Monday, November 27, 2006

There are liars and then there are LIARS!

What did ‘raz’, close friend of ‘Rollo’, have to say on the latest smear piece in the Daily Terrorgraph?

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Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 8:33 pm
Post subject: article in the Telegragh on AusFirst Cronulla candidate

“Not bad at first glance. He lays into Moffat and Saleam and has a go about their "secrecy"

Even for a reporter with his notorious “attack dog” credentials, our Luke’s piece is particularly nasty and loose with the truth so it should come as no surprise that ‘raz’ likes his style. One might suppose a big liar would indeed be impressed by the magnificent achievements of an even greater liar.

From: The Daily Telegraph

November 27, 2006

White supremacists 'whipping up ethnic tensions'

By Luke McIlveen

WHITE supremacists are whipping up ethnic tensions in Sydney's Cronulla a year after the race riots, handing out hate pamphlets and plotting anniversary protests in a bid to cause a repeat of the December 11, 2005 violence.

White Supremacist is a meaningless term and is so hackneyed it should make even the dullest punter cringe with embarrassment. Where is our Luke getting all this? What are his sources? All this nonsense is pure bluff and the claim that the Australia First Party is planning to provoke violence is openly defamatory. The entire article is a scurrilous and grossly irresponsible piece of filth intended to cause alarm and provoke pre-emptive action against Australia First members by Islamist thugs. This is all part of the terror campaign the Multiculturalists will wage against White Nationalists using their lackeys in the Controlled Media.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the extreme right-wing Australia First Party - blamed for fuelling last year's riot - has found a local candidate to stand in the March state election.

“Extreme right-wing” is also a nonsensical term that should be treated with utter contempt. It reveals the writer as an immature and ill educated imbecile totally lacking in writing skills.

And who, precisely, “blamed” the Australia First party for “fuelling” last year’s “riot”? This writer would suggest it was only extreme Left Wing Marxists and Anarchists like the FDB Criminal Gang who have perpetuated this ridiculous myth and ensured it gained unwarranted currency through their contacts in the Controlled Media. This tactic of circular “sourcing” and self-referencing is endemic in the Multi-Cult Globalist clique and, due to its ham fisted ineptitude, fails miserably to lend credibility to their lies.

John Moffat, an aged-care worker who moved to the Sutherland Shire from the Eastern Suburbs five years ago, will stand against Liberal MP Malcolm Kerr.

Mr Moffat has promised to ban immigration and remove police from Cronulla.

"There is a hidden depth of anger in the Shire - multiculturalism is not working and we want to turn back the tide," Mr Moffat told The Daily Telegraph in a rare interview.

"A lot of white Australians turned out to celebrate their culture on December 11 last year but unfortunately, with the flow of suds, things went awry."

With financial backing from Australia First, Mr Moffat is letterboxing pamphlets promising to rid Australia of non-Anglo immigrants if he is elected.

The fanatical pamphlets warn that Australia has given in to "Asianisation" and brand Police Commissioner Ken Moroney a "multiculturalist" who persecuted white youths in the "civil uprising of December 11".

“Fanatical” eh? Hmmm, an interesting, as well as lurid, term. Most Australians are pretty much up to speed on who the true “fanatics” are. They haven’t seen too many examples of White Nationalists burning flags and effigies of political figures (oh, and the Pope), shrieking and pulling their hair out while chanting hateful slogans, spitting at Police, threatening Police and members of the public with assault, doing drive-by shootings on Police stations, turning gang rape into a sport or even shooting AK47’s into the air or strapping explosives to their backs. They have however witnessed many “people of Middle eastern appearance” performing these acts.

"Under Malcolm Fraser, the Liberal government imported supposed 'refugees' from Lebanon; these 'refugees' went on to form the Muslim enclave in Lakemba," the pamphlet adds.

I cannot fault this statement. Why was it reproduced? Does our Lukey boy seriously contest its truthfulness?

Bizarrely, the pamphlets also call on the Labor Party to explain whether its branch members were among the Middle Eastern thugs behind the revenge attacks which followed the riots.

Bizarre? I’ll tell you what’s “bizarre”. Enforced Multiculturalism, the euthanasia of the White Australian Culture and the expectation that there will not, and indeed must not, be any resistance whatsoever to this criminal creed of White Genocide!

Mr Moffat said he had received a wave of public support - but then admitted the response in the Shire was "fifty-fifty".

Despite claims of widespread support, Australia First goes to extraordinary lengths to protect its members, who can be contacted via post-office box and an anonymous mobile phone number.

After the harassment and physical assault that befell certain members of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party should it even be worthy of comment that Australia First endeavours to protect its membership? Apart perhaps that it is a disgrace that this should even be necessary. But this is the grim reality of Multicultural Australia for most Whites.

The Daily Telegraph met Mr Moffat in Cronulla yesterday. He was joined by notorious right-wing activist Jim Saleam, who heads Australia First.

Now that’s a good word, “notorious”, it covers a multitude of sins without offering a single fact.

Mr Saleam said: "Sydney is ethnically ghetto-ised and Cronulla has become a place that showed resistance to pro-immigration."

Nope. Can’t see any problem here either. Does our Luke actually HAVE a point?

In July, Mr Saleam was accused of trying to intimidate Sydney lawyer George Newhouse, a leading advocate for asylum-seekers.

Now this is priceless. The masters of intimidation accusing others of the same offence. Awww! Poor widdle George. Our Luke sounds more like an FDB member with every sentence.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The Australia First Party is not registered in NSW so will sponsor Mr Moffat as an independent to run in the March election.

Asked if he was an unashamed racist, Mr Moffat said: "Racist is such an outdated word, I can't believe it's still being used.

"I'm doing my best to provide a lightning rod. Outsiders question why Cronulla is so white but they never ask why Lakemba is so Lebanese."

Damned fine point John!

Shrill hysteria pieces like this are sadly typical of the gutter journalism we have come to expect from our Multi-Cult Media and serve only to support increasingly draconian knee-jerk legislation from cynical career politicians whose tenure is largely dependent on the “ethnic vote” as well as lending tacit approval for more Anti-White hate crime. After all, the drooling imbeciles who believe these clumsily contrived urban myths are also slavishly credulous enough to believe those “rednecks” and “haters” and “neo-Nazis” deserve everything they get!

If this writer were a member of the Australia First Party or even simply a resident of The Sutherland Shire and suffered physical assault from “Men of Middle Eastern appearance” sometime over the next week or so he would hold Luke McIlveen personally responsible for sowing the seeds of pre-emptive Anti-White violence.

As for “whipping up ethnic tensions” this writer believes nothing achieves this more efficiently than shipping in boatloads of Black African primitives and dumping them in outer Western Sydney’s already struggling Working Class suburbs. The only “opportunities” this tactic offers to the wretched Negroids is opportunity for honing their criminal skills as they prey on the host society.

White Australia is being sacrificed on the altar of political expediency to please the little tin gods of Multiculturalism who bestow upon their worshippers the benefits of a meekly compliant, electronically lobotomised populace and a cheap labour force.

Do a Google search on our Luke and you’ll find some quite scathing criticism for his sensationalist, make it up as you go along, gutter tabloid journalism, much of it coming from his own Media peers. Even in an industry where credibility is not considered to be important at all it would seem the sheer degree of his lack of credibility is worthy of note. Interesting that the System still employs expendable stooges like this to do their hatchet jobs.