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The Story Of kaaos_af

“I can almost taste it. It’s the need to see you die.”
‘Sweet Revenge’ by Motörhead

The story (or at least some of it) behind Fight Dem Back member Tom Morrison aka ‘kaaos_af’

Firstly, the Whitelaw Towers staff can now reveal that ‘kaaos_af’ has been a “person of interest” to the Queensland Police for some time and has been subject to discrete, low level surveillance. But recently, thanks to the heroic work of our agents in the field, the Police were provided with the final bits of evidence they needed to pass the case along to the Feds and nail the little prick.

Congratulations to all those involved, and we wish we could put your names up in lights for your Patriotic service to the security of this great nation, but sadly for the physical safety of you and your loved ones you must remain anonymous. Thank you again you are truly great White Men.

Even the name ‘KAAOS’ itself has some quite sinister connotations. Although it appears to come from an online computer game and/or a Finnish Punk band, take your pick, it has also been appropriated by more than one Anarchist. In Anarchist circles it is also a well known acronym that stands for “Killing As An Organised Sport”. Couple that with the ‘AF’ or “Anti-Fascist” part of the name and you have “Killing As An Organised Sport Anti Fascist”, quite a mouthful as a moniker but also very revealing as to the actual intent of the user.

Of course, all these Anarchist activists like to think they’re really tough and “hardcore”, despite the inconvenient reality that most are pencil necked geeks who can barely make it out of their own bedrooms, so they select macho sounding pseudonyms intended to gain credibility on the street.

However, ‘kaaos_af’ the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang member though appears to be a little closer to the real thing and our monitoring and observation of him over many months has revealed a very nasty piece of work with true potential for extreme violence. Of course he is, like all Leftists, an abject coward. For example, even the briefest study of Darp’s C.V. reveals he is one of the worst cowards one could ever encounter and ‘kaaos_af” could almost be his brother.

What sets ‘Darp’, ‘Weezil’, ‘kaaos_af’ and some of the other so-called “core FDB” members apart from the bulk of the hangers-on is their willingness to actually go ahead and DO some of the violence they often threaten over the Internet. These fellas will actually tear themselves away from their keyboards occasionally and go out to cause real trouble for the White Australian community.

Now many reading this will think “So what? They’re just kids acting hard.” but what should be remembered is that people like ‘kaaos_af’ are members of an Anti-Australian group (Fight Dem Back) that purports to hold the high moral ground by preaching cooperation, love, unity etc and most importantly of all…NON-violence!

Many White Nationalist groups have commented about the blatant hypocrisy of Fight Dem Back yet strangely they still appear to hold some degree of credibility among certain sections of the Media. These latest revelations regarding ‘kaaos_af’ and his cadre of violent Anarchists working closely with the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang should shake a few people’s faith in Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA ‘Darp’ and his entire reputation as a non-violent so-called “Anti-Racist”.

‘kaaos_af’s profile on the ‘Revolutionary Left’ Forum Site claims he is part of a Queensland based group called the ‘Direct Action Collective’ Red and Anarchist Action Network. Among some of his boastful claims is that he and members of this group “broke up a meeting” of National Bolshevists!

‘Kaaos_af’ is also the main fundraiser and logistics manager of the so-called “White Overall Brigade”, those stinking wasters in boiler suits and black balaclavas who recently assaulted Victorian Police and extensively vandalised Public infrastructure supplied by the Australian Taxpayer. Yeah, goodonya lads! He was the one responsible for getting this crew to these recent G20 protests in Melbourne.

Of course most of the funding comes from the International Socialist Network whose money trail leads straight back, via the Chosenites, to the offices of International Finance, the very forces these twits purport to be struggling against. Can everyone say “Useful Idiots!” Whitelaw Towers will have more to reveal about the money trail later, so stay tuned. There will be some very red faces in the so-called respectable establishment by the time we have done with this project.

‘kaaos_af’ and his motley crew of misfits are blissfully unaware of the irony of a group that maintains a vegan diet because they are opposed to killing animals yet freely plan to kill any Humans who oppose their sick and twisted political ideology. They are also opposed to regular bathing and other matters of personal hygiene.

Mr. Tom Morrison can be found at:

** W******** T******
Dutton Park
QLD 4102

Whitelaw Towers will ‘fill in the blanks’ for any interested Law Enforcement agency. It’s all part of our dedication to community service.

His birthday is 1st January 1988

(A photograph will follow shortly. So stay tuned.)

His known associates include Fight Dem Back members ‘Rollo’and ‘Raz’ and known Rev Left maniac Anarchists Subcal and chimx. There will be revealing exposés released on these and other lucky members also just as soon as certain things are verified.

More background info on kaaos_af.

Here he introduces himself on the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Site of which Fight Dem Back’s Andrew Morgan aka @ndy & Slackbastard, Aketus and Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst are founding members…

kaaos_afJoined: 02 Aug 2006Posts: 2

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 1:51 am Post subject:

Hi, I'm from the Direct Action Collective in Brisbane. We are still in the process of forming with a meeting planned for early September to finally get the show on the road. Riko's getting a website together, so you'll be able to read more into our aims once that's up, but at the moment, we stand for, among other things: -having Brisbane permanently re-declared a nuclear-free zone. This may be difficult, as Brisbane Port is sometimes used by warships powered by nuclear reactors and the fact that ports come under the authority of the Federal Government. -ending the City Council's attacks on the Murri community. -ending the City Council's attacks on the homeless. -stopping the use of Brisbane Port by various navies. Earlier this year, we had the USS Ronald Reagan, the world's largest aircraft carrier possibly carrying DU warheads. There have been several warships since, with what I believe is a Taiwanese warship in currently. -shutting down Brisbane arms manufacturers Metal Storm. Metal Storm is developing high-tech weapons, some capable of firing as many as a million bullets a minute, for groups such as the Australian Defence Force and the United States Army. -monitoring Neo-Nazi organisations, such as the Patriotic Youth League, springing up in Brisbane. -assisting in the united left and union effort against the government's attacks on worker's and student's rights. -initiating or assisting efforts to build grassrooots democracy and resistance. -overthrowing the capitalist system and creating a free and equal society

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Can a mod please delete all posts concerning ///// Sorry guys, but from what I understand it's extreme security culture in Vic and anything that could allow the cops to identify anyone has to be gotten rid of.He's fine don't worry

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Jeeeeses christ, BD, sorry to sound like Comrade Chairman MLS, but you have any idea just how illegal squats are in QLD? They have a whole police taskforce to crack down on them! Don't even write what suburb they're in!! Sorry dude, but seriosuly, everyone needs to think security culture.

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It’s a real shame he didn’t take his own advice.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!