Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kaaos_AF and the FDB Terrorists groups.

.Yes folks seems Kaaos member of fdb has his own internationally linked active terrorist cell.

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Hi comradesI'm from the Direct Action Collective in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We have just recently formed and have started organising a few campaigns.

In Brisbane, the revolutionary movement has deep problems- for example- the anarchist movement, despite numbering in the hundreds, is in total disarray with only a few organised groups carrying out extremely low-key activities, the Bolsheviks are the most organised current with around 300 activists in four Autho-Trot sects and are consuming young revolutionaries, inspiring and recruiting them and then subjugating them to masochistic hierarchies and unimaginably boring speeches and exposing them to the authoritarian ideals of Leninism and sectarian attitudes, driving most away from the movement permanently. Instead of focussing on local issues, the Bolsheviks are far more concerned with fighting one another, Chavez-worshipping and selling their newspapers.

Meanwhile, the right wing is on the move, with organisations based around, such as the Australia First party and Patriotic Youth League, beginning to have serious successes organising local white nationalists.

So it would seem that the potential for hundreds of anti fa terrorists exists in Brisbane. Having been to a few gigs of late I tend to agree. So much for security Kaoos.

What is Kaaos_AF going to do besides throwing bombs at Storm Front members at BBQ? What targets does Direct Action have in mind?

The United States military is using this state to carry out military exercises and concentrate large numbers of personnel and equipment. Most recently, the US and Australian Defence Force are planning an exercise called Talisman Sabre, which shall impact the entire community with the possible use of uranium weapons, put endangered species at threat, bomb the Great Barrier Reef (a world heritage site) and sink vessels at sea, violate indigenous heritage sites and allow nuclear powered ships into our ports and 30 000 US military personnel to rampage through the country. Many ships involved in this exercise will be docking at Brisbane and many, such as the USS Ronald Reagan (which caught fire in Brisbane waters with two nuclear reactors on board) have already visited in the past year. Large companies present in Brisbane, such as Boeing, Rio Tinto and ANZ bank, have been directly involved in imperialist activities such as the rape of West Papua and Iraq while another, Metal Storm, is developing weapons for the US and Australian militaries capable of firing as many as 1 million bullets a minute (

Some one better call the FEDS.

These are just some of the problems that plague our state and it is in this climate that the Direct Action Collective has formed out of the local punk scene and is inspired by such groups as the Class War Federation in Britain and your RAAN. Our first actions, aimed at raising funds against the g20 meeting in Melbourne

Inspired by Class War, thats interesting. Class War the same group behind the Maqurie Fields riots, Class War Internationally recognized Terrorist group. Good work FDB.

So what did Kaaos_AF have to do with the recent G20 demo?Cthenthar's off to New Zealand til November- I'm going to see him at g20. As far as I know, he isn't affiliated to any group, but has a number of people interested in starting a new group. I'll chat to him before then probably on the internet, but I'll speak to him in November.

How can we contact Direct Action?

Direct Action CollectiveLocation: South Brisbane, QLD,

So what else can the firebombing anarchist from FDB tell us?

Two more blokes, one who was active in the Class War Federation/ Sydney in the 70's, are getting involved- one's coming to the organising meeting for the benefit punk gig against g20 tommorrow. I'm not going to give numbers away on the net, but it's safe to say we have over a dozen people ready to engage in activities now. Soon we'll blast the Trotskyist monopoly on the local activist movement to bits.

Yep the terrorists are gathering. What will they do? Some more targets.

A company based here in Brisbane is building weapons for the US military. These weapons of a new electronic technology, and true to the cowardly character of US warfare these days, many are remote controlled while others have been built that are capable of firing as many as one million bullets in a minute. They are receiving strong funding from the US Marine Corp and other US military agencies.

Target acquired? Wonder if he has photos and stuff. He could show them to the resident FDB Muslims. ASIO any one?

They are also researching riot control weaponry.

The Direct Action Collective feels that this arms reseach company must be halted in its progress. They only have two offices, one in Brisbane, QLD and the other Arlington VA.

Well maybe he could contact someone in the USA to take down Metal Storm. (By the way Metal Storm is an Australian invention.) Hang on looks like he has the US gig covered.

Title: RAAN banner raised for the first time in AustraliaPost by: Kaaos on October 24, 2006, 08:20:31 am

A new black and red flag was created yesterday with the DAC/RAAN acronyms on it underneath to circle A of our organisation. It was used for the first time today in a rally against an arms industry conference which a few DAC members attended. I'll post photos when they're developed and scanned. Our movement's progressing very quickly. A punk gig is planned soon to raise money and a couple of media stunts against a couple of arms manufacturers here.

Title: Re:RAAN banner raised for the first time in AustraliaPost by: Nachie on November 01, 2006, 12:06:12 pm

I think our comrade Tetsuo-Kun who moved to Melbourne (maybe?) had a big RAAN Australia banner he sent a picture of once but I think it was just hanging in his office or something... I wish we still had that photo.This is great news though! Can't wait to hear about the "media stunts"...Let us know what companies you're looking at and I can start contacting some of our people in Virginia to see if anything can happen.

International links interesting, maybe the FBI would like to know? Is it just me or is this to good to be true?

Posted on: November 07, 2006 04:58 pm Kaoos_AF

(we're big fans of molotvs in QLD).

So what of the other FDB guys in Melbourne Black Rose and Black Dagger?

QUOTE (Black Dagger @ November 27, 2006 01:41 am)

we gotta start up a melbum chapter of RAAN or something!!!

Title: Re:RAAN banner raised for the first time in AustraliaPost by: Black Rose on October 26, 2006, 12:25:38 pm

Coo coo, pls post the pictures :-*

So lets sum this up. FDB are a Terrorists group running under the radar by pretending to be an anti racist site. Their members such as Kaoas scope targets for possible terrorist strikes. And surely pass this info on to the many Muslim connections they have in Sydney and Melbourne.

FDB members in Melbourne such as Campbell Smith have sent the Anti Terrorist Task Force on wild goose chases looking for Nazis with bomb making manuals that never existed. They continually contact ASIO and the Feds with their Marxist connections creating totally false stories to throw them off the trail of the true dangers to the Australian community.

Kaaos_AF was raising money to take his QLD chapter of FDB and Direct Action to the G20. He was directly involved in the riots. It seems strange that FDB in an article on the FDB site would claim that Nazis had started the riots. Hey they even spray-painted Swastikas all over the place. I guess it had nothing to do with the RAAN guys in white overalls? What do you think Kaoos?

No FDB, White Law Towers is not showing our hand just yet

He looks a bit red in the face? Bit like Kaaos_AF at the moment. Mate of yours Kaaos?