Monday, November 20, 2006

Surprise, Surprise!

G20 violence 'surprised' Victoria Police

They’ve just got to be kidding, right?

Victoria Police chief Christine Nixon said the level of violence during the G20 demonstrations in Melbourne exceeded all expectations.

Sounds like Chrissy has been taking lessons from Kenny Moron(ey). You remember him dontcha folks? The Hero of Macquarie Fields? Our own home- grown NSW buffoon. Next she’ll be calling it a “disturbance” and condemning critics for daring to even question her obvious ineptitude.

Ms Nixon said nine officers were injured and seven people arrested during the mass rally with more arrests expected over the coming days.

“It was one of the most violent protests we have seen in Victoria in the last six years,” Chief Commissioner Nixon told ABC Radio.

All over the World there has been a steadily mounting increase in the viciousness of Leftist protests yet this Police Commissioner is “surprised”? Does she walk about with her eyes closed? Does she not read the news? She needs to get up to speed REALLY quickly. The normally very effective Victorian Police Force (their ‘one shot one kill’ statistics are quite impressive) appear to be going soft due to the debilitating effects of Leftist P.C. dogma.

If I were a serving Police Officer I would be lobbying my Union to lodge a complaint against the Police leadership for failing in their duty of care to their frontline officers who are constantly sent into battle zones such as this physically under-equipped as well as being at a severe tactical disadvantage due to the constraints of politically correct operational procedures.

Where were the whirling batons we saw at Cronulla? Where were the ruthlessly harsh tactics the NSW Coppers used on White protesters? I wonder how many of those handful who were arrested will actually serve custodial sentences. Not fuggin many methinks.

Also, hands up anyone out there who can name the last time we saw a violent Right Wing protest and no, the Cronulla People Power Protests do NOT count, they were the actions of a community under siege defending itself, only the gutless Islamist retaliatory attacks.

“The level of violence that we saw was not anticipated, we understood it was to be a peaceful protest.”

Well, I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS believe Anarchists and Trotskyites when they say they’ll behave. Bwahahahaha!

“We knew there was a fringe element but some of the violence ... and some of the emotion behind that, was above what we imagined.”

I for one am grateful this imbecile is not in charge of our Defence Forces.

Ms Nixon said police had been watching a number of known agitators who had flown into Melbourne for the demonstration but were unable to take action against them until they were seen to have broken the law.

She said the first priority of the police patrol was to protect the G20 conference and make sure people could not get through the barriers.

“The key issue was not letting the demonstrators through into the G20 and that's clearly what happened, they were really only at the outer barriers so we did the job we were asked to do,” she said.

Who, precisely, “asked” you to do anything this specific and limited? What about the job the law abiding Australian Taxpayers EXPECT you to do? Like round these FILTHY wasters up and prosecute every single one of them! Don’t go thinking you did a good job because you barely justified your existence on the weekend.

Ms Nixon said police were hindered by the location of the summit and make-up of protesters which included a large number of families.

So why is it any surprise the filthy Reds are using “Human shields” by dragging their kids along? They’ve been employing this tactic for decades now. Even the Trade Unions do it now with monotonous regularity.

Protest organiser Marcus Greville said the media focus on violent incidences during the rally was disappointing.

Oh, that’d be right, wouldn’t it? Chrissy’s “surprised” and he’s “disappointed”. Meanwhile the loony, and increasingly violent, Left would be “relaxed and comfortable” that they’ve got away with it yet again.

On ABC Radio, Mr Greville refused to condemn the violence.

He “refused”. Righty-ho then.

“The rally we organised was non-violent. I'm disappointed these people decided to embark on these things, but I don't think it should be detracting from the key reasons we were out there,” he said.

And here comes the rub…

“(But) I'm not prepared to outright condemn the violence,” he said.

Now that folks, as they say in the classics, is a mouthful!

Earlier reports said 10 police officers were injured during the protest on Saturday.