Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kaptain Kaaos and the big Krash

Q. What’s the difference between ‘Kaaos_af’ and a tow truck?
A. Not a lot really. They’re both heading for a crash.

From the FDB Forum thread NazBols!

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Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2006 5:56 am Post subject: NazBols!

"Some friends and I caught wind of a new nationalist group meeting in Woolloongabba last night- we went along to see what we could find out. Imagine our suprise when we saw them wearing National Bolshevik uniforms! There were four of them, carrying flags that looked quite similar to these ones-

What a monstrous meeting! What a threat to decent society! Four!?!

-a grenade instead of a swastika in a white disk with a lightning bolt or bayonet striking through it.! Nasty. That sounds almost as bad as the RAAN Logo with the AK47, doesn’t it? Except they’re all fine and okay by you, aren’t they ‘kaaos_af’? Because you were actually the one who formed their Australian chapter, you hypocritical little shit!

The pic above is from Latvia.
Well, that's relevant isn't it?

After talking with them awhile, it was clear to us they were white nationalists.

If that was the case and I seriously doubt it, I see nothing wrong with that. Or is it now officially a criminal offence to be a White Nationalist?

They voiced their plans to start a 'National Bolshevik Front' in Australia and asked us to join. When we refused, one of them became agitated and pushed one of us, so we knocked him down and seized his banner before leaving.

When Benny and the White Devils snatched an Anarchist flag in WA the FDB tossers banged on for ages about it being theft and demanded the return of the precious rag. We won’t be holding our breath waiting for similar comments on this one.

His 'comrades' didn't stop us for some reason, but were very vocal in their anger towards us. I will take a photo of this banner and post it here- unfortunately we didn't get pictures of these NazBols, but we will in the future.

Why? What are you going to do with them? Add them to your illustrated hit list?

What do comrades think of the NazBols? They hail people like Beria, Stalin and Pol Pot as heroes, and are strongly fascistic. They are, however, anti-Nazi, and pictures exist of them strongly protesting against nazi groups. On the other hand, you get pictures like these-

That's a picture of their leader Liminov marching with Nazis in 1993
and you get discussions like these on Stormfront-

Here are their regular flags-

I don't think this group is anything to worry about. What course of action is suggested?”

Darp Hau
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Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2006 6:44 am Post subject:
“The best course of action against NatBols is usually laughter and lots of it.

Unless someone has something more tangible?”

That’s Darp code for:
“Well, of course, apart from me being the founder of FDB, I’m studying Law and consequently I’m far too valuable to risk on “tangible” (Bash the Fash) missions. But you young, violent Anarchist types are fully expendable so I’ll simply assist in ‘acquiring the targets’ and let you ‘terminate them with extreme prejudice’.”

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Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 12:00 pm Post subject:

“stunning advice. Be aware that these guys weren't pencilneck highschool nerds but reasonably tough football jock types.

Nothing worse than ‘Fash’ that can put up a decent fight, is there ‘kaaos_af’? Shit, you could even break a nail or something…

Their slogan is "neither left or right, but forward." It's hard to say what side of the barricades they're on. When it comes to revolution time, I can see them being on either side. Either way though, they're totalitarian racist lunatics.

Erm … you mean as opposed to Totalitarian ANTI - Racist Lunatics, that is…

Rose- you been hoping they'd set up here? I was too... this'll really confuse the white nationalist community if they actually take root in the Nazi movement.”

Readers are also reminded that ‘Darp’ (Mathew Henderson-Hau) is over Thirty years old (‘Weezil’ Brian Stokes is pushing Fifty) and ‘kaaos_af’ is only Eighteen years old. Their little protégé ‘Rollo’ is only Sixteen years old! Where is the duty of care and moral/ethical guidance from these ‘elders’ of this extreme Left Wing, Anti-White hate group known as ‘Fight Dem Back’? They obviously view these young ‘uns as disposable heroes in the war to boost their own egos.