Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is FDB’s ‘Mensi’ showing out?

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Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 2:33 am
“I think the real clencher (sic) here is that Stuggy's only way of linking any of Rollo's EXTREME stupidity (if the convos (sic) are indeed real) to FDB is by going "Rollo FDB MEMBER/Rollo SENIOR FDB MEMBER/Rollo/FDB/ROLLO/FIGHTDEMBACK CRIMINAL GANG/ ROLLO/FDB MEMBER" over and over ...and over ...and over...and over.”

Ooer! It sounds like somebody’s getting a mite tetchy. We must’ve touched a nerve or something. Oh, and no, it certainly is NOT the “only way” ‘Rollo’ is going to prove to be a major ‘albatross’ for FDB.

“I'm going to call a spade a spade. If these convos are real, a VERY STUPID young man, nay ..a fucking CHILD who lives in a fantasy world was suckered into acting tough against the Nazis online (not hard - just approach a lonely kid who has no friends and then offer to be one).”

Is this a Freudian slip? It certainly sounds as if he is speaking from experience. Besides, from our observations it would appear to be stock standard FDB modus operandi, sleazing onto the kiddies then using them as cannon fodder. Coincidentally, according to research, it is also pretty much a standard tactic employed by predatory pederasts. Hmmm!
And I don't know about you but even seeing the words "fucking" and "child" in the same sentence is a little creepy in our opinion to say the least.

“But but but ..Rollo posts on FDB ...does that not make him 'linked' with the group?”

In HIS case OF COURSE you microcephalic imbecile.

“Now, if you look at the amount of posts people like Ben Weerheym and Lilith Petersen have left on this board - which is more than Rollo - how do you apply this logic?”

This shrill act of desperation doesn’t even warrant a comment. The monumental stupidity speaks for itself. But what the hell, we’ll go ahead and comment anyway. It’s just the kind of guys we are.

Okay, for the dummies at FDB who still haven’t got it. The DIFFERENCE between ‘Rollo’ and ‘kaaos_af’ posting on FDB and Benny, Lilith etc is as obvious as Mensi’s mental retardation. One group is AGAINST FDB (albeit only nominally in Lilith’s case) and the other group spent their time sucking up to and actively working for Darp and Weezil and being patted on the head for their efforts.

Phew! If we have to explain this again...