Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen we introduce 'Chimx'

The head honcho of RevLeft, a certain Matthew Brehe aka ‘chimx’, was not a happy camper when he found out ‘kaaos_af’ and ‘rollo’ had severely compromised the security of his group and said as much just prior to pulling the entire site for…erm…house cleaning.

Matthew Brehe is aged 24 and is from Helena Montana. He is currently studying at Carroll College majoring in History. Right at this minute though his arse is snapping open and shut at a rapid rate of knots while he goes into full damage control mode.

Poor bastard. Just like Darp and Weezil it's starting to dawn on him that the White Nationalists know WAY too much about his group and their plans.

We eagerly await the return of the fully cleansed, sanitised, homogenised, pasteurised, sterilised and scrubbed ‘Revolutionary Left’ site.

By the way Matthew, better do the chinstrap up on that helmet. Safety first now young man. A flak jacket might also be in order...