Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Driving Force!

The Whole Story

The enemy can lie about the Truth, they can twist it, they can bury it or hide it and they can even ignore it, but the Truth remains the Truth, eternal and immutable and ultimately the Truth shall set us free.IntroductionThe primary intended purpose of this site is to function as a resource to assist in the information of interested parties, such as investigative writers, political analysts and other researchers, who have an interest in either the White Nationalist movement in Australia and New Zealand or its adversaries. For obvious reasons, owing to the large amount of information still being compiled, it will be constantly updated.

The secondary purpose is to redress the gross imbalance in referenced sources which thus far has resulted in a Controlled Media ‘spin’ blatantly favouring the ideology of the extreme Left and assisting, either overtly or covertly, in the advancement of their specific agendas of Marxist Globalism, Multiculturalism and the consequent scourge of miscegenation and quantum societal decay and devolution.Unfortunately, up to now, the agents of the extreme Left such as the Darpists have been able to exploit their old boy’s network of sympathetic Controlled Media ‘journalists’ to champion their (stated) cause of “Anti-Racism”. Meanwhile, the insidious, hidden agenda of Anti-White Racism and sociopathic Anarchic disestablishmentarianism, has been steadily promoted by these advocates and others within various Government bureaucracies.

Much of the evidence within gives the lie to the Darpists’ claims of mere “conspiracy mongering” on the part of the WPCA and other White Nationalists. Despite the at times hysterical protestations to the contrary, ranging from sneering derision to mock moral outrage, certain recent events have fully vindicated the Nationalist’s claims of an organised and structured conspiracy funded by “funny money”.Despite evidence of a quite sophisticated use of resources, FDB’s tactics are, more often than not, as brutal and basic as they are tiresomely predictable. Litigation is threatened constantly, laws are quoted verbatim with bold statements of certainties of outcomes in their favour, imaginary writs and Apprehended Violence Orders are despatched on a daily basis.While claiming to deplore the authoritarianism and march of draconian legislation in the post ‘911’ World these self claimed ‘Social Democrats’ of the Left see no contradiction or irony in their ruthless exploitation of the Law to silence their political opponents.

This is typical of the bourgeois mentality of bluff and intimidation FDB learned from their mentors Gerry Gable’s ‘Searchlight’ organisation from the U.K.While it is impossible, in light of the clash of extreme political positions, to present a totally objective resource, the contributors will endeavour to minimise opinion and maximise the available facts, giving priority to verifiable evidence such as E-Mails, Internet posts, printed matter etc.Firstly some background context to outline the bigger picture within which the struggle between the Anti-White Racists of ‘Fight Dem Back’ and their fellow travelers waged a vicious campaign to destroy the lives of the Nationalists and Patriots of the White Pride Coalition Australia.Of course, so-called “Anti-Racists”, “anti-Fascists” or “Anti-Nazis” would never admit to being Racists or Haters themselves but fundamentally that is precisely what they ARE.

Inculcated with Anti-Americanism, Anti-Western propaganda through the Marxist influenced and internationalist manipulated school curriculum and certain aspects of so-called “popular culture” and all the hackneyed, simplistic sloganeering this entails they despise the host White Western Culture despite the inconvenient fact that outside of its (albeit restricted) freedoms they would be denied open expression of their absurd political ideology.For the self-loathing Whites among their ranks the motivation is often as simple as appeasement to ethnic bullies (“Please don’t hit me! I hate Whites as much as YOU do.”) and sycophantic brown nosing to salve their feelings of perceived guilt toward so-called “Minority” Groups. Belittling, minimising and sneering at White achievements become second nature, with every one of them assuming the vocation of amateur freelance historical revisionist.

Facts are not permitted to hinder the promotion and dissemination of the most preposterous theories particularly when it comes to Racial theory.Orwellian “Doublethink” becomes instinctive and there is no sense of contradiction when they say in one breath that Science has “proven” that Race does not exist yet they want “Racists” hunted down and eliminated! Similarly they bleat basically meaningless, oxymoronic catch phrases such as “Unity through Diversity”, again with no apparent consciousness of the intrinsic absurdity of such concepts.None of the actions of the antagonists and events in the matter outlined below can be fairly judged when taken out of their relevant context. It will surely be a tedious task for the reader who is unfamiliar with any of the background to study the details and make sense of the story that unfolded over a period of approximately twelve months.

The White Pride Coalition Australia or WPCA had established an online Internet Political Discussion Group in response to all the many thousands of ‘Politically Correct’ Leftist so-called “Forums” that existed and continue to exist today. The WPCA soon found that Racial consciousness and identity, Cultural Pride and solidarity for White people is a taboo seemingly rivaled only by pædophilia and any openly discussing it in a public forum were fair game for abuse, vilification and even electronic sabotage.The hypocrisy of the agents of so-called Multiculturalism (read: Multi Racialism) and their fellow travelers from the extreme Left knows no bounds. Even the plain TRUTH is apparently no defence for any White Nationalist stating his political philosophy.The system and its lackeys in the Controlled Media simply will not tolerate Pride for ordinary normal White people. Gay Pride, Black Pride, Asian Pride, Arab Pride are all concepts to be celebrated but apparently White Pride equates to HATRED, no qualifications, no excuses, no need to explain, simply HATRED!It is quite a simple formula to understand really. If you are White, Heterosexual or even worse have children, have an honest job, pay taxes, are proud of the mighty achievements of the White European peoples and don’t hate yourself (basically normal) and are actually proud of these qualities, you are, according to the Leftists, a hateful, vicious, Racist redneck!

You see “Free Speech” is only afforded to those who say what is allowed within the strict and ever shrinking parameters of Leftist Political Correctness, so in effect, it is a mythical concept that does not exist in the real World.Unknown to the administrators of the WPCA Forum, it had attracted several youths posing and acting as if they were adults with much tough talk about so-called ‘Skinhead Culture’. When it was gradually revealed that six or seven of these 15 – 16 year olds wanted to attend WPCA meetings advice was given by Kromlek and Cyrus (the Co-Founders of WPCA) to wait ‘til they were at least Eighteen but this was not good enough for them so they formed their own group and were then later given a sort of honourary membership of the New Zealand National Front under the title of Australian National Front Youth.

Because of their dealings with Kyle Chapman of the NZNF they were given special attention by Darp and Weezil who at that time were busy forming a trans-Tasman so-called “Anti-Fascist” and/or “Anti-Racist” group that would later become known as ‘Fight Dem Back’ or FDB. The boys were stalked, entrapped into a set up in the city for a not so candid camera “photo shoot” (following which some of their faces appeared on Darp’s website) and then harassed and threatened with physical violence.Specifically Darren was threatened by Darp that he would be beaten up by Unionist thugs from the CFMEU and the AMWU. That threat was clear and explicit, even to the point of the unionist thugs being described as wearing lumber jackets and Eureka (Flag) belt buckles, and no amount of back peddling will get Darp off the hook on that one.

The boys studied their stalker’s Blogs (online internet diaries) and concluded they were dealing with particularly nasty perverts. This is a more than reasonable conclusion to come to when one observes several common threads running through the Blogs of Darp and several of his closer allies. Scatological obsessions, anal fixations and constant reference to “Queer Politics” including Darp’s own lamentations on the “normalisation” of Oxford Street lead any well adjusted ordinary person inevitably toward assuming one is dealing with radical Left Wing Homosexual Political activists.

This lead to several older members of WPCA, including Kromlek, being approached for assistance and support by Darren AKA “Proud Skinhead” or “Iron Brotherhood” and Lachlan AKA “White Nationalist”. Kromlek agreed to meet with Darren who lived closer to his home and was shocked when confronted with a skinny 50Kg boy who claimed to be Sixteen but was probably only Fifteen. He was particularly upset when he considered the fact that his own eldest son was at that time the same age.This factor cannot be understated in regard to the actions he subsequently took on Darren and Lachlan’s behalf. Any parent will understand the outrage he felt when he first met the child who was the subject of such cowardly bullying by so-called adults. He was both disgusted and enraged to realize that this scrawny kid had been threatened with physical violence by Unionist thugs. Let us make one thing perfectly clear. There is no excuse whatsoever for the Darpists’ response to these boys, and their five or six friends of a similar age, no matter HOW abusive or provocative their online antics may have been. The cold, hard fact of the matter is they were MINORS and real adults do not treat kids in the manner these ones were abused.

Rather than pursue any line of compromise Darp and his allies, in a fit of pique and indulging their massively inflated egos and sense of self importance, immediately initiated an intense campaign of covert surveillance, intimidation, stalking, harassment and entrapment of young White Nationalists and Patriots who were considered too young to be allowed to meetings of the WPCA or to engage in street activism which was basically the dissemination of literature and the posting of stickers.The sheer vigour with which they executed their tactics was in direct inverse proportion to the importance of the matters at hand. The old saying of “Cracking a Walnut with a sledgehammer” seems appropriate. But this is not to trivialise or minimise the events as they happened. Regardless of the, at times, bizarre nature and almost comical overkill of the Darpists, real lives, reputations and livelihoods WERE affected and damaged. This must never be forgotten.However much this might have became an indulgent “game” for feckless student types with a penchant for political savagery (and their other more sinister financial backers) the real cost should never be underestimated.

Gleaning what personal profiles he could of Darp and Weezil from their Internet Site archives and some comments they made on certain other sites, Kromlek determined he was dealing with immoral (bordering on the sociopathic) blowhard egoists and decided to dispatch a letter to Darp making it clear that if the young lads were physically assaulted then there would be retaliatory action taken. He would not stand idly by and let young people be bashed because of their political ideology.Unfortunately, as it soon became clear, Kromlek was not dealing with people with normal or predictable behaviour. What happened, rather than the anticipated back down to his colourful and robust letter was a rapid and steadily escalating stream of vitriol.Subsequent to the (in)famous Kromlek letter (reproduced below) Darp then made the mistake, perhaps deliberate, of attributing every sticker, poster, leaflet that appeared in and around his area of residence to Kromlek and the WPCA. Ironic is it not, when one considers Darp’s sneering derision of so-called “conspiracy theories”, that he should so eagerly embrace the notion that the WPCA was orchestrating virtually every White Nationalist propaganda activity in Sydney?