Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All hail Brian Stokes - chief defender of the Jews.....

Unless they contradict him, that is:

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raz wrote:
Feel free. Somewhere else

No doubt, my opinions on religion- which certainly are 'hardcore' considering the little note on my front door aimed at religious canvassers- are generally off-topic for FDB. PIMJ just needed a little consciousness raising; freedom of religion entails freedom from it, as well.

Regardless, given my mindset, I'm generous to a fault defending Jews daily on FDB. All the same, I won't be spat on, particularly not by those I defend.
Weezil is of course, Brian Stokes, and that last statement sounds perilously close to "some of my best friends are Jews....", and seems to be said under ideological duress, but 'Bwian' is just a naughty boy really, crashing through the FDB forums like a human wrecking ball.

It's also interesting to note a few other things about this thread, nobody quite seems to know what anti-semitism is, it's also interesting to see the lack of outrage by FDB and the media over a board game [being sold from Lakemba mosque no less!] whose goal is the destruction of Israel and presumably the Jews who are living there, compared to the orgasmic burst of outrage over the Cronulla boardgame, which didn't call for the destruction of anybody or anything and wasn't being sold at the local Presbyterian church.

On a final note, from a post by H.Blackrose, we witness first hand with absolute clarity, the incredibly deluded utopia leftists live for, on the other hand, perhaps Blackrose has her meds mixed up:

Sorry for any offence. I suppose I'm still a bit nervy after that article smearing Socialist Alternative was posted. I say as clearly as possible that I see the State of Israel as an illegitimate, racist entity like the pre-1992 Republic of South Africa, and I want to see it meet the same fate - to be dissolved and replaced by a single, secular, democratic, non-racist state in all of historic Palestine. I never want anyone to be able to accuse me of Jew-hatred for that.

eh?,WTF?, dude, do you have any idea what South Africa is like today? crime and murder have risen to astronomical proportions, the SA government has also started to appropriate land from successful white commercial farmers and we all saw how well that worked in Rhodesia didn't we kiddies?. It's difficult to imagine how one can get though life being so vacant, it must suck to be you dude.


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