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Australia First, Luke McIlveen and Good old Fight Dem Back!

Well I thought I would never say this, but Luke McIlveen makes Greg Roberts of The Australian look like an amateur. This piece of work whose best man at his wedding was charged with Fire Arm Offences takes the award for the most hated Journalist in Australia.
Yes folks even the Loony Left hate this man unless he writes some shameless piece on Australia First.,23599,20824909-2,00.html
Talk about hypocrites.

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hahaha. As much as I loathe the daily terror, that article fucking hammers them.

It would seem at first that this sad excuse for a journalist would be a great friend of FDB, hey he is a good mate with the one and only FDB star journalist

What’s this Joe and Luke praising each other?
Friday, September 01, 2006 at 10:29pm

Posted by Luke McIlveen on Tue 05 Sep 06 at 10:23pm
Joe is the best bloke around town
Joe says: I was just saying the same thing about you Luke

But sorry folks don’t confuse old Luke with the likes of Joe and Greg. At least we know what the agenda is of these two hard-core FDB junkies. Old Luke doesn’t care whom he writes about or what the issue is he is a far Dinkum “If it Bleeds it Leads journo”.

So what do the commie’s think of our new found friend? Well Donald Oorst will have to agree with the International Socialist Organization with this article from the ISO web site.

Bigots play the race card
6 November 2006

Last month, Sydney's Daily Telegraph attacked housing and welfare provided for Australians forced to flee war-torn Lebanon through no fault of their own. In one article, staff writer Luke McIlveen argued that Rhonda Taylor a poor single mother, was being denied access to priority public housing because of this

McIlveen wrote that Lebanese Australians were returning to a "a welfare smorgasbord - but for Ms Taylor there is nothing but forms and a string of empty promises that her family will be given a new home".This is an example of how the system uses racism to divide working class people and their families.Our rulers and their apologists in the media whip up lies about a particular ethnic or religious group to divert the anger and bitterness of workers and the poor, like Rhonda Taylor, away from the real culprits - government cutbacks, low wages, and job insecurity

Gee what a surprise. The only problem FDB subscribe to this type of journaism. Look at the Racist hysteria FDB has whipped up with its media puppets to make old Mathew Henderson Hau feel all brave and tough. Toowoomba is a great example of FDB stirring racist tensions.

So what about the media? What do the esteemed colleagues of Luke McIlveen think of him?

Media Watch

When The Daily Telegraph pursued former NSW Opposition leader John Brogden with new allegations of sexual misconduct, everyone was shocked by the events that followed. A Media Watch investigation of the Tele's story has found that it was little more than unsubstantiated slurs being spread by Brogden's political opponents.

Oooh conspiracy? What’s this, is Luke one of those evil Neo Cons FDB?
John Laws 2ue

LAWS: A few emails here: Hi John, I wish to say how disgusted I am with the events that led to John Brogden’s current situation. I think the media should hang their heads in shame for the disgraceful way they've reported and distorted the whole issue.CALLER: I mean the moral of the story is don’t trust a journalist if you are going to fraternise with them. They’re always out to get you.

Media Watch again
— Channel Nine, Nightline, 30 August 2005This was the next morning’s press. The front page of the Daily Telegraph’s first edition:Brogden’s Sordid PastDisgraced Liberal leader damned by secret shame file ExclusiveBy Luke McIlveenJohn Brogden was forced to quit the NSW Liberal leadership because a raft of fresh allegations of sexual misconduct was set to destroy his career.They include propositioning women for group sex and harassing Opposition staff at State Parliament. — First edition, Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2005There’s more to come, but first let’s just see what Luke’s got on that group sex. It’s good salacious stuff, though a little bit old:It has now emerged that Mr Brogden suggested that two women have sex with him during a boozy Christmas party in his parliamentary office in 2003.It is understood Mr Brogden propositioned the young women on the couch of the leader’s office in Parliament.— First edition, Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2005, pg 1Luke doesn’t name the women, but tells us they were a TV and a radio journalist, he even has a quote from one of them."He jokingly made this suggestion about threesomes" one of the women said yesterday.The women yesterday revealed details of the night on the condition of anonymity.— First edition, Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2005, pg 1 and pg 4The rumour mill means that many people know the names of the women journalists that Luke is referring to.We’ve spoken to both. They say his account is a lie. Neither wishes their name to be public, but one woman told us:I would like to put on the record that I never came forward to the Telegraph with these accusations, never spoke with the Telegraph about these accusations, and certainly never gave quotes. What upsets me most is at no point did the Telegraph attempt to call me to give me a chance to set the record straight.— Email from anonymous journalist (2) to Media Watch Read the email to Media Watch in full here

The other women told us that Anna Patty from the Telegraph did ring the day before the story for details about what happened.She had heard the rumours. She said do you want to make a comment, and I said "No". So for Luke McIlveen to be publishing that story including quotes - They are completely and utterly fabricated.— Statement from anonymous journalist (1) to Media Watch Read the statement to Media Watch in full here

And what about Brogden’s behaviour? Which Luke describes in detail:He began by complimenting the women … and told them they were so attractive they should be kept in a nunnery. Mr Brogden then suggested the trio should have sex.— First edition, Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2005, pg 1The women deny that this happened.John Brogden has never propositioned me. I have a respectful professional relationship with him. Nothing he has ever said to me socially has been taken as anything other than being in jest.— Anonymous journalist (1) to Media Watch, EmailRead the email to Media Watch in full here

If I had ever felt sexually harassed by any public figure … I would have told it myself, not ‘given’ it to another media outlet and not waited two years!— Anonymous journalist (2) to Media Watch, EmailThe editor of the Daily Telegraph David Penberthy, told us that he stands by the Tele’s story and the quote. And goes on to say of the women:I have heard unconfirmed reports that these reporters may now be denying that they spoke to our reporter but there is no doubt that our reporter spoke to both of them, and that they revealed details that were the basis of this aspect of our story.— Email, David Penberthy, Editor, The Daily Telegraph to Media Watch, 3 September 2005But the women are unmoved.These statements are completely false. I never revealed details to The Daily Telegraph.— Anonymous journalist (1) to Media Watch, Email

Oh boy this man is a King Maker. Folks this is exactly the type of behaviour that is common to arse wipes like this. But More.
Our friends at Media Watch again.

CORBY DRUGS WERE MINESydney man named as star Bali witnessExclusiveby Luke McIlveenA Sydney man has made the explosive claim that the drugs seized from Schapelle Corby's luggage were intended for him.— The Daily Telegraph, 27 July 2005This week's joke is that Daily Telegraph front page 'exclusive'.A story that no paper with any self respect would give any credibility at all.Welcome to Media Watch, I'm Liz Jackson.Reporter Luke McIlveen's 'exclusive' was based on the word of William Miller, a self-confessed criminal whom Luke tells us:...demanded $250,000 for his story.—

The Daily Telegraph, 27 July 2005, pg 2 A man whose lawyer had told Luke McIlveen He doesn't know anything...— The Daily Telegraph, 27 July 2005, pg 2Later that day after the lawyer spoke to wire service AAP, the News Limited web site carried an even blunter assessment of William Miller:...a total bullshit artist who had tried this before… He will say anything to make a buck and this will devastate the Corby family… The bloke sits around reading newspapers and concocting false stories so he can try to sell them to the media.—,10119,16063087,00.htmlAnd Luke should have known this.

Well Luke you truly are a piece of Shit.
What of Darps mate and hero Mark Latham? Gee Mathew whose side is this bloke on?

Public Lecture by Mark Latham at the University of Melbourne, 27 September 2005

The commercial media do not like my book because it exposes them for what they are: voyeuristic and unethical. For some journalists, the problem runs even deeper. One of the telling aspects of the John Brogden tragedy in New South Wales was the involvement of the same group of media men who took such an unhealthy interest in my private life, namely Glenn Milne, Luke McIlveen and David Penberthy from News Limited and Damien Murphy from Fairfax. Quite frankly, Freud would have a field day with some of these characters.

Come on Darp FDB should expose this Journalist go for it.

How could FDB have missed this great bit of Journalism?,20867,20615816-7583,00.html

Classroom conspiraciesLuke McIlveen - The Daily TelegraphCONSPIRACY theories over the tragic sinking of the Siev X were being rekindled as part of a trendy campaign to hijack the Year11 modern history curriculum, chief reporter Luke McIlveen wrote.

The black-armband brigade wanted permission to give students a 35-page case study that included asking them: "Was the sinking of the Siev X and subsequent loss of life preventable?" There was too much conspiratorial claptrap drifting into NSW classrooms. The Sydney Church of England Girls Grammar School English faculty tried something similar recently when teachers decided that Shakespeare's Othello should be interpreted in a Marxist, racist and feminist context. "The obsession with left-wing causes is the reason our universities have largely become refuges for the welfare-dependent and socially inept ... Education is supposed to arm students with the facts and teach them the powers of reason. Only then can they make an informed decision to identify with the Left or Right or eschew politics altogether. Schools and universities should not be a vehicle for postmodern thinkers to use their positions as a means of replenishing the ranks of the Socialist Alliance." ( I call Nazi, what do you reckon Wezzil)
So what of the Banks and Lawyers at the Daily Telegraph?
EMBARRASSMENTS: Bangalore beat-up

While the rest of the world's media was bringing readers the chilling news that North Korea had set off a nuclear bomb, the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday devoted most of page 1 to a "special report" about how Aussie call centre jobs were being exported to India. The main target of the Terror's wrath was the ANZ bank, which the paper claimed was employing 1300 Indian call centre staff to service customers back home. Trouble is the report was completely wrong. And yesterday, in what must rank as the longest apology in Australian newspaper history, the Tele took out most of page 5 'fessing up that the ANZ did not have a call centre in India at all. The office pictured on page 1 was in fact a data processing centre.
But the apology wasn't enough. ANZ had on Monday repeatedly told the Tele what it planned to publish the next day was wrong, but not allowing the facts to spoil a good story, the Terror went ahead anyway (well, the paper had gone to great expense sending reporter Luke McIlveen to Bangalore for the beat-up.)

Crikey this guy is good.Dividing Australia: it ain't Muslims doing it

A few days later, News Limited launched a campaign against ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib. Luke McIlveen’s story was based on Mamdouh Habib running in Sydney’s City to Surf fun run while claiming a disability pension. To say it portrayed Habib in a negative light would be an understatement. It was a shame for McIlveen that he hadn’t got his facts right, with Centrelink claiming the Habib’s had not received a disability pension for seven month. It was a bigger shame for Habib who was stabbed by three masked men a week after a sustained campaign on talk back radio based on McIlveen’s story.

Whats this Luke got someone stabbed, a Muslim to boot. Bit like old Darpy getting Jim Harper bashed in Crwos Nest because of misleading info from FDB to The Australian. I don’t know what you think readers but Mathew Henderson Hau and FDB have a lot in common with Luke.

What about the NSW Privacy Commission$file/ReprtEd.doc

Office of the Privacy Commissioner

Special Report to NSW Parliament under section 65 of the
Privacy & Personal Information Protection Act 1998

Complaint by Student A and his father against Hon John Aquilina MP Mr Walt Secord Mr Patrick Low

7 May 2002

In the 60 Minutes interview Mr McIlveen said that the information about the alleged access to a gun seriously “magnified the story”. Mr Kelly also stated in that interview that the information about the alleged access to a gun “turned a good story into an extraordinary story”.

This information about Student A’s alleged access to a gun was later proved to be false and the question therefore follows, who was the source of the incorrect information about the gun and what steps were taken to verify it before it was made public? On 5 May 2001 Mr Luke McIlveen, political roundsman for the Australian newspaper, alleged in an article that a representative from the Minister’s office had confirmed the name of the school on 10 April to Ms Megan Miller, a journalist with Channel 7 (tab 3). On TCN 9’s 60 Minutes program Mr Luke McIlveen stated that on the day of the Minister’s statement he was given certain information relating to the matter by staff from the Premier’s office. I asked Mr McIlveen to describe the nature of the information provided and to identify the individual who provided the information. Mr McIlveen declined to provide a response. He said that he gave the 60 Minutes interview on the proviso that he would not reveal his sources.

Well we all know Luke’s mate knows all about weapons charges.

So FDB I give you Luke McIlveen Nazi Neo Con, go for the gold.