Friday, December 08, 2006

Analysing ‘ fight dem back’

Analysing ‘ fight dem back’
By Libby Sinclair

From what I have heard this is a group of individuals against all bigotry. They are very active activists and claim to act in a peaceful and lawful fashion where ever and when ever they please.I’m sceptical of their name for a start. ‘Fight’ does not sum up peaceful or lawful. ‘Dem’ is a black mongrelised form of the English word ‘them’ which implies to me that already racial tones have already been drawn. Lastly they are fighting bigotry with bigotry, they are the biggest joke in the activism scene it’s no wonder they keep their faces hid. Oh what shame to belong to such a group of misfits that don’t know when the laugh is on them. They are in fact a blot on the face of intelligence; they stand for ignorance in the highest form by not caring for their own futures and fighting those that do.

Reading their propaganda you quickly come to the conclusion that any intelligent question or fact put to them is childishly ridiculed, not given the proper attention and debate as a more educated mind would do. Bull headed they are quick to defend anything without the facts because facts and truths mean nothing to this brain washed lower class of beings.Interestingly history has always shown us that those who scream the loudest and longest are the ones with more to hide, it throws up a screen of confusion to the real issues. The jews being a good example and obviously they are excellent teachers to these pathetic puppets.

People need to realise that they have brains and with the easy availability today of uncensored information on the web they can readily discover the truth behind most world conflicts. The powers that be, which we should in fact class as a danger to freedoms and the survival of the white race can be uncovered. These nasty people with agendas to satisfy their own kind are alarmed and scared of that availability of information. They have for too long now been in sole charge of our media, telling us what they want us to believe and burying the truth in lies and sabotage. There are web sites out there that enlighten and open the eyes of those that wish to see. Because of this fear of discovery they are pulling all stops out to stomp out all freedoms of speech we have left. Hence we are being overblown with idiots screaming for fairness and justice for all except those that choose to disagree as we were all programmed to do by nature. It wouldn’t do anyone any good if we all agreed and followed everyone to the sea like a bunch of lemmings. Alternative thinking is survival; blindly following an idea is suicide.So what we have learnt is to stick with what you believe not what mask wearing zombies scream at you. You are your future not your neighbour.

I want to leave with this important thought. Don’t worry about the numbers thing it means nothing. Again look at history, ages ago everyone believed the world was flat. The handful that knew it was round were ridiculed, who got the last laugh?