Thursday, December 14, 2006

Keep On Joining Those Dots

While the elders of FDB like Mathew Henderson-Ha aka ‘Darp’ and Brian Stokes aka ‘Weezil’ have been very careful to distance themselves from any overt advocacy of violence several of the ‘young guns’ have been talking up a more extremist response to White Nationalists and other Australian Patriots.

Henderson-Hau and Stokes are both on the gravy train and court the establishment because they know where their bread’s buttered, just as they prostrate themselves before the radical Islamists who visit their site, unlike the young ‘uns who just want to see some action. It’s like the old cartoon of two vultures sitting in a tree, “Patience my arse” says one “I’m gunna KILL something!”

FDB (Fight Dem Back) a quick profile…

Fight Dem Back are an Australian/New Zealand based criminal organisation backed with some big money from the so-called more “respectable” parts of society including, in their own words quoted in the AIJAC journal ‘The Review’, “professional members of the Jewish community who would prefer to remain anonymous”. Oh, we bet they would, we bet they would.
Fight Dem Back have been implicated in a number of criminal activities ranging from computer hacking, stalking, harassment, blackmail, illegally accessing social security files all the way to conspiracy to commit assault and soliciting for murder. Their wafer thin veneer of respectability aided by the efforts of their allies in the Controlled Media, make them potentially the most dangerous of all the Left Wing Terrorist Gangs.

It is worthy of note that several of these ‘Young Turks’ are also members of several other groups including…

Black Bloc is an International Anarchist umbrella group that has been discussed in an earlier post.

RAAN (Red and Anarchist Action Network)
RAAN are an International Anarchist organisation that openly promote a violent “solution” to their perceived war against “the fash” (anyone that is not Red and Anarchist is deemed “counter-revolutionary” and recommended for termination) and are arming themselves and training along the lines of other militia / terrorist groups. They have recently established a branch in Australia.

DAC (Direct Action Collective)
Direct Action Collective is a Brisbane based Anarchist group affiliated with ‘Black Bloc’ who have a base, including a Post Office Box, in the inner
Western Suburbs of Sydney.

Class War are an International Anarchist organisation who have been linked to many vicious attacks on Police officers and anyone they perceive as being part of “The Establishment”. They were instrumental in aggravating the violence in the Macquarie Fields riots.

One People’s Project are Canada/U.S. based and much has already been written about them by Victor Whitelaw and Frank White. Check out their Blogs for more info.