Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blast from the past.

Searching through the old Whitelaw archives we came across this gem published some months ago. In the spirit of sticking it up the Fight Dem Back crims we have decided to give it another run. This one is for you Rollo.

The Boys from Brazil?
Rollo, like his deviant ‘Fight Dem Back’ criminal mentor Darp, also has a bizarre peccadillo for mixing food and ejaculatory fluids. Darp has (in)famously regaled us with his desire to masturbate into Prime Minister John Howard’s salad and force him to eat it, presumably along with his semen, at gunpoint, no less!

From Wednesday, 9th June 2004:

“Maybe I like Latham so much because my hatred for honest Johnny has gradually been getting unbearable. I’ve never liked the slimy little fuck but ever since the last election and the Tampa debacle, I’d dearly love to whack off in his salad and watch him eat it, at gunpoint.”

Rollo merely informs us he deposited his seed in a “friend’s food” and that this “friend” consumed the peculiar mixture, very strange indeed. Whether or not it was accidental, part of some grotesque ritual or a ‘Jackass’ type prank we may never know. We do know however from reading his Internet posts that Rollo claims to be Bisexual so anything is possible. He sounds like he’d take on all comers, male, female, animal, mineral or vegetable.

From ‘’:

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“I once came into my friends food. Thought it was pretty funny that he didn't notice.”

Hmmm… perhaps Rollo might also have a future as a Lawyer. If Darp’s vocational path is anything to go by then this type of behaviour would appear to be no impediment whatsoever to advancement through a profitable career in that profession. He might be a disgusting, sick little criminal pervert, but hey, at least he’s not a RACIST!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Posted: Oct 5 2006, 11:39 PM
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“When I came into his food. He ate it all.”

Just like Darp, Rollo ALSO loves to work with children…

eep! anyone work in childcare?
Posted on: Oct 9 2006, 10:38 AM
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“2 year olds are easy cheese. They will probably play with simple toys most of the time, it's the 4-5 year olds that suck. They constantly fight and ask you annoying questions.”

The main point of these observations is Rollo’s behaviour appears to mirror that of Darp’s with chilling synchronicity. As with Darp, the amoral, nihilistic and violent tendencies of the sociopath are all present. Could we perhaps be dealing with a clone? Cue Twilight Zone music…creepy…ooer…

So what might we expect next from the sorcerer’s apprentice?

Pubic deforestation?
Indecent public exposure of his polished and perfumed pubes?
Trans-Tasman death contracts?
D.I.Y. litigation?
The systematic vandalism of hotel rooms?
Genetically driven berserker rages?
Child abuse and physical assault as a sporting event?
Stalking and entrapment of minors?
Drug abuse of ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ proportions?
Suburban Terrorism, perhaps?

What wonders might await the faithful and the patient, gentle reader?