Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Marcus the magnificent masturbator

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Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 8:11 pm

duck monster wrote:
I reckon it'd be better if TT dragged old darpie out of study hermitting (Sic) and into debate with saleam. He'd run rings around the racist old bastard.

The thing about that, is that many folks can and do read such a debate as implicitly suggesting a merely intellectual conflict between two diametrically opposed legitimate positions.

Now who’s been to University (Stupid School)? Only an academically lobotomised imbecile, trying way too hard to convince others he is “educated” could murder the English language in such a fashion. This Marcus’ posts read like prescriptions or coroners reports. How mind numbingly boring must he be in real life? By comparison his sterility makes the illiterate Darp appear like the poet laureate.

This is exactly why Richard Dawkins and most other noted rationalists refuse to engage in formal debate against creationists.

Is this statement meant to impress us?

The debate itself elevates the perpertrators (Sic) of the myths and lies you're trying to debunk to the status of peers, and carries with it the suggestion that the issue is unresolved and that the jury is out etc.

Well there’s nothing quite like hiding your head in the sand and chanting the mantra of “I can’t SEE you!” is there?

So no matter how much you intellectually slap them around,

Oh dear, one has to wonder just how deluded and divorced from reality a person has to be to claim intellectual and moral superiority while being utterly incapable of stringing a decent sentence together in written English.

the boneheads and ignorant freaks of this world already have their victory with the legitimation (Sic, not a real word)

A Lefty pervert, a deviant, a misfit talking about “freaks”? Now that is classic.

brought about by their presence at the debate in the first place.

No, I reckon the FDB policy of "No platform for racists" is a sensible and practical one.


Absolutely gold plated classic stuff.

So, let’s see if we have this right, the summary dismissal of any viewpoint contrary to Multi-Cult Globalist dogma is a “sensible and practical” policy?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

No, no, on second thoughts perhaps I should not mock our Marcus. After all, if YOU were totally bereft of talent, wit or charm with no class at all and miserably incapable of mounting a decent, logical and valid argument against White Nationalism then it might indeed be “practical” for you to avoid debate at any cost. Although isn’t mentioning FDB, sensible and practical in the same sentence an oxymoronic statement?

Further, because the imposed tyranny of Multiculturalism just happens to have become the prevailing ignorance of our day does not validate its lies nor make its resultant legislation true law. It is a willfully blind dogma requiring Orwellian ‘Doublethink’ to maintain in the tiny minds of its advocates. In this sense it is no different from any other religion, and a faith untested remains nothing more than a belief, an idea or a theory.

Just because Marcus and idiots like him have created, within their cloistered clique, a ‘consensus reality’, rejecting natural law and common logic, the World and the inconvenient facts of existence do not change. They live in a World of make-believe and insist we all play along with their game or else be rejected and vilified as socio-political pariahs. This is pure ‘Planet Bizarro’ stuff where all is turned upon its head.

Well, White Nationalists will not be intimidated and, proud of their status as dissidents, will maintain their resistance until Multiculturalism is nothing more than a very bad memory condemned to the dustbin of history.

Fuck off and die Marcus.