufactured Antifa T-shirt is criticising a system that takes jobs from Australians and gives them to non-Australians. This is a bit like a tobacco executive picketing a tobacconist’s. This prick spends half his time tossing bricks at old ladies from Reclaim Australia because he WANTS the country overrun with immigrants, but as soon as HIS job is threatened by them, ho ho ho.
But nobody said that the sacred principles of logic bore any sort of kinship with the requirements for membership into Antifa — hence why they’ve made Neil and Sherm honorary members. Take a look at these latest uploads on their criminally libellous and cowardly Antifascist blog, which is written by someone on Xanax who can’t quite get a paint brush out of their nose.

According to Antifa THIS gallery of non-Whites are “fascists”. Take a look. You bet. If you look closely at the third-grade composition of words you might even find Jews qualify as Nazis in their masked eyes.

We are NOT going to name them, and we’re sorry we have to reprint them, but the point must be made. And let’s say they are ALL members of Rise Up Australia, which is so kosher you could serve it up in Jerusalem.
A deadest Aryan supremacist who wants to kill all non-Whites for the fatherland
This guy full-on hates non-Whites
The ultimate White Supremacist who wants a Fourth Reich
Antifa considers this woman the next Eva Braun

They call her the Bitch of Buchenwald


Friday, April 29, 2016


Knowing Neil's desperation for self-promotion he probably  busted a tomato sauce packet on his head to pretend it's blood
Neil Erikson has made an unpaid career out of causing butt-hurt, so it is only proper that his own rear-end should suffer.

While attending Melbourne’s Equal Love Rally, Neil was recognised by gay anarchists, and set upon. Despite underwhelming odds, Neil fell like a lady’s handkerchief as the equivalent of teenage drama students beat the shit out of him. They left a nasty gash on his head too. But if that was not humiliating enough, one of the gay-boys forced his pants down, and digitally raped him with his finger!

BuzzFeed (a degenerate homo pseudo news-service) reported an unshaken Neil explaining, “They jumped on me while I was on the ground. I was on the ground holding my video camera in one hand and getting kicked in the head. They also proceeded to pull down my pants and one of them placed his finger in my anus.”

By all accounts it was a bummer!

Anusol gains another customer!
Given how Neil is committed to reporting nothing but the absolute truth, and wouldn’t lie about anything, we believe his every word.

Neil is a self-confessed conspiracy believer, so his ultimate dream of being anally probed has been fulfilled; although not by extra-terrestrials. However, as funny as this is, and as much as Neil deserves a kicking, there is a serious side — only, we’re not sure what it is.  

Neil alleged that he strayed into the event by accident (with his camera) while on the way to attend an Australian Liberty Alliance meeting. Neil has been trying to define a purpose for hanging around the dregs of a former political movement ever since playing his part in the disintegration of the fledgling Patriot scene. When he dumped on the UPF after being kicked out for being a horror-scale liability, he turned reformed Nazi; ratting out everyone-else as being “Nazis”. This earned him the name ‘Antifa Neil’.

Devoid of a specific audience, he began promoting Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, until her people asked him to stop. Now it’s ALA’s turn.

The question is, did the government USE this anarchist's finger to implant a secret surveillance device inside Neil Erikson's bottom? Oh, and here's a funny picture of an alien anal-probe from South Park
Neil is the kiss of death to anything serious. He is the kid that knocks over the Monopoly board; the snitch who calls the cops. Neil has only one purpose in this life, and that is pursuing attention. That exhilarating burst spent with the UPF in their heyday affected the chemical balance in his brain. He needed that ego-rush of people looking at him; clicking ‘likes’ on his Facebook page; and involving him in the ongoing Bogan drama of patriot life.
These days, Neil’s in a consolation bromance with maggot-boy Shermon Burgess. They are like ex-members of a broken-up band hoping to cash in on their former fame. The two shares each other’s videos on their flagging FB pages and crow about one another. None of it rings true. Yet, in many regards, they are two peas in a pod. Only, whereas Neil had his arse penetrated supposedly against his will, Sherm would’ve downed trou before even being recognised.
Shermon is easily the sleaziest, and without a doubt would be the first to “experiment” sexually. He may now force the destruction of their relationship by testing whether or not Neil found erotic possibilities in his anus.

Indeed, there are so many memes in this they’ll be on people’s timelines for the next 46 days. We can visualise a pic of him being poked in the pooer with gags like, “WHAT’S UP NEIL’S ARSE?” and “DON’T YOU KNOW IT’S RUDE TO POINT?”

Somewhere there is not just a smoking gun, but a smelly finger. However, we’ll never really know because it is not at all beyond possibility that Neil made the whole thing up.

Yes, we might have said he never lies, but we were being ironic. In fact, Neil couldn’t tell the truth even if there was ten-million dollars involved. He’s a strange mother fucker. Normality doesn’t apply; you need to estimate his headspace using totally autistic coordinates. Honestly, which one of us “men” would admit something like that, much less pretend it was true? Who that wasn’t totally comfortable with homo concepts would rush straight to the first camera they could find and tell the whole world about getting their arse whooped and atomically-goosed by a group of anorexic pansies?
If any of youse should get your date digitised contact a help line... sort of like this one... or maybe just pretend it never happened, bottle up all your emotions, and turn to drugs and alcohol

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Our tireless lab technicians at Whitelaw Towers Sound Inc. have laboured furiously to enhance the pitiable audio quality of the secret recordings provided by ace Facebook troll Michael Allen. Those recordings accompanied the videos captured on a digital James Bond spy watch worn during an epic sting operation against the toad-like individual Howard Crawford. Readers will know the videos and recall the deficient sound, which required the producers to add subtitles. Yet, for those not au fait with the story, Crawford is a sewer-like species of political culture. An existential jellyfish; he resembles a space monster from Dr Who. He is a walking ball of cackling, jeering, malevolent energy. He served as an anonymous behind-the-scenes manipulator of Australia’s alternative so-called ‘far right-wing’ political scene: pitting nationalist against patriot for the purpose of destroying us both. He did this while professing to be one of us. Perhaps that is (to him) flatteringly overstating his role. He might just be a middle-aged punk who burned the wrong people. Whatever, thanks to our sound masters, upcoming videos in The Last Supper series exposing the golem Crawford will now be aurally correct. Our boffins squeezed all the juice from those recordings. Dialogue hitherto insensible is mixed down and stripped of interference. We have Howard’s lies and scheming coming straight out of his mouth. However, we are still transcribing and sifting for newsworthiness the choice bits. Until then we shall catch up with Howard and see what is cooking outside of the video prison we hold him in. We do this rather than tack together a work-for-the-dole YouTube mash-up such as Neil Erikson is infamous for. Ultimately, we are tapping Howard’s head like a cat pawing a mouse in advance of our most damaging video yet. We note his sad efforts trying to “blog” Whitelaw Towers and AFP in response to this death blow. We are embarrassed for him. Then again, we’re not. Crawford is a chicken gobbling headless around the internet. Funnier still, this scrappy chook farmer is about to lay an egg; figuratively speaking.
A desperate multiple addict sucks a sad and soggy ciggy for every last nico drip
Who could conceive that the writers would team Howard Crawford with Slackbastard! Since being run out of town by Whitelaw Towers, Howard has turned to toilet hero Professor Rob Sparrow and his Slackbastard anarchist Facebook page to romp about in his feathery finery. And for some reason “Slacky” won’t sack him. Nope, there simply MUST be a blog in mind. But unknown Facebook tormentor John Dickinson has been extracting full value out of Crawford on Slacky’s page. Dickinson ruffles every one of Howard’s soiled feathers. It is champagne comedy. Howard is like watching an angry prawn trying to fight back. Below are examples. Those on Ventolin beware. Howard’s posting on Slackbastard naturally causes titter. The resonance of his hypocrisy we are still absorbing, but for a man who is motivated by class prejudice, Slackbastard is a weird home. His motive eludes, and eludes him. If bullshit meant rock royalty, Howard Crawford would be Elvis. It is a condition with a spasmodic reaction: when confronted with anything at all, Howard lies. Howard lies to himself, to God, and to everybody else. Howard lies like shit runs through a goose. Howard lies like Regan’s head spins in The Exorcist. His behaviour would churn a psychologist’s stomach. But who is he doing all this for?! Who is he hoping to recruit?! What is he hoping to recruit them to?

Laugh as Howie gets owned by John Dickinson
What sort of anarchist takes a confessed liar and bigot into his confidence? Rob Sparrow, that's who!

Inevitably, we got a report from an unimpeachable source that Howard is back with Folkes. It makes you wonder. When Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys fame went missing for many years, it took a Cadillac saleswoman to rescue him from the mind-control of the shrink from hell. Perhaps Nick needs an intervention on his behalf. Word has come via channels that all Party for Freedom’s top people are leaving because they’ve read what we’ve had to say about Howard Crawford. Hell, even Antifa used our material as the basis for their grammatically-impoverished profile on him. Crawford is to Nick like an ex junkie-friend is to a recovering addict. We reported earlier this year how Folkes, the gentle clown and race mixer, had been exhibiting unmistakable signs of emotional instability following dealings with Crawford. Folkes can’t let go of Crawford. Like a brainwashed whore, he would do anything for his pimp. Perhaps that is why all the financial backers split after the revelations about him.
Anyway, we are coming back with the long promised expose on Crawford’s criminal conspiracy against Dr Jim Saleam. Stay tuned. Whatever Howard does next after reading this, is sure to be reactive. It might even be fatal. We say a quiet prayer for his chooks.

I say boy! There'll be no more cocky Foghorn when the next vid comes out


Monday, April 18, 2016


We tried to find a pic of Mayor Fyffe in which he doesn't look barking mad, but we couldn't

It seems that Bendigo council is very concerned about free speech making it look bad. The other day Mayor Fyffe sent a letter to the Bendigo Advertiser, which is the most cucked regional newspaper in Australia. In it, he outlined his angst about social media and how folks are using it to make his council look like the communist regime they are. This link takes you to the actual letter, which is actually funnier yet more censorious in tone than the one we knocked out by way of reply (and which we shared with a friend or two on social media, but hey!). Yes, our intrepid team of propagandists and legal moonshiners didn’t feel the mayor quite expressed himself as freely as he should. So we did it for him. This is how his letter SHOULD have read. We added his name to it to give it an authentic feel.

Dear Editor and fellow Islamo-Marxist,
I write in support of your editorial “Unsociable media a real threat to decency”, (Bendigo Advertiser, April 15).
Greater Bendigo City Council is sick and tired of the punks who call themselves “Australian citizens” using social media to try and make us look bad.
Unfortunately, many people will argue that by telling the truth in such a fashion as to portray us in a negative light they are exercising “freedom of speech”. But we here at Bendigo City Council are of the belief that not everyone should be entitled to free speech, and that social media is damaging the progress we have been making towards silencing those who would use free speech to attempt to limit our social agenda.
We believe that we know best, and through the constant ridicule by some with a political interest in mocking us we are being undermined and obstructed from turning Bendigo into a city that can lead as an example to the rest of Australia; especially when it comes to pulling down the old White Australian edifice and putting up something much more Aussie like the world’s biggest mosques and stuff.
This whole “freedom of speech” thing is getting very old, and people are using the anonymity of social media to say things they wouldn’t have the guts to say to our face if they were free to come down to the Town Hall in person! But we took care to make sure that couldn’t happen with new regulations preventing anyone except the mailman and our drug dealers from entering the building. Social media needs to follow our example.
Free speech was never intended for those who are not elected representatives of the people on full benefits with free council parking! These grubs do not realise that the people cannot be trusted to make decisions and have to be told what to do by us.
When people use social media to criticise us we get so mad we want to shut down the water supply to half the city and switch off the power grid long enough for them to learn a harsh lesson about civic obedience.
The value we, as a council, leaders and rebuilders of a new Australia place on free speech is directly in proportion to those who are actually making the speech. In other words, we should be as free as we like to say what we want, but nobody else.
I encourage people who read social media to petition the federal government to pass laws that will limit anybody posting hurtful stuff about the Bendigo Council, or who use social media to foment discontent against us, to be shanghaied in the middle of the night and dragged down into the cells for a good kicking. We would call for you to expose and dob in those who administer social media pages that are critical of us.
If need be you should also find out where they live and annoy them by ordering pizza deliveries in their name and sending prostitutes round to their houses. Make fake noise complaints that the council will follow up.
The day is coming when this scum will eat boot, and the name on that boot will be Bendigo City Council. The only way to get rid of this White supremacist Nazi scum is by building camps and shoving the whole sweaty lot into gas chambers. And they better get used to our mosques. They can either convert to Islam or move to another country. We plan to become the mosque capital of the entire Islamic world.
This has been your leader! Praise Allah!
Mayor Rod Fyffe, Great Bendigo City Council
The Bendigo Mayor will shake hands with anyone as long as they're not Australian