Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hypocrisy Inc

Next time you hear a typical, retarded Leftist Multi Cult advocate whining on about how “un-Australian” and “hateful” it is to celebrate White Australian Culture and to wish for a viable future for our White children in a morally fit and healthy nation, just take a good look at them because you might just see them again in the not too distant future in very different circumstances.

Next time you read one of these Leftist misfits banging on about the basic “reactionary” nature, selfishness or “immorality” of Nationalism, Patriotism and racial pride just think about what was recently revealed regarding a certain Mr. Milton Orkopoulos’ activities.

This was the very same creature who not all that long ago was in the media for some very different reasons when, as an honoured speaker, he attended a so-called “Women’s peace rally” at Cronulla on Sunday 26th March 2006 and railed against what he referred to as the racists, rednecks and haters of the Sutherland Shire.

Just think that while he was spouting this Multi-Cult Globalist dogma this faggot filthpig was violating the arses of little boys. Just picture in your mind, if you will, the conga line of Leftist swill that make up the Australian Multi Cult lobby, including FDB, all hanging out of each other’s arses like the septic shit-dicks they are. What a typical Lefty swine. Orkopoulos should have been a senior patron of FDB like Andrew Bartlett, but hey, perhaps he was!

Well, who is immoral now? Who is the criminal in need of the “harshest possible punishment” now? Who should be hunted down and “shown no mercy” now? Who needs to be “taught a lesson” now?

So yet another Multi-Cult criminal has been exposed. So what is the greatest lesson we White Nationalists can learn from this? These scum, these filth, these vermin, these slime, these scum sucking bottom feeders are nothing. They are less than nothing, so how come they seem to have everyone bluffed? Our duty? To challenge these bluffing buffoons at every opportunity, resist, and resist often. Go hard!

Despite all their vile propaganda directed against the Right by the likes of FDB it is actually the Left that is literally rotten, and always has been, with Sodomites, Pederasts and any number of other predatory criminal types. It goes with the very nature of permissiveness rampant in so-called “progressive” politics. The Left despises normalcy of any kind and, just like rust, their corrosion never sleeps.

All White Nationalists know if the politician in question had been a conservative, the Fight Dem Back loons would have been crowing and strutting about like Rhode Island roosters but don’t expect more than deafening silence on this one. As with all things of an embarrassing nature to the Left, the FDB comedy troupe go into deep denial mode but if you listen very carefully you can still hear their ring-pieces twitching with the abject terror only certain knowledge of impending defeat can invoke.

Christmas is coming girls, and with it a nasty little surprise (or two) for FDB.

Ha! Ha! Ha!