Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lets Talk Defamation Mathew.

Yes folks our old friends at Fight Dem Back have taken a few hits of late. In typical FDB fashion, that is non-intelligent gibberish, Mathew Henderson who is reportedly being investigated by Law Enforcement has decided he wants to play. Yep our brave friend who declined to meet with White Nationalists in Sydney this year has now come out swinging. Well, waving his limp wrist anyway.

In a feeble attempt to defuse the latest news from The Queensland Free Press FDB have gone a bit strange. Lets have a look see.

Mathew Henderson aka Darp.

Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 3:50 am Post subject: The NEW Victor Whitelaw

Just something that needed a little bump.

Clydesdale Joined: 13 Aug 2005 Posts: 4 PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 1:54 am Post subject: Reply with quote I am a local resident of the Darling Downs and I would like to take issue with "Kromleks" claim of support for the racist WPCA campaign in our local area. Do the people of the Darling Downs support men in balaclavas roaming the streets of Toowoomba and threatening Sudanese refugees? NO. In one instance a widow and her three children were threatened with a beating if they did not get out of town. Do the people of the Darling Downs support racist literature being posted about the area which claims that Jews are responsible for all the world's ills? NO. Whilst I presume that the WPCA have been contacted by a handful of One Nation supporting morons throughout this campaign of theirs, they should not interpret pats on the back from these people as a go ahead to continue their campaign of violence and bigotry. I would also like to take issue with Kromlek's claim that "Stug" is a law abiding white man. I will call Stug by his real name of Jim for the time being. Jim is well known in Crow's Nest for being somewhat strange. A nutcase is the better word. He once formed a community group opposed to the construction of 75 wind towers on properties surrounding the town. Whilst many people admired Jim for taking a stand, the group quickly fell apart when it became apparent just how loopy Jim is and the extent he was prepared to go to in order to stop these windfarms from happening. Though it still can't be proven and seen as I'm not using his surname here I suppose it doesn't matter. There was talk of people having their livestock poisoned if they accepted the wind towers on their property. I don't believe that Jim is a law abiding 'white man' either. A number of years ago, a family friend of ours (who is a gun collector) got in contact with Jim regarding the sale of a very old Australian WWII pistol (or WWI, I can't remember). Jim was in possession of this artefact and he sold it on to our family friend. Now our friend is very well versed in military lore and guns and upon inspecting the weapon uncovered the fact that the gun was in fact property of the Milne Bay Military Museum in Toowoomba, a place where Jim worked part time at the time. Our friend returned the property to it's rightful owner and didn't make a big fuss of things. However, Jim no longer worked at the museum after that. During the transaction process of buying the gun, Jim also invited our friend to a Cross Burning celebration. Our friend declined. I raise this issue here because I am curious as to what Jim's cohorts in the white pride movement would think of such a person who stole Australian military artefacts, stole the property of our diggers who fought and died for this country and sold it on for personal gain? That is probably the most un-Australian, un-patriotic thing I've ever heard of, it's disgusting and based on those facts alone, Jim deserves everything that is coming to him. Back to top View user's profile Send private message

As has been mentioned at length by the founder of White Law Towers this complete thread has been proven to be a total work of fiction. Not a single scrap of it is true. Mathew Henderson knows this. In fact the QLD bureau of White Law Towers know exactly who Clydesdale is. Ever wondered why he no longer posts on FDB? Unlike our pet Law Student, Mathew Henderson, old Clydesdale understands the true meaning of defamation. Lets see whom else Mathew Henderson has put in firing line when it comes to defamation up in QLD. Here is one, Mark Copland. Yes darpy boy because of your false and misleading BS from FDB other fellow travellers of your crusade are going to have to make a few apologies. I would guess the first person they will say they sourced the info from would be you old son. Wonder what the briefs at The Australian will say about all this?

Yes readers, one thing the staff have at White Law Towers has is real Lawyers. Hey they have been going hard collecting info since 2005. The problem is that FDB keep making more work for them. Don’t let us stop them from shooting themselves in foot.

Further to this FDB, we understand every time you threaten anyone with legal action it is common knowledge that this is code for we do not know what to do, lets hope this stops them. As you know the Whitelaw Towers do have legal advice, just ask Greg Roberts. Oh that’s right he has already told you. So keep up the good work FDB. In the end the person who will be responsible for all the silly remarks from other members at FDB will be the founder.

Be sure Darpy we will let Clysdale, Mr Jim Harper along with Mr Perren know that you have decided to bring this thread back. We will also contact the Museum in Question and the Army. Lets see what they think of you defaming them?

While we are on the same subject lets have a poke at the Minister for talking rubbish Donald Orst AKA Duck Monster. In another thread started by FDB to try and boost morale we get this gem.

Its a fucking shame that these mouthbreathers probably havent got a nickle to rub between them. Darp could make a an absolute fortune off sueing the fuck out of krombo and jim for defamation.

Now only a simpleton would believe this. Law enforcement and lawyers know that you guys at FDB have no credibility at all. Even the staunchest FDB supporter must be starting to question the complete operation. Maybe Donald should ask Mathew Henderson about the not so private email he sent last year concerning Mr Perren? And how Darp in a panic later contacted the original recipient of that email asking for a copy. To bad Whitelaw Towers have the only existing copy. Nasty stuff, and of course complete and utter lies. Fancy putting your name to that? Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed our Mathew.

I’m afraid readers that when it comes to high IQ’s the Ring Leader and his stage clowns are lacking. The total FDB forum reads like a bunch of High School kids talking at Schoolies week.