Sunday, December 10, 2006

Darp’s clean hands

From the Whitelaw Towers South Australian correspondent

Although it wasn’t immediately apparent at the time, in light of information recently uncovered by Whitelaw Towers, a review of the events in Tempe on the Sunday afternoon following the Sydney Forum has rendered a much clearer picture. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place very nicely indeed.

On the day, and even in the weeks since, Darp’s non appearance was extremely puzzling to the White Nationalists. It was so out of character for this fame junkie to miss a great publicity opportunity and in hindsight it is also very suspicious that no other obvious Leftists were observed by the appointed spotters in the area, apart from one little red car.

Now this little red car was not very interesting at the time because its occupants, four males and a female were as nondescript as the vehicle itself. The only thing that caught the attention of the dozen or so White Nationalists standing around drinking in the alleyway behind Saleam’s Tempe house was that it slowed down and the people inside scoped everyone out intently. It also veered off sharply and headed down a back street as soon as the attention was returned by the White Nationalists, one even managed to snap a photo on his phone camera.

The timing of this event cannot be verified exactly but it was approximately Four O’ Clock that afternoon, the time Darp had nominated on the phone to Jim Perren as when the Fight Dem Back Group would, in his words, turn up “in numbers”.

Darp was obviously safely ensconced somewhere nearby and was orchestrating the entire affair. He was, as always, the spider at the centre of the web. According to information discovered by Whitelaw Towers the White Nationalists in attendance that day were blissfully unaware of how close they came to being severely injured or even killed.

The four people in the car were members of the so-called ‘Black Bloc’, an international Anarchist umbrella group whose Australian operation maintains a post office box in Enmore NSW and counts among their affiliates…wait for it… Queensland’s ‘Direct Action Collective’ of which ‘kaaos_af’ is an organiser.

The notorious ‘Class War’ Terrorist group has also been linked to ‘Black Bloc’. Readers may recall this is the extreme Left and ultra violent organisation that Henderson-Hau flirted with at the height of the Macquarie Fields riots. Our little Mathew would appear to be acquiring something of a fetish for very nasty and violent Left Wing Terrorist groups. But we digress. Back to the main story.

Each of the little red car’s male occupants had a balaclava or bandana and a baseball bat sitting on their laps. They had been offered the mission (and chosen to accept it) after behind the scenes talks between ‘Kaaos_af’ and Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’, of steaming into the crowd at the Sydney Forum gathering. Creating maximum damage in a minimum of time and making good their escape.

Unfortunately for them they lost the one thing these types of cowardly attacks depend on, the advantage of surprise. They had not counted on there being so many, if any at all, White Nationalists standing outside the venue. They also, by their own admission, lost their nerve at the last second when they saw the size and apparent fitness of some of these people. They had obviously been misled by Henderson-Hau’s rhetoric about White Nationalist ranks made up from “old fat cunts” and “skinny kids”.

It now becomes very clear why Darp seemed so distracted and vague, confused even, when the White Nationalists again called on the phone and enquired as to his non appearance. He had obviously expected to hear of a glorious routing of the hated “Fash” from his Anarchist ‘A-Team’. He had been waiting for tales of cracked heads, gushing blood and cowardly “Neo-Nazis” begging for mercy as they fell beneath a rain of blows.

In an act of absolute desperation he quickly cobbled together a ‘Plan B’ in the form of the intended ambush at the Fitzroy Street Marrickville Punk Rock venue. This is precisely why, approximately twenty minutes after the infamous “Darth Vader death threat” telephone conversation, Henderson-Hau sent a text message to Jim Perren giving him the address and promising to be there.

Another interesting fact, according to one of our Sydney people, is that it is only just over a kilometre from the house in Tempe to the Fitzroy Street address and only a further 500 Metres, as the crow flies, to the Enmore Post Office. It all seems a bit too close for comfort, doesn’t it? A venue attended by members of a notorious Anarchist Terrorist network along with their post office box both located within virtual spitting distance of a regular meeting place for Australian Nationalists.

Why this second attempt also failed is unknown. Perhaps the very fact that five White Nationalists would have the audacity to turn up and walk around at their gig put the wind up them. Maybe Darp’s propaganda of “da Fash” all being cowards had backfired and the shock of suddenly realising they were dealing with people who were game enough to turn up and face them gave them second thoughts.

Worth repeating also at this point is that the organisers of the Punk Rock gig (among them Black Bloc) were only too aware of the Sydney Forum going on not five minutes drive away. The White Nationalists heard this fact announced from the stage between songs during an unsuccessful attempt by the MC to whip up some hatred and inspire the crowd to go “just down the road” and “show ‘da Fash’ what we think of them”. As noted before, the crowd was more interested in sniffin’ glue and pogoing to the music in their op-shop clothes.

One thing we do know is that Darp refused to answer his phone after that and remained pretty much “off the air” for a few weeks after. Now his legendary balls seem to have dropped again from their hiding place and once more he is strutting about like a little Red Rooster. It is amazing what difference a little spell of lying low has done for his confidence.

At all times Darp’s prime directive was to remain remote and unconnected from any “unfortunate” events. His hands had to remain uncontaminated by the blood of his political adversaries and he had to avoid any collateral damage or blowback. The degree of contempt this demonstrates for his so-called allies is as large as the plan was monstrous and also provides a chilling insight into the amoral mind of a sociopath.

In Darp’s Grand Plan, and in typical mercenary fashion, the Anarchist Punks were going to take the rap for bashing the White Nationalists and the apprentice lawyer would take the option of plausible denial. He obviously believed the two to three degrees of separation between him and the hit-men was good enough insulation. As discussed many times before by the Whitelaw Towers staff this is standard Henderson-Hau modus operandi, to goad and provoke others to do his dirty work.

Quite simply, Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ is a TERRORIST in the true meaning of the word and if there is any justice in this nation he would be rotting in a gaol cell as you read this.

Still, it seems only a matter of time now.

Here is just a small extract from the ‘Black Bloc’ magazine ‘Mutiny’ Issue No 8 November 2006 that describes the scene that afternoon in Tempe:

Black Bloc Boys Don’t Cry

Huevo Podrido

“Bash the Fash’. Bash the Fash.’ The title of the semi-ironic email to which I responded was repeating in my mind, kind of the same way as a child my interactive G.I. Joe used to bark, “Take ‘em down boys. Go, go, go!” with the press of a button. The sound of hardcore punk quickly filled the car as I drew on the dregs of my cigarette. Looking down at the balaclava on my lap, and the various items that could be used for property damage, I was unsettled. The presence of one woman in the car, involved in the action and its planning, could not prevent the feeling that four men all dressed in black ready to fight back against the fascists were living up to every societal expectation of masculinity. The fascists hanging out the back of the property, complete with their huge, muscular white bodies simply added to the intensity of the action, as the fear of our violence (property damage) slipping into violence defined on their terms (bodily damage) loomed.

The car drove towards the ambiguous target slowly. ‘So are we going to fuckin’ do this or what?’ said one person. On the brink of our faces being subsumed in bandanas, and symbolic violence being performed against the fascist gathering, we pulled out. For me, whilst this was a result of uncertainty as to where they were gathering, this uncertainty transcended the material circumstance, and complicated by conceptions of anarchism, violence and gender. Personally, this experience raised the issue that myself, and maybe other anarchist men, have not fully considered the implications of advocating violence and the relationship that has with gender.”