Friday, November 03, 2006

Anti-semitic board game sold from Lakemba mosque, where was FDB?

RACISM against Jewish and Muslim children is rising in Sydney schools and taking on disturbing new manifestations, according to a study.

The study, based on interviews with teachers from three public schools in Sydney's south and western suburbs, says Judeophobia and Islamophobia are becoming more prevalent.

Anti-Semitic incidents reported in schools in the St George, Chester Hill and Parramatta areas included swastika drawings on desks and comments from Muslim children that "Hitler did the right thing" by killing Jews, the study says. A board game on how to capture Israel, including pictures of missiles, is also in circulation, it says.

Suzanne Rutland and her colleague Sol Encel, of the University of Sydney's department of Hebrew, biblical and Jewish studies, will present the findings of their study today.

They will also show the board game, which Professor Rutland said was sold from Lakemba mosque.

Isn't interesting when there is inter-ethnic racism, the degenerate turds at fightdemback! are no where to be seen?. Surely in the light of the 'Cronulla board game', the FDB gang would be hopping mad that somebody has made a board game where the aim is to destroy Israel and is being sold from Lakemba mosque?.

It's also interesting that there has been no front page coverage on their site rejecting the insipid racism of sheikh hillbilly, just a few confused postings in their forums, as their 'progressive' ideology dashes itself against the jagged rocks of Islamic fundamentalism.

FDB are also pulling themselves furiously over JVT's recent illness, but Brian, please, think of the kittens: