Saturday, December 09, 2006

FDB respect my authority!

Below is an example of what happens to a member of the public who dares to enter FDB expecting to see a serious pro multicultural web site?

SkrolJoined: 08 Dec 2006Posts: 4
Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:57 am Post subject: The real point of this site?

Greetings all, I have been browsing through the articles presented on this website and forums therein and have constantly been faced with a general anti-white bias which dissolves the seemingly original point of this website's creation. Fighting racial hatred and bigotry, as well as "ignorance" and promoting multicultural harmony. While I do see many promotions of multicultural harmony and events promoting such, I never see any articles or posts on racism which do not demonize white folk. Multiculturalism is the seed of what many here would call racism, and what I prefer to call, racial intolerance. As such, there is undoubtedly displays of bigotry, violence, intolerance etc from many, if not all, races that constitute modern multicultural society. Race-based attacks happen on white victims, just as they do on non-white victims. So why are these events not posted or discussed? If racial intolerance was the enemy, then you would certainly demonize all the ethnic immigrants who come into Australia (and similar countries like the USA) and attack other races based on the race factor alone. There are just as many cases of negros/aboriginals beating whites in the street based on the colour of skin, Middle Eastern immigrants attacking white or European people, African immigrant gangs targetting Asian immigrants, etc. These events, being more in scope, would most likely even outweight the amount of skinhead attacks that make the news, although I will not push this underesearched point further. Basically, I see this website as an attempt at demonizing white people and shaming their heritage, along with those who may be proud of such a thing; who would no doubt be embarassed to be dubbed alongside violent, immature bigots. Alot of effort is made to mock supposed "neo nazis" with satire and photo commentary rather than pull at the root of racial intolerance in Australia. So I have posted this as an open thread on the forum for anyone who wishes to discuss or address some of the issues I raise. Regards...

Well Skroll we at White Law have been asking the same question. In fact we often wonder why so little is said on FDB about the 2 or 3 actual self-admitted Nazis in Australia? Yep 2 or 3. It would seem Australia is full of Nazis if you believe Australia’s number one Nazi Hunter Mathew Henderson. But what is a Nazi? Better still what is a Nazi Hunter with out a Nazi? Well if you are a member of FDB a Nazi is someone who does not agree with them. So we can now add one more Nazi to the list Skroll.
Any way what does the School Teacher FDB member Marcus have to say? Give you one guess.

MarcusGeneral Secretary of the Dada InternatioJoined: 26 Apr 2005Posts: 931Location: Sydney

Nobody's bloody well demonizing "the white race" here mate - incidently the whole notion of race is a load of shit, a lot like your arguement here. Yes - people of all creeds and colours do bad things. No shit sherlock. But unlike your comrades, we do not in fact allocate any time or space to the notion of a relationship between crime and ethnicity. The statistics back us up on that one too by the way. We just can't take the lies and filth coming out of nazi mouths like yours. Fuck off and and die you racist prick. We've heard this all before, and answered claims like yours and much more all before, as you would well know if in fact you actually had read through this here forum. So forgive me for not having the patience to take you seriously.

Surprised? We certainly are not. So FDB welcome to the world of Media hype. This journo has got your number. Game set and Match.
Nice to see such tolerance.