Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ahh yes it looks like our friends at Revolutionary Left have created some work for our pals at Fight Dem Back. White Law Towers Staff have decided in the spirit of friendship that we would hand over this anti Semitic commie.

In a thread in the Anti Fascism section our Anarchists friends and supporters of FDB have gone and shown us all the how bloody confusing these idiots are. Many a White Nationalist has been labeled a Nazi and reported to authorities for suggesting that groups such as the JDL are nothing more than Zionists Thugs hell bent on destroying society. But Rollo the main man in the QLD FDB team has not reported his fellow Marxists to his leader Mathew Henderson Hau.

The thread in question is a list of opposing forces to the Left Wing Anarchists. FDB please ask your fellow member Rollo for further details on this vile Anti Semite. To think that one of your own would accuse the JDL of being evil Fascists.


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Jewish Defense League, Jewish-fascist organization that conducts anti-Communist and anti-Arab terrorist and paramilitary activity.

P.S. Rollo you must explain to your dumb arse mates that you guys would not have anything with out the support of the Jewish Lobby groups such as the JDL. Guys don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Go get em FDB