Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Police Nab rape Suspect.

Police Nab rape Suspect.

BY Peter Hardwick Toowoomba Chronicle.
A 20-YEAR-OLD man charged with rape arising from an incident in Toowoomba s CBD at the weekend appeared briefly in the city's Magistrates Court yesterday.
The man, who cannot be named at this stage, is charged with the rape of a 22-year-old woman in a car park at the corner of Ruthven and Joseph streets in the early hours of Saturday morning.
Officer in charge of Toowoomba Criminal Investigation Branch, Detective Senior Sergeant Graham Hall, said police would not be releasing detailed information on the matter because it had only just come before the court.
However, it is alleged the man had first approached the woman outside the CBD Tavern earlier in the evening.

A short time later, two people on Ruthven Street said they heard a woman's cries for help and went to investigate.
The two people who came to the woman's aid told police they found the man and woman in the car park and the man had then run off.
Police found the man later in the morning after he was stopped for a traffic matter.
Detective Senior Sergeant Hall said the man became agitated with police and, while being processed at the watchhouse, allegedly had bitten a policeman.
During his appearance in court yesterday, the 20-year-old was not required to enter pleas to charges of rape, indecent assault, serious assault (biting), contravening a police requirement, obstructing police and failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis.
Duty solicitor Isaac Munsie told the court the defendant came from a Sudanese background and that he was having trouble obtaining proper instructions from his client.
Mr Munsie asked for an adjournment so an interpreter could be arranged for his client.
There being no application for bail yesterday, magistrate Greg McIntyre remanded the man in custody to reappear in court this morning.

Yes readers not exactly the story we at Whitelaw Towers are happy to report. But I think a huge I told you so is in order. As we have already spoke about at length on this Blog and the Victor Whitelaw Blog, Toowoomba is under attack. The genius of this attack Dr Mark Copland is not exactly knocking at the door of the editor this time around.

Unlike the past Dr Copland is very quiet about this. No matter how much spin the good Dr puts on this it reads bad news for the Multi Cult Nazis and groups like FDB.

What we can guarantee is that this story will not be covered in The Australian or the Courier Mail in Brisbane. We can also assure our readers that Greg Roberts from the Australian will not track down Sudanese community spokes person Albino Thiik . On top of this no Federal Ministers will fly into Toowoomba to offer help to the victim or crisis talks with the White Community.

What can we expect from this story? Sadly not much. In the same paper on the same day we have Dr Copland pleading for the life of Saddam Hussein. The same man who falsely accused White Supremists of attacking Sudanese. The same man who organised meetings with Dr John Casey to silence critics of the Sudanese refugee problem in Toowoomba. The same man who sourced lies from agents of hate FDB. Such a good Christian?

Will he now come out and say this is an isolated incident? The Toowoomba Chronicle reported the day before the above story broke that. “rapes in Toowoomba had increased 84% (81 rapes reported, up from 44 in 2004/05) and other sexual offences were up 12%.

The one time editor of The Toowoomba Chronicle Jason Purdie had a well-known policy of killing stories that mentioned Sudanese crimes. In fact a reporter from the Chronicle was heard to say that this was an every day occurrence. How many other crimes have gone unreported? Why would Dr Mark Copland say publicly that groups such as the White Pride Coalition would need to be countered with positive news stories about the Sudanese?

The bottom line is that people such as FDB and Dr Mark Copland would destroy all before them rather than admit that Multiculturalism is a disaster.