Saturday, December 09, 2006

On the drugs Pt II

In regard to the subject of drug abuse, as per usual the Fight Dem Back Criminals have put their own warped spin on things. They have deliberately avoided the differences in context between the examples.

There is no comparison whatsoever between the youthful indulgences of Campbell and Perren and the cult of drug abuse that prevails in the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang. Campbell and Perren acted as individuals and were not running a supposedly responsible community group that claims the high moral ground. Both only ever smoked the ‘wacky baccy’ anyway and neither have ever been injecting or hard drug users.

Campbell and Perren were over their flirtation with illicit substances very early on in the piece, like their very early Twenties, whereas deviant Darp the pervert, who is now thirty something is still hanging out with young kids and allowing people in his group to advocate drug use. Or does Darp really expect anyone to believe that he does not do illegal drugs anymore, of any sort, ever?

All this hysterical nonsense over the meaning of one word, namely “clean”, is purely distraction from the facts that really matter. When Henderson-Hau claims anything these days people need to remember the entire profile he invented for his own, imaginary, Jim Perren was based on an amalgam of several real people, sadly none of them being the real Jim Perren. Part of this mythology involved a previous record as a smack head. This is, of course bullshit, but we’d be more than happy for him to repeat his accusations, preferably in writing, that Jim Perren used Heroin.

Another huge difference is that the admissions by Mr. Campbell to a misspent youth were made on a private, members only Internet group site, namely the A.N.N. OR Aust New Nation discussion group where he believed that was precisely where they would stay. He did not realise that later some Left Wing shit-for-brains would deliberately misrepresent themselves, infiltrate the membership and copy the entire contents of the archives. The only reason any of this stuff is now in the public domain is because Darp put it there so any negative effects it might have are his responsibility and nobody else’s.

Conversely, Darp’s “look at me” shrine to self indulgence called ‘’ was always intended for public consumption. Hell, it was even spruiked in the Sydney Morning Herald by one of his sycophants and its filth has probably been read by innumerable minors over the years. As we said, no comparison.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum:

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Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 2:14 am
“The truly sad thing is that practically every member of the legal profession had a uni career pretty much like the one Vickie builds for Darp. There's a very strong "Boys/girls will be boys/girls" ethic in most conservative professions re their undergrad selves.

OK, afaik (sic) I've never met a (straight) lawyer who shaves his balls but all the rest just sounds like a pretty normal weekend in the youth of hizhonour.” (sic)

Sadly, there is much truth in ‘Franko’s’ claims, after all we’ve seen many homosexual deviants, pederasts and other criminals exposed and sometimes expelled from the Legal profession over the years, so ironically there definitely is a criminal culture existing within the very Legal structure itself.

‘Franko’ seems to think he can sow despair in the White Nationalist camp merely by demonstrating the perceived futility of “kicking against the pricks”. Although the Judiciary currently is literally a law unto itself there is also mounting community pressure for our judges to be held more accountable for their findings and for their judgments to reflect prevailing social values as well as pruning some of their elitist privileges.

History has demonstrated that when the Law in any land becomes so utterly corrupt and self-serving then a revolution is never far away. ‘Frankos’ term (below) “Princes of the bench” is very apt and through the ages despotic royalty has often found itself looking up at a guillotine, swinging from a rope or in front of a firing squad. For their very survival this elite had better start getting back in touch with the society they supposedly represent in the dispensation of Law.

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Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 4:07 am
“Actually, I do genuinely sympathise with people who dislike that youngsters of born-to-rule families (and, to a far lesser extent, any udergrads (sic) doing traditional ruling-class courses) get away with murder.

During a very short stay at a posh uni colege (sic) I saw an Old School tie beat a pretty nasty drink-driving charge; a future Senator dangle recalictrant (sic) girls out the fourth-floor window by their ankles; future QCs being successful "amateur" drug dealers; future shining lights in most professions vandalizing, stealing, perjuring, indecently exposing, using drugs, etc, etc.

So while I'm not at all equating what Darp does/did/might have done with this sort of hi-jinx, I'm telling Vickie not to waste his time. The Princes of the Bench have done the same or worse, and fondly joke about it in their clubs.”

Despite the obvious intent to dismiss some quite serious crimes as so-called “hi-jinx” all this sounds like reasonable argument from ‘Franko’ if what he says does indeed occur quite commonly. The only thing is, if he expects us to believe these “Princes of the bench” will necessarily go easy on others for doing the same things I am not so sure. After all, apart from being hypocrites just like Darp himself, they have reputations, assets and privileges to protect.

Besides, all these recent pathetic attempts by Henderson-Hau and his (mostly) imaginary friends to minimise his crimes through claims along the lines of “well everyone’s done this stuff, even most of the judges” just won’t wash with most people in the community. Nobody, least of all his Upper Middle Class idols in the legal fraternity, likes a lickspittle social climber bent on brown-nosing his way to a position of some authority just to massage his own overblown ego.

Darp is a feckless, hypocritical, shameless, Lower Middle Class political dilettante, still sucking at his mother’s teat like the dirty little parasite he is. Scum like him should be, and will be, exposed to the World for what he is. His overblown ego is an elaborately constructed wall of bluff to hide his deep seated shame at his own genetic inferiority. He knows the truth, and it burns.

This bizarre mentality of going out of one’s way to be offended and searching out people who have an opposing political view just so you can harass them and make their lives a misery is hardly consistent with the Left’s claims to abhor intolerance and violence and to support so-called “Free Speech” and “Human Rights”.

It is the same mentality which, in its more extreme forms, manifests in acts such as occurred in the park in Brisbane with Leftist Extremists goading Muslims to physically, as well as verbally, attack law abiding White people who were committing no greater crime than enjoying the company of like minded people while having a barbecue. There is simply no logical reason or excuse for this behaviour. Every Australian Citizen should have the inalienable right to mix with whomsoever they choose so long causing nobody else any aggravation.

I am sure many White Australians find it offensive having to put up with large crowds of arrogant and noisy Arabs taking over picnic grounds, blasting their moronic music and hogging the facilities as they do but God help them if they complain.