Friday, November 17, 2006

FDB and democracy - oil and water.

DuckMonster, aka Donald Oorst on fightdemback says, in relation to a planned Bikini march on Brunswick mosque to protest against the misogynist Religion of Peace and the attitudes of it's adherents in regards to women:
A couple of stages.

A) The FDB way. Who the *fuck* are these people. I want names, addresses, phone numbers, background checks the lot. *DONT* post that to this forum. Are there links to organised nazi groups like Australia first.

If we can show that this is linked in any way to the likes of Jim Saleam or whatever, its a no-show. Most people are disgusted by the likes of Saleam/van tongeran/weerheym and the more batshit neo-nazis, particularly in this climate of uncertainty over terrorism and the like, so anything associated that way is going to be an utter failure.

B) Get in contact with womens groups and put the argument forward. That this is a nazi inspired racism rally, and that women need to be taking the lead in shutting this shit down. The proof of all this is in the pudding. The only places so far that are aware of it are the nazi websites. If you look at the memetics of all this, and the fact that for instance we know they have spoken to Ben Weerheym, it is clear that its not just a redneck influence, but a criminal influence here. Point out the sort of stuff we found earlier, the rape sympathism of the movement, and get the girls to shut this shit down.

C) Talk to the council. This is a bullshit rally, that seeks to harass and intimidate the completely innocent muslim community of melbourne as collective punishment for some dopey old sunni guy in sydneys idiotic comment. This has potential for the sorts of anti-migrant violence other similar intentioned events such as the blood and honor gig. This cant go ahead unless with council aproval.

D) *IF* It gets to the media, answer it. Call them up and point out that its a racist and anti-woman affair, that theres genuine concern for the safety of people, considering the backgrounds of the melbourne nazi scene (ie Dane Sweetman, etc), and that it should be abandoned and condemmed as attempts by a crackpot minority to stir up race hate.

Just go for it.
If you didn't realise by now Donald, you fascist piece of shit, Australia is a free liberal democracy, where such expressions of political will are permitted. What exactly is FDB going to do with people's names and address'?, why do you need to know where people live? and FDB once again shows it's utter ideological myopia about what Muslims believe, they do hold the sentiments of Al-Hilali to heart. And what the hell does Dane Sweetman have to do with anything? , it amazes me to no end how on one hand fucktards like Donald can get so upset when somebody generalises about his pet minorities, but has no hesitation in doing the same thing himself, I guess though, that doublethink applies to all leftist toilet bowl scrappings that inhabit the cesspit that is FDB.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!