Friday, November 03, 2006

mealy mouthed muslims

Today on the ABC Australia talks back show yet another Islamic imbecile and Jihadist apologist drew a spurious comparison between the reaction to the Pope’s recital of a predecessor’s thoughts on (the religion of peace) Islam and the reaction to Sheik Hilarious of Lakemba’s comments on Western Women.

Well Habib, I’d like to highlight several major differences between the two “misunderstandings” or “misinterpretations”.

Unlike with the Pope's speech, in the case of the recent ranting of Sheik Hill Billy of the Lakemba Moronic Mosque there were…

No shrieking crowds of hair pulling, teeth grinding, placard toting protestors.

No declarations of holy war.

No blazing effigies of religious leaders.

No volleys of AK47 gunfire.

No murdered missionaries.