Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Plot Thickens

With the recent revelation on White Law Towers of the involvement of Terrorist organizations and their cozy relationship with Mathew Henderson and members of Fight Dem Back, naturally we expected that FDB would cut away any ties to the RAAN and Class War but what has transpired now is truly desperate stuff.

It was considered many times that we would publish the numerous threats made by members from FDB along with the so many threats of legal action from Mathew Henderson Hau. A quick look at the FDB forum is sufficient at this moment to show anyone with common sense that FDB are walking on very thin ice.

Our advice to FDB is put your money where your mouth is. We know one particular White Nationalists in Queensland who would love to once again hand over his evidence to the Police. The experiment to slander and bare false witness is now very well documented by Law Enforcement from QLD to WA.

But this time around we will put up some threats from FDB members that never made it to the Web. We shall prove that these people not only are a threat to law abiding White Men but also their families. One could almost understand why FDB think they are in danger when you read what follows.

Rollo will get mentioned here. He is almost certainly an A grade nut case. His track record of cruelty to animals and total disrespect for non-combatants only prove what staff here has known all along. FDB is nothing more than a Criminal gang of Terrorists.

Once FDB had found out about Rollos Blog it was panic stations. Yes our friend Rollo published photographs that reportedly showed a White Nationalist from QLD with one his Grand Kids along with pictures claiming to be this mans bike.
What does Rollo think will happen? Enjoy.

17:18:35) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: perren sent me this PM on stormfront

(17:18:51) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: Mmmm dunno looks like you may be the one and only Rollo, love your blog. Dont bite off more than you can chew old son. I would advise that you stick with playing with kids and not mess with people who can collar you at any time. I will do you a favour and give you a second chance. Unless you wanna end up like Kaaos AKA Mr Morrison? FDB is not only people who can make you famous.

(17:18:55) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: Pays not to mess with some people. Yep thats the only warning you get. So go and get all reved up on the Government and protest your heart out. Just dont mess with me

I suppose FDB could call this a threat? Lets hope they do maybe they will ask the Police to Question this man over it, they will want to know why he is so upset. May have something do with this sort of capper from FDB’s Rollo.

(17:21:13) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: gonna put up those pics on my blog

These would be the ones we just spoke about. Rollo has hit the jackpot here. Over to you Rollo.

(17:21:17) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: but do it all inconspicuously

Rollo is going to earn his stripes at FDB with this, so he thinks.

(17:28:20) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: this is gold
(17:28:26) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: get the pullitzer price people in here :P

Rollo lets us in on his plans for next week on his blog. Yep another White Nationalist from SF Down Under will feels his wrath.

(17:31:02) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: adding " Next week: Surfers paradise "

(17:31:12) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: pics of that tattoed_aryan cunt

Back to today’s victim

(17:36:23) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: almost done

Can you feel the excitement, FDB will be so impressed?

17:39:23) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: any second now

(17:39:33) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!:

Now Rollo has published photos of what he claims are a White Nationalists in QLD with one of his grand kids how worried is he about any repercussions.

(18:00:26) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: I hope he does come out here to find me

(18:01:48) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: the chances of him finding me are so bad

(18:01:54) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: I'm not worried

I would be more concerned about what the Police think. I doubt very much a grown man would give a toss about risking his freedom on such a nut case. In any case Rollo you are still a minor all be it a very dangerous one.

So many must be wondering, as we are here what Dick Smiths Electronics think about this deranged person Rollo working for them. What’s that a terrorist working in an Electronic sales outfit?

Unlike FDB we can prove without a doubt that QLD member Rollo has bragged about his bomb making skills. We do not need a deranged fruit loop with a grudge to make this up. It is as they say straight from the horse’s mouth. Hell I would not want to be him when the Feds find out about his plans to poison the Water Supply of a certain Rural QLD city and that of doing the same to White Nationalists own private water supply. As Mathew Henderson knows only to well this could get FDB in an awful lot of hot water.

We are not in the business of getting kids the sack. But I am afraid that the Police may like to talk to his employer Dick Smiths Electronics.

Back to QLD and Mr. Perren.

(18:05:32) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: he's threatening to hurt me and expose me

(18:05:52) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: good luck to him

(18:36:58) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: either way, the nazis aer all talk

Obviously you are willing to take the chance by stalking this man. So much for the FDB lies about Mr. Perren being violent.

Now what will Rollo do now he thinks he has published photos of a WN in QLD?

(18:26:35) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: Might do a crows nest revisited later

And what does he think Mr. Perren will do, track him down and hurt him maybe or just go to the police? Considering Rollo has stalked this mans 16 year old daughter via telephone I would guess he may be a little cranky. Real smart FDB.

(18:41:04) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: well he'll have crying rights once he sees the blog

Sorry Rollo we think the staff here at White Law will have the last laugh.

So what of Rollo’s claims that he did not conspire on SF Down Under to get the RAAN shut down by evil Nazis? This one is for you Kaoos_AF

(17:58:32) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: see my tips for frank?

(17:58:43) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!:

Oh, and this gem.

(18:11:00) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: the RAAN cunts deserve to be exposed

(17:59:30) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: perren obviously doesn't have any evidence that he has my new account

Maybe he doesn’t but we do.

Just in case FDB think we made this up, this one is for you Asher.

(18:38:50) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: They added me on MSN and confronted me for saying they are soft

Oh lordy White Law has many pages of this type of dribble from so many of these violent Reds. But we will let the Law play catch up before we reveal all.

We would like to add that all information gained by the staff at White Law was submitted voluntarily. We would like to also add that all Anti Fa gigs we attended and people we have met happened after we had been invited to do so. We have not stalked nor hidden in the bushes. We actually fronted these people.

The sheer amount of infighting and backstabbing that is currently going on must be seen to believe. When I say the information is rolling in on Rollo we mean it.

So Rollo do not fear White law staff, I would be more concerned about your own people. I guess it doesn’t pay to be a big-mouthed Terrorist.

As you can expect many are not very happy with the FDB member Rollo. Let alone people like Mr. Perren and his family who have been threatened with being poisoned, along with his daughter and possibly his Grand Kids being stalked. What sort of operation are FDB running?

In the last 12 months White Nationalists have had their children harassed their parents have had letterboxes blown up, and Mathew Henderson Hau himself has attempted to procure the murder of another via the Internet. We have seen open threats of men having their jobs and life destroyed. They have used the Media and the Police to harass many others. And to top it off they have affiliated themselves with Islamic and Anarchist Terrorists.

Reading the topics on the FDB forum give the public insight to these deranged terrorists. FDB is not an Anti Racist web site. It is nothing more than a meeting place of the most pathetic creatures known to man.

So FDB keep linking us, the more readers here the better. I have a feeling they will not be linking us for to much longer.