Thursday, November 02, 2006

FDB under investigation

Taken from “Queensland Free Press” Issue #27 October 2006 Pg3

Radical Net Group to be investigated

By Steve Wilson

Police and Counter Terrorist officers in New South Wales are investigating a Sydney man who heads an Anti Fascist group calling itself Fight Dem Back. Information supplied to New South Wales Police by the Australian Hoteliers Association describes how Mathew Henderson-Hau posted an online guide for his followers giving explicit instructions on how to destroy Hotel rooms in Australia.

Mr. Henderson-Hau is currently studying Law in New South Wales. In his online persona known as “Darp” he claims to be a member of the Greens Party and a supporter of the Australian Democrats as well as working part time at the Sydney office of the CFMEU. In 2004 on his personal Blog site (an Internet diary) Mr. Henderson-Hau threatened to use his CFMEU connections to assault a teenager that he accused of being a Neo-Nazi.

In early 2006 Mr. Henderson-Hau was investigated by the Australian Federal Police for soliciting to arrange the murder of a prominent Queensland National Socialist. The Australian Federal Police, using their discretionary powers, closed the investigation. It is alleged that Australian Federal Police are also looking into two serious threats made by him against the life of the Australian Foreign minister Alexander Downer and his intention to hold the Australian Prime Minister John Howard at gunpoint. It is unknown at this time if any charges are still being considered.

Mr. Henderson-Hau, who has also been reported favourably in the Australian Press for his Anti Racism activities with the Fight Dem Back group, is also under investigation by New South Wales Police for assaulting children at a beach in Sydney. In his online diary Mr. Henderson-Hau claims to have physically assaulted children in the surf where he describes this assault as a sport.

Mr. Henderson-Hau’s Fight Dem Back web site was created in 2004 with the claimed purpose of combating racism in Australia. It has attracted many antisocial elements of the community who claim to be anti fascist but curiously preach their own brand of intolerant fascism while applauding violence against White Nationalists in Australia and overseas. According to his critics this group also include Muslim Jihadists and extreme left wing Anarchists among its membership.

Groups such as Fight Dem Back allegedly support Terrorist organizations in Australia and overseas. In 2005 Mr. Henderson-Hau admitted to an attempt to make contact with the International Terrorist Group known as Class War. In a web diary entry he explains how he had tried to greet members of Class War during the Macquarie Fields riots of February-March 2005.

Fight Dem Back, with the help of a violent Canadian Anti Fascist group have also defamed and threatened an Australian living in Cananda. Members of Fight Dem Back have also been quoted threatening torture and death on a Marxist Web site called Revolutionary Left. On this site, frequented by moderators and members of the Fight Dem Back group, a Queensland member of Fight Dem Back who calls himself Rollo explains crude methods of torture that he plans to employ in silencing his critics.

Alternatively, Fight Dem Back have played down racist attacks against the White community carried out by Muslims and other Ethnic groups. An explanation was given to this on the Fight Dem Back web site that they only persecute White Australians who they believe are racist.

Included among the supporters and sponsors of the Fight Dem Back web site, and proudly listed in a 2004 incarnation of the site, are Andrew Bartlett from the Australian Democrats. When contacted about this matter Andrew Bartlett denied being a sponsor of this site and has said that the Australian Democrats will investigate this claim.

Fight Dem Back, who deny distributing the personal details of White Patriots, have recently made a complaint to “Google” who hosts Blog Sites that accuse members of Anti Fascist groups such as FDB of slanderous and violent behaviour. In an attempt to silence critics of groups such as Fight Dem Back, Brian Stokes, another moderator from Fight Dem Back claimed in a print news article that these right wing Blogs threaten the safety of Anti Fascist members of Fight Dem Back and other Marxist organizations.
After some investigation it has been revealed that New Zealand Anti Fascist groups, with assistance from Fight Dem Back, continually slander and reveal the identities of members of opposing groups.

With the assistance of some branches of the Australian Media, Mathew Henderson and Campbell Smith have handed over false and misleading information to persecute Australians. In what Fight Dem Back call “Name and Shame attacks” Mathew Henderson-Hau and his followers have falsified information and abused the free press in this country.

Although support of groups such as Fight Dem Back in Australia is very small, they do have the capacity to endanger National Security and the citizens of this country. Queensland Free Press will endeavour to keep our subscribers informed on the outcome of Police investigations.
Well it would seem that we are not only ones keeping an eye on these clowns. I think we will sit back and watch the fur fly.

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