Thursday, November 09, 2006

Time to apply the whip, Weezil.

Sadly, old Darpy boy (Remember him, kiddies? He actually founded FDB) has lately become about as relevant and meaningful as those silly little Chinese symbols young fashion victim White Women get tattooed on the napes of their necks or those extra packets of bolts & nuts you get with flat-pack furniture kits. I believe the appropriate terms are redundant and surplus to requirements. Don’t bother trying to understand because there is no meaning anyway.

Perhaps Weezil, the ruthless and self appointed FDB Party Whip, needs to do a little less head kicking of his own membership (Hello Cam!) and concentrate on teaching his minions a little about spelling and grammar or at least how to run a spell-check. FDB is starting to look very tatty round the edges of late and distinctly low-rent in the intelligence department.

After all, he is a qualified ‘journalist’ you know.


Oh, he’s got a ‘machine gun keyboard’ alright. The incompetent buffoon uses it to shoot himself in the foot (both deformed, crippled feet actually) on a daily basis. I expect sitting in your bedroom all day sniffing your own farts will do that to you. But seriously folks, dear Donny would benefit the most from some careful tutoring. He really has let the standards slip over there at Flog Da Baton.

Let’s examine one of his most recent posts. Just for a laugh. And remember folks, this is a (supposedly) university educated person (certified idiot) who constantly sneers at White Nationalists for being “dumb”, note the “mouth breathers” (yes that’s two words Donny) slur which he stole from old Kromlek anyway, truly Pathetic.

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Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 8:21 am
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Its (Sic) a fucking shame that these mouthbreathers (Sic) probably havent (Sic) got a nickle (Sic) to rub between them. Darp could make a an (Sic) absolute fortune off sueing (Sic) the fuck out of krombo and jim (Sic) for defamation. No Jim, calling the police and reporting comedy blog entrys (Sic) and just plain making shit up wont get darp arrested, it'll get you done for hindering police whith (Sic) vexatious libelous nonsense. Fact: The Australian police have NEVER investigated FDB, because they dont (Sic) have a reason to.The simple fact we retain a good working relationship with them post cronulla (Sic) should indicate somethig. (Sic) If you are just going to make shit up Jim/Krombo, at meast (Sic) make it plausible, you dickhead.

Phew! Kyle Chapman, eat your heart out. There’s simply no excuse, particularly with modern technology, for incompetence of this abysmal level. Donny boy must try harder.

Perhaps try typing with both hands Donny boy? Yes, we know that means letting go of your tossle, but it’s the only way ahead ducky.

Ha ha ha