Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mr. Flibble says “GAME OVER BOYS!”

Phase One of our 'Christmas Special' has been initiated and it's Keystone Cops Anarchist style with several of the members of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang at the moment. Posts are being edited or entirely deleted and a certain Blog has disappeared completely. You really can smell the panic. If only they knew just how serious this is going to get for those involved and this is just the beginning of their misery.

By New Year FDB will be pretty much totally OWNED. Well actually I lied. They already ARE and have been for some time. We’ve just been enjoying it so much we wanted to make it last as long as possible.

The first three musketeers selected for eviction are Rollo, kaaos_af and Raz.

Better pack a toothbrush and some water based lubricant.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

From RevolutionaryLeft:

Rollo- what's the deal?
Posted: December 20, 2006 09:10 am
Rev. Fred Niles
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"So how does he respond to this? Well he contacts Whitelaw Towers with offers of assistance and information on 'kaaos_af' and RAAN. It seems he and 'kaaos_af' no longer get along so good. They had a bit of a lovers tiff when kaaos questioned rollo's commitment and physical prowess. This hurt our little keyboard commando's delicate feelings and out came the claws."

This is about you Rollo, so let's have it, whose side are you on? There is evidence that Whitelaw isn't bullshitting, mate, apart from the fact we never had no fucking "lover's tiff"- so that makes your sellout, what? Ideologically based? Wouldn't Trotsky love you.

To everyone else, this is serious shit, and it's important to remember to let no personal details slip here. I don't believe I have, so hopefully Rollo's fed them bullshit. But keep this in mind. Know the security culture on IRTR that everyone laughs at? Maybe it's time to adopt a similar attitude and don't even post what country you're in. Don't post movements, dates, names of anything- suburbs, cities, etc.

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Posted: December 20, 2006 09:30 am
Rev. Fred Niles
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Posted: December 20, 2006 09:31 am
Rev. Fred Niles
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It seems the nazis aren't too pleased either.

"I got this info of a bloke I know. This rollo clown works at a Dick Smith store at ***. I assume this is the dwebe that has the WhiteNationalists sooooo scared."

From Stormfront.

Drives home the need for security culture, which I am now beginning to obsessively embrace.

Posted: December 20, 2006 09:48 am
Knuckle Dragging Criminal
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I didn't sell anybody out. What information do I have about you?

Anyways I have a fairly good idea who this bloke you know is, I'm going to have a talk to him.

About the whitelaw article, I spoke to Raz about it and other people, the account on stormfront known as "TGuire" is certainly not mine.

About these 'lies' you speak of in the PM you sent me I can admit to some of them because those lies are to do with security culture. I was suspicious of this guy from day one, I barely told him a word of truth.

I'm fairly confident with the person who sold me out to whitelaw now. Pm me for info and such, this is going to be a bitch to sort out.

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QUOTE (VictorWhitelaw)
He might be a disgusting, sick little criminal pervert, but hey, at least he’s not a RACIST!

The Party of American Bolsheviks
The Anarchist Tension
Posted: December 20, 2006 10:54 am
Youth is Revolutionary
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I think it's best to continue this discussion within PM's to each other and/or admins and mods.

If it's very serious and these facists have too much information on any of you, it might be an idea speaking to any militant anti-fascst groups you have.
Erm, NOT clever, dipshit. Sending out 'Death Squads' to hit White Nationalists is one of the things that got these two wallys in the shit in the first place and their dopey co-conspirator Darp is going down with them. That's a promise.

Other than that, I think it's best to close this thread.

Good things come in threes right? So the next three will be?

You’ll just have to guess.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!