Friday, November 24, 2006

Donald Duck Monster the master Terrorist.

Yes folks WhiteLaw Towers staff thought, hey we have just about broke the back of FDB why not have some fun. Our target today will be…The one and only Duck Monster AKA Donald Oorst from Western Australia.

Our dear little Donald thinks himself to be a bit of a Revolutionary. Lets see who is Donald’s Hero? Gee what a surprise! His hero is not only a traitor like our little Donald but also a good Catholic Boy to boot.

Yes readers our Private Schooled Catholic educated punter from Fight Dem Back has a fetish for Terrorism. How you may ask? Donald’s little ditty under his Avatar explains all.
duck monsterRemember,remember, the fifth of November

Now many here are well aware of the last words spoken by Donald’s hero Guy Fawkes. For those of us who are not aware Guy Fawkes and a few of his buddies back in 1605 attempted to carry out the first Terrorist Bombing in recorded history. The cunning plan was to detonate an awful lot of Black Powder under Parliament House in Good Old England. Thus killing the then King James VI and his Protestant supporters. Not nice.

(Those bloody evil Catholics Donald. One must wonder if Dr Mark Copland went to the same school as Ducky Duck Monster? Hey it may have been the same Fascist Nun that abused them?)

Anyway just like FDB they were doomed to fail. It would seem that the conspirators and supporters Trusted The Wrong People, as they Could Not Keep A Secret. They thought God would ensure they would succeed. Talk about blind faith sound familiar Darpy? After Guy Fawkes was caught red-handed (pardon the pun) the other conspirators fled from the inevitable consequences. (Yep history repeating itself FDB, hey what has happened to Darp and Weezil?). In typical FDB logic the Traitors decided to make a last stand in Staffordshire. Unfortunately the gunpowder they had taken with them for the brave last-stand got wet. So they decided to dry it out in front of a large open fire. Well what do you know, the powder caught light. BOOM! By the time the Sheriff arrived the burnt and beaten traitors had no fight left in them. (A bit of a bastard when you find out that the main weapon to fight the enemy with is Null and Void. Bit like having the media turn its back on ya because you are nothing but dip shits with no jobs no credibility no bloody hope)

What became of Donald’s heroes?? Well they got the Traitors Death. Traitors Death you ask? Yep! First you got hung till near death. Then you had your balls cut off. Once you stopped squirming from that you had a small nick put in your side so they could pull your intestines out. Then they shoved their hand up into the chest and pulled out your heart. This was followed by a good old beheading. Once every one stopped cheering about the slow and agonizing death of a Traitor they cut them into sizeable chunks spreading these bits and pieces all over the country. Crikey, a bit rough by our standards?

So next November the 5th to be exact, help celebrate the death of Traitors and the demise of FDB.