Saturday, December 23, 2006

Really, what are they ON over at FDB?

It’s difficult to determine whether the blasé attitude over at FDB is drug induced, driven by intrinsic arrogance and imbecility or simply contrived chutzpah in the face of the first blasts of a shit storm that will blow them away for ever.

Darp and his Terrorist gangsters can pretend very bad shit isn’t beginning to fall on their heads all they like but it will not alter the ultimate outcome, extinction for this unique class of political thug. They are going down and they had better get used to the idea. Playing at myopic ostriches is just plain stupid.

This from the illiterate Donald Oorst:

duck monster

Remember,remember, the fifth of November

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Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:29 am

I might just add something as well.


FDB will support you as much as our modus operandi and individual moralitys (sic) permit us, but you gotta (sic) get out there and fight this shit in and with YOUR community.

But take heed, membership of the forum doesnt (sic) mean your (sic) a member of the core. It means your (sic) probably a good friend.

If you havent (sic) been asked, there might be a few reasons

1) Your too young (I realise thats (sic) a bit ageist, but we cant live with getting a 17yo bashed because of our activities)

2) We dont know you well enough (Hanging out on the forum for six months doesnt (sic) mean we know you. It means we know e-you.

3) We dont trust you. Sorry. Theres (sic) a few folks here whos (sic) storys (sic) just dont (sic) pass the background checks.

5) You have used the icon. Only I may use that.

But that doesnt (sic) mean we dont (sic) like you, or we wont (sic) work with you. It just means you cant speak for FDB.


It also doesnt (sic) mean we dont listen. You guys are our mates, and we give a shit what you say.

And dont (sic) use .

Additionally, Darp might think the smearing and slander of a prominent White Nationalist in a National Newspaper was the year’s “Anti-Fa highlight”, a “real corker” and all a bit “jocular” but he is clinically insane if he believed for one micro-second that this was ever going to go un-avenged. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over Darp.

And what sort of victory was it anyway? Nothing was proven, no charges were ever laid, the victim was not dismissed from his job. So what was so “great” about this moment? They got to keep Brian Stokes’ promise of making this person “famous”. So what?

And the lesson from all this? If, and this is a given, FDB members cannot match wits with you either politically or otherwise they will simply attack you and/or your family personally and attempt to destroy your livelihood. Lacking any real evidence, they will nevertheless conspire to construct a case against you.

The following tripe is my favourite so far but doubtless this will be eclipsed soon enough by the king of the clowns himself, Darpy boy.


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Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 11:18 pm


Just because someone has an account on a forum does not make them a member, or half of FDB would be members of Duke & Black's little Klavern.

Or to put it another way, just because you are a social member of an RSL, does not mean you are entitled to join the sub-branch.

The ability to have an account on this forum is open to the Joe Public, and his dog.

Yes, but then "Joe Public" doesn't conspire with Darp to bash or even murder White Nationalists, does he?

Got it you nazi boneheads?

BTW, the list of the "IN: crowd forgot Agent Gerbil”

‘BANA’ is quite possibly the only person on the entire planet that could understand, let alone believe, this bullshit. He is, like all of the stampeding FDB cowards, missing the most important point. Why has it taken ‘til now (two fucking years) for this lame arsed excuse for a “membership policy” to be trundled out?

Well we all KNOW why, don’t we folks?

The pressure's on.

Face the facts BANA, you fucktard, and stop lying. Kaaos_af and Rollo are and were every bit a part of FDB as you and Darp and assisted Darp in his plans to commit serious crimes of violence.

One last thing you FDB deadshits. Try Googling up Revolutionary Left and you will see the future. YOUR future. They were ten times bigger than you and Whitelaw Towers delivered them oblivion.

What are YOUR odds?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!