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Mathew Henderson Hau the great pretender

Below is a well documented lie created by Mathew Henderson Hau in an attempt to smear Mr Jim Perren. In this totally fabricated story Mathew Henderson Hau used scraps of information supplied to him by people and persons known to WhiteLaw Towers Staff. In this shining example of FDB logic Henderson or another member of FDB try to impersonate a local resident of the Darling Downs.
How do we know this?

Clydesdale Joined: 13 Aug 2005 Posts: 4 PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 1:54 am Post subject: Reply with quote “I am a local resident of the Darling Downs”

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 1:54 am

“Jim is well known in Crow's Nest for being somewhat strange. A nutcase is the better word. He once formed a community group opposed to the construction of 75 wind towers on properties surrounding the town. Whilst many people admired Jim for taking a stand, the group quickly fell apart when it became apparent just how loopy Jim is and the extent he was prepared to go to in order to stop these windfarms from happening. Though it still can't be proven and seen as I'm not using his surname here I suppose it doesn't matter. There was talk of people having their livestock poisoned if they accepted the wind towers on their property”

Well funny how old mate missed this one. Hope Jim Harper does not get attacked by anti fa terroists because of this. Whoops he did!

Crows Nest residents unhappy with wind farm mediation

Crows Nest Shire residents say developers have not produced the information needed to reach a compromise over a controversial wind farm development.

The Crows Nest and Rosalie Shire Councils, developers Energreen and six residents are in mediation over a plan to build 75 wind turbines.

The No Wind Farm group's Jim Harper says the developers have a lot more to do to make the talks succeed.

"The mediation process, which is a court-ordered process, brought to light a lot of the failures in the early processes this company was supposed to go through," he said.

"The industry-generated rhetoric makes a lot of outlandish claims and now they have been found wanting."

The ABC tried to contact Energreen for comment but was unsuccessful.

Oh please how dumb are the followers at FDB? My guess very dumb. Anyway some more from the so called Crows Nest local, clydesdale.

“Do the people of the Darling Downs support men in balaclavas roaming the streets of Toowoomba and threatening Sudanese refugees? NO.”

After months of investigation by local and federal authorities not one, I repeat not one single white person from the Darling Downs has been questioned or arrested from this false allegation used first by Dr Mark Copland.

In a letter dated August 23rd 2005 Dr Mark Copland makes this claim.

“I have personally witnnessed racist attacks upon the peace loving people in their homes in Toowoomba. Last week (note this would be the same week that clyesdale joined fdb) a widow with children was forced to move house due to aggressive approaches from a number of individualls wearing balaclavas.”

What conspiracy?

So during July/August 2005 the same month that Greg Roberts and the Toowoomba Chronicle write a complete pack of lies about Mr Perren and the WPCA we have Dr Mark Copland witnessing the above crime. Gee, talk about coincidence.

So do we ask Dr Mark Copland if he is clyesdale or do we let Mathew Henderson Hau explain these strange coincidences? While we are at it Mathew how about your claims of stolen firearms in THAT EMAIL? What about your claims in THAT EMAIL about poisoined cattle and the destruction of Wind Mills? Funny how that email pre dates clyesdale joining fdb. Nahh we will let the lawyers kick that one around.

Lets do a count down using the media and FDB to highlight what exactly happened in Toowoomba and how FDB ran the show with Dr Mark Copland.

Racial hatred, direct to you

12th July 2005

EXTREME right-wing racist propaganda, linked to a Harlaxton post office box, is being circulated in Toowoomba.

Social campaigners are considering whether the material should be referred to the police.

Material includes brochures promoting white women as an "endangered species" and a pamphlet, The Nationalist, subtitled "The Voice of the White Pride Coalition of Australia".

It contains a Harlaxton PO Box as a contact, along with an off-shore web site.

Disability Advocacy and Support Centre barrister Dan Toombs yesterday said the material was a clear contravention of Section 18c of the Racial Vilification Act.

The section states: "It is unlawful for a person to do an act if it is reasonably likely to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people, if the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of another person".

Mr. Toombs and Catholic Diocese executive officer Mark Copland are appalled.

Both are members of the Social Justice Commission and will consider the best course of action at its next meeting.

"The views of extreme right-wing groups such as the White Pride Coalition of Australia have no place in a modern society," Mr Copland said.

He recalled an African refugee family, newcomers to Toowoomba, driven from their Harristown home in fear last year after being the target of a "strategically" placed letter-box drop. (crap)
"I have personally witnessed the fear and disruption that racist attacks have had upon families living in this city," he said. (Then how about you report it to the police, they sure as hell would like to know)
The White Pride Coalition website states its aim is to achieve "a Globally United White Front to combat the lies and bring down the Jewish/Zionist Government and Media Establishments and restore Whites to the positions of power that they are rightfully entitled to. Uniting many Organizations under the one banner of ‘White Pride’!"

But Mr. Copland said: "Thankfully the sentiments of this lunatic fringe have little sway with the broader Toowoomba community." (Wonder what he thinks of intelligent statements made in the FDB forum)
Harmony Day events are embraced throughout the city and schools across the region recently celebrated the National Week of Reconciliation and National Aboriginal and Islander Day of Commemoration (NAIDOC) Week.

"The best thing that we can do to combat this pathetic campaign of hate is to go out of our way to celebrate our diversity, throw down the welcome mat to each other and gain an insight into the beauty of the human family," Mr. Copland said.

Now this is about the time old Mathew Henderson sticks his head in to share info with our friend Dr Mark Copland.
FDB was alerted to this story using information from SF Down Under then contacts Dr Mark Copland and Jason Purdie editor of the Toowoomba Chronicle.

Net closes on racists


NAZI hunters are using the Internet to track white supremacists and believe Toowoomba’s hate mail campaign is the work of a Crows Nest man.

The online hunt has unearthed an Internet alias, an age, occupation, and personal detail down to a swastika on his motorcycle and a curious affiliation with a Returned Services League. (Hey what Swastika on what bike? Someone is confused. Interesting to note that a SF Down Under member back in 2005 by the name of Ship Wreck did have a Motor Bike with a swazi. Hey he even used it on his avatar)
Mat Henderson-Hau, the campaign co-ordinator Fight Dem Back!, is missing one key element in exposing the culprit — the man’s name. (No he had it, just needed to make up some more bs oh that damn email again)

His group’s focus stems from the distribution of a brochure promoting white women as an endangered species and attached pamphlet, The Nationalist, subtitled The Voice of White Pride Coalition of Australia (WPCA). (No charges have ever been laid)
A Harlaxton post office box and an offshore website are the listed contacts.

"Our specialty is the online surveillance of neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan and yes, the WPCA is one of our main focuses. They make a habit of stickering my street and surrounds on a regular basis," Mr Henderson-Hau said. (Do they now? I thought Darp blamed it on the PYL)
Most recently the 29-year-old man’s car was extensively vandalised. Death threats, he says, are not uncommon. (Oh no someone snapped his car arial in Sydney, how about that. Mathew Henderson has even spoken about this heinous crime)
"We don’t want these people thinking they can go around putting things in people’s letter boxes, or putting up posters, and for there to not be a reaction to it. (Yes like putting bombs in Karl Thompson’s mothers letter box early this year, yep the same guy that Henderson tried to have killed)
"We’ve already got them online bragging about what they’ve done in Toowoomba," he said.

The WPCA yesterday deactivated access for new members to prevent infiltration of its website.

Advocacy and Support Centre barrister Dan Toombs ruled the material was a contravention of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Executive officer of the Social Justice Commission for the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba Mark Copland was appalled.

And the pair have been pondering the next step. (Yep I’m sure Dr Copland will regret this)
Meanwhile, Mr HendersonHau, and his band of 300 Fight Dem Back! surfers, are trailing footprints over the Internet. (300??? Come on!)
"The Internet changes everything — he’s up there is South-East Queensland, I’m down here in Sydney — I can still have an effect on what he does and these people need to realise that," he said. (Really? You had your chance to have an effect this year at the Sydney Forum)
He says he is aware of a KKK presence in southern Queensland. Any information can be submitted anonymously via the Internet site (Lovely the lawyers just loved this one)

Mmmmm interesting what does FDB say about this?

Fight dem back has fast become an invaluable resource in the fight against race-hate organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

The first we knew about the Toowoomba incident was when some concerned locals came to us via Google and asked for our assistance.

We've done what we can.

How about lie, create media hype and generally be a bunch of losers.

What can they do next, one must ask? Ohh I know bring in the HREOC and harass the RSL.

Group to examine race hate claims


By Susan Searle A COMPLAINT has been lodged with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, just two days shy of a planned gathering of white supremacists in our midst.

Executive officer of the Social Justice Commission of the Catholic Diocese Mark Copland yesterday complained to the Federal authorities about offensive material, linked to a Harlaxton postal box and the White Pride Coalition of Australia (WPCA).

"The material is clearly defamatory and racially vilifying people...we will now follow the processes," he said.

Barrister Dan Toombs earlier this week deemed the brochure and a copy of The Nationalist subtitled The Voice of WPCA circulating the city, was a breach of the Racial Discrimination Act.

The letterbox drop also coincides with an alarming escalation in racist stickers in the CBD, according to Mr Copland.

Online anti-race hate surveillance group Fight Dem Back! yesterday continued monitoring the white supremacist groups.

Co-ordinator Mat HendersonHau claimed to be closing in on a Crows Nest man who could be responsible for the action.

He said the WPCA website featured the Internet alias planning a meeting "here in Red Neck country" tomorrow.

"We have been generously donated an industrial site to hold the meetings out here. With all the modern conveniences for the city folk," it said.

A cautious Mr Copland does not want to generate any fear in the community. (Yes he sure does)
"Let’s keep it in perspective. With the majority of people this doesn’t wash at all," he said.

"In Toowoomba we’re proud we’ve got diversity and we support it."

Crows Nest police officer Sergeant Neil Gilloway said he was unaware of any meetings planned for this weekend.

But if anyone has any information, he said, they could contact the police station on 46981420 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Meanwhile, Crows Nest RSL president Neville Kleidon yesterday sought to defuse any links between his members and white supremacists.

"There is no room in our organisation for that type of rot," he said.

"As president I would pull anyone up very quickly."

About now Mathew Henderson is really onto something here. I wonder who he can find to peddle his BS. Looks like the Chronicle doesn’t want to get caught up in his experiment to defame. Step up to the podium Greg Roberts.

Neo-Nazis target refugeesBy Greg RobertsJuly 23, 2005

RIGHT-WING extremists in Australia with strong ties to the international neo-Nazi movement are targeting refugees from Africa in a new race-hate campaign.A group called the White Pride Coalition has established a cell in the Queensland city of Toowoomba, where 750 Sudanese refugees have been resettled.

One family was forced to leave its home after being harassed, and people have been pelted with rotten eggs and potatoes.

Gee what happened to the Balaclavas?

About now after listening to all BS from FDB the Toowoomba Editor Jason Purdie steps up to the plate and publishes a PRIVATE letter marked CONFIDENTIAL.

MY MATES from the White Pride Coalition of Australia dropped me a line this week over our coverage of their Harlaxton PO Box (which seems to belong to a Crows Nest man).

I should say from the outset the envelope had a return PO Boxto Wentworthville, NSW, and was stamped `CONFIDENTIAL' on both sides. However, anyone who sends me venomous, racist propaganda should be aware that such confidences won't be respected particularly if the author is too gutless to back up their position with an actual name.

He thinks he’s on a winner here. But alas to the disappointment of FDB, Dr Mark Copland and Jason Purdie the readers of the Toowoomba Chronicle do not give a toss. Must be all those arm chair racists on the Darling Downs you mention Mathew in that email?

Lots of laughs going on at FDB. Gee fellas they were the days. Good times, good times.
Things get very sloppy here, not so private emails from Mathew, and much more that White Law staff do not wish to reveal at this time. Needless to say that FDB and the crusaders of Multiculturalism must be drunk on victory. Hey they nailed these guys good and proper. No one is going to give a damn that it’s all BS. Anyway on with the FDB BS machine.

Bring in the big guns. Well at least a paper that people read.
From the Sunday Mail.

Visit defuses race tensions

By David Murray and Jessica Lawrence31jul05

A FEDERAL Government Minister has visited Toowoomba in a bid to defuse simmering racial tension in the city.

Multicultural Affairs Minister John Cobb's visit follows the circulation of racist material in the city, home to 750 Sudanese refugees.

Toowoomba's leaders are furious that the actions of a few have tarnished the city's refugee success story.NSW National Mr Cobb blasted "idiot" right-wing extremists who claim to be on a recruitment drive in Queensland, saying it was them – not the Sudanese refugees – who were not welcome.

Interesting in the light of this?

How things change in 12 months. I doubt any one from the office of Multicultural affairs gives a rat’s bum about the victim who has been raped.

Again FDB in particular Mathew Henderson try to expand on the fear and hatred they have fabricated with this gem. No wonder he needed to clean his pants out when confronted by QLD White Nationalist a few months ago.

"Last week we reported that a slightly unhinged member of the White Pride Coalition of Australia was heading to Sydney to settle a few scores."

"The latest update on this slightly frightening situation is that 'Stug111′ left his home town of Crows Nest in southern Queensland four days ago en-route (allegedly) to Sydney."

"Both the Queensland and NSW police services are attempting to ascertain his whereabouts."

Yes folks another lie. No Police were looking into anything. Just another BS story to rally the troops and show the FDB members how brave Mathew Henderson is. He risked his life for this you know.

In reality this is what happens when someone would like to meet up with Mathew.

Interesting to note that Mathew Henderson Hau falsely claims that Mr. Perren now threatened him. More lies. But what do you expect from these creatures. What’s that more defamation?

Back to 2005.
What next can they do to stop these evil bastards in QLD? No wonder Mathew said this in a private email. “ He is the most dangerous and evil Nazi in Australia”
Crickey he even believes his own lies.

Race-hate campaigner unmasked

Greg RobertsAugust 22, 2005

THE man behind a race-hate campaign in southern Queensland has been identified as a professional kangaroo shooter from the Darling Downs town of Crows Nest.

Police are tracking the movements of Jim Perren, 38, after anti-racism campaigners contacted them to register concern about his activities.

This fabrication is worth noting. It will be the downfall of many. Not only do they attack Mr. Perren but use false info from the likes of FDB. Dr Mark Copland, Albino Thiik Sudanese Community Leader from Toowoomba used this story in an attempt to have the real victims Darren Abbott and Jim Perren brought in front of the HREOC. More on that can be found and here and here

That leads us to the current climate in Toowoomba. No arrests of Nazis, no arrests of Fascists, no burning crosses. Nothing at all from these dangerous elements of society. Is the pro white message getting out in Toowoomba? You be the judge.

And what’s the talk of the street in Toowoomba? Is it evil Nazis? Or maybe about roaming mobs of white youth attacking refugees? Nope. The exact opposite. People are seeing for themselves the wonders of Multiculturalism.