Saturday, December 30, 2006

Excuses, excuses, excuses…

There is quite simply no excuse for the woeful predicament FDB now finds itself in regarding some of its members being caught out engaging in serious criminal activity. The leadership was put on notice many months ago about ‘kaaos_af’ and ‘Rollo’ yet they did absolutely nothing to either discipline or disown these FDB members.

Instead they continued to cynically rev these young thugs up and incite them to go after the White Nationalists. They were exploited as nothing more or less than FDB’s attack dogs. In fact if one traces their posts you will often see Weezil and other so-called “core” members patting their heads and slipping them a treat.

And now that these nippy young pups have shat on the FDB carpet Darp and Weezil want to disown them and treat them like unwanted Christmas present pets. It’s off to the pound for young ‘Rollo’ and ‘kaaos_af’. They can make their own arrangements.

Shame on you Darp and Weezil.