Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fight Dem Back… on the Drugs…

While it is pretty widely known among the White Nationalist community that the Left in general and Fight Dem Back in particular are comprised of drug addled sexual perverts we here at Whitelaw Towers never tire of reproducing, for your elucidation, the best, hand picked quotes that amply demonstrate this fact most clearly.

The following two quotes are from Cam Smith aka ‘Dr. Cam Sexenheimer’ of Collingwood (previously of Warragul) Victoria. The same creature who almost certainly conspired with the mentally unstable WPCA infiltrator John Humpherys and long time smear monger Greg Roberts of the Australian Newspaper to defame a well known White Nationalist.

Take it away Doc…

“... we were pretty much all out of drugs. I still had a coupla (Sic) grams of pot left (I seem incapable of not underestimating the size of my stash)... and sure, it wouldn't have been rocket-science to get our hands on some pills or some nitrous or even some acid...”

What a guy!

“You get high, you have some fun, you pass out, you go out and get high again...”

What a life plan for a so-called “teacher”…

And from his charming and eloquent hero Darp…

“I spent my days bumming around at uni, drinking three dollar jugs of beer and smoking spliffs. But being a poor student, I was then decked out in post-rave sporty/fashion trackie top with Adidas gazelles, a Supergrass style Lego cut and an increasing fascination with Cocaine as opposed to Ecstasy. Something that got kinda hairy as the 90’s wore on.”

Hmm, hmm! Gotta admire sentiments like those, eh?

“My head is now swimming with memories of driving through bushy North Shore back roads, Born Slippy by Underworld blaring from the dodgy speakers on her late model Holden Astra. Doing lines off the dashboard and getting up to all sorts of wickeness. (Sic) Her looking like just like Justine Frischmann from Elastica and me with bleach-blonde hair trying to look like Sick Boy from Trainspotting.”

Do these hypocrites have no brains at all? There are many young people who frequent their site, including some minors as young as Sixteen, and these are the examples they set?

Fight Dem Back member ‘Kaaos_af’ talking to Black Dagger on the ‘Revolutionary Left’ Forum on 27th November 2006:

“I know when I last met you I was totally smashed at that squat gig, but it would be good to catch up again later at APEC (unless you're coming to live and let DIY??)”

Or how about this one from 20th November 2006? On the thread entitled ‘What turns you on in a girl?’

“Hardened criminal, fascist tattooes (sic) a must, in possession of a bass guitar and an ardent supporter of the toal (sic) decriminalisation of all drugs and other supposedly harfmful (sic) things, like wormwood and chemical weaponry.”

Then there’s this from the thread ‘Communist Women’ on 14th November 2006:

“Honestly, not many of us care about this whole 'health' concept.”

Oh, we can see that kaaos, we can see that. The fact that ‘kaaos_af’ hangs with the shower of Sub-Human filth that refers to itself as “Crusty Punks” leaves no doubt about their attitude to personal hygiene. And this glue sniffin’ knuckle dragger is Darp’s mate!

Here’s yet another drug reference from the thread ‘exciting news!’ posted on 13th November 2006:

“A mate and I did a song once about communist gangsters. We called it Hammer and Siricle (sic) Drug fuelled revolution.”

Is it just us or can anyone else see a pattern of illicit drug use emerging here? And how does this sit with Fight Dem Back’s claims to be a morally responsible group?
Also remember this is only what they say quite OPENLY on the public sections of their forums. What must they get up to behind the scenes?