Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thanks Stokesy

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Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 8:27 pm

oh, let's see... 2006 highlights...

* Kraplick of Assmunch being caught out distributing bomb-making pamphlets to people he thought were nazi sympathisers in the Sydney area. However, the racism inherent in Australian law enforcement is obvious when you consider that Krapper hasn't yet been arrested for the same crimes that would have a swarthier guy contemplating his navel in a concrete box for a few years.

Highlights for 2007 will include Kraplick getting so famous he'll be completely unemployable.

Watch This Space
Phew! Well, you can't get a clearer satement of intention to stalk, harrass, intimidate, slander and defame than that one. That one's copied, archived and on it's way to the brief today, Christmas Eve or not.
You really are a king sized fuckwit Weezil. You are out of your tiny, crippled mind on this one.
Oh, and we don't have to look for you in 2007. We already know where you are. As we said, it is staggering how much info has rolled into our mailbox recently.
Keep those cards and letters rolling in folks.
Have a WHITE Christmas Brian...