Monday, November 06, 2006

Dear Donny Duck sprays the screen

Donald duckmonster Oorst posted this cracker on FDB
Funny as, eh?

duck monster
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Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 8:21 am
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Its a fucking shame that these mouthbreathers probably havent got a nickle to rub between them. Darp could make a an absolute fortune off sueing the fuck out of krombo and jim for defamation.

Go fer it and go hard!

No Jim, calling the police and reporting comedy blog entrys and just plain making shit up wont get darp arrested, it'll get you done for hindering police whith vexatious libelous nonsense.

But its perfectly okay for Greg Roberts to libel Peter Campbell in a national newspaper

Fact: The Australian police have NEVER investigated FDB, because they dont have a reason to.


The simple fact we retain a good working relationship with them post cronulla should indicate somethig.

Sounds cosy.

If you are just going to make shit up Jim/Krombo, at meast make it plausible, you dickhead.

Hey Don what’s a meast? Is that a cross between meat and yeast? For a uni dude your spelling is up the shit

ha ha ha