Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rollo Rolls Over PT 2

Fellow travellers you are going to love this, take it away Rollo.

“Me and kaaos_af may not be best of friends but we certainly aren't enemies.
Infact a RAAN member and myself have made a certain agreement recently.”

Would the agreement include contacting members at Storm Front Down Under and asking them to dob in the Leader of RAAN in the US by the name of Chimx?

“If I get along fine with other RAAN members and anarchists what would I have against kaaos, someone I have never met before?”

Well I don’t think they will appreciate this, a pm on SF Down Under passed onto us from 303smle.

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“Hey, was just reading your article on RAAN ( I hope it was yours! ) A RAAN member on the revleft forum known as Chimx openly posted pictures of him and other loonies firing guns into the woods. enouth he seems to have threaten OTHER members of the forum . Just a little tidbit there.”

So Rollo we shall not reveal your real name or Pics, well not until you are 18. Thanks for the “tidbit”. Oh and the other info that just so happened to come our way.

You may have to contact TM and do some explaining. When he starts asking how White Law Staff got so much info on the RAAN be sure to tell him we said thanks to you Rollo.

Just so you know next time Rollo you should never play both sides unless you have an understanding of what you are doing. What a dud.

I vote we throw him to the Anarchists. Such acts of treachery must surely rank high in the Communist Party? Well done the order of Stalin is in the mail.