Thursday, December 28, 2006

Threats, threats and more threats

Well, we’ve got to hand it to FDB. They are really are masters of self delusion. Henderson-Hau and Humpherys are raving with ‘victory is mine’ type blathering when they have got absolutely NOTHING and they still have barely seen the tip of the iceberg on what Whitelaw Towers has on them.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

(An extremely ironic pseudonym when one considers Johnny doesn’t HAVE any.)
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Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:53 am
Spotted out and about on Saturday evening at a very busy and popular Sydney nightspot was none other than every White Nationalist’s most hated traitor dog John Humpherys.

“Oh yeh (sic) well thats (sic) a big call Peter,

Hmmm, puzzling. Where is the name “Peter” mentioned?

“however something still confuses me how can one be traitor exactly if theyve (sic) never been member of a group to begin with you said yourself Asgard,”

Asgard? Where was that mentioned?

“hmm i mean Victor Sorry Peter, thats (sic) i (sic) was never a member yet you seem to just want to have both ways. There is help for MPD you know Peter have you ever sought it!.”

One gets the distinct impression Humpherys is tearing off on a mad tangent here with entirely the wrong script in his hand.

“However I always did want to feel notorious for something what better way than helping to expose the identities of those who would rather hide their hugely unpopular identities and actions.

After the rather brainy motives and behaviour at the Styne (sic) Hotel at Manly sunday (sic) morn there will be nowhere for you turds to hide big bro already nows (sic) full details and your days and hours are numbered so brag about your smalll (sic) victory while you still can your hours and days are numbered Pete and Scott, Alex!.”

“So get ready to prepare your lawyers and your job hunting skills i (sic) suggest you will be requiring both Pete.”

You’ve been reading Darp and Weezil’s posts for too long, it’s back on the medication for you young man. But hey, thanks for that Johnny boy. This blatant threat has been copied, filed and passed along to the relevant people. You just never quite mastered coordination did you Johnny boy? It’s THINK and THEN open your mouth. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Why do you persist in using the name ‘Costa’? We already explained to you that the person you originally wanted to put under suspicion spells his name with a ‘K’. Oh, and HE’S not a happy chappy either since he learned of your efforts to dump him in the shit.

Darp Hau
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Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 7:22 am
Lemme (sic) just quickly state that I am still (albeit half-arsedly)

Why change the habits of a lifetime now Matty boy.

“investigating this to verify who did what to whom and running it by independant (sic) witnesses (well, someone else is doing that bit - I cannot be everywhere at once)."

Get your hand off it Darp. It’s likely to discharge spontaneously.

"But uhm (sic) yeah. IF the witnesses come through with the goods"

Does that mean “be willing to perjure themselves” to support your ‘version’ of events?

“(and that's an IF), then no amount of bullshitting about one's whereabouts will save Alex and Scotty.”

Now that sounds like another THREAT.

All these THREATS…

“'Reasonable grounds' can have any number of common law interpretations and what the current QLD jurisprudence is on this, I have no effing idea. 'Ordinary community standards' more than likely.”


“I would venture to argue that a person who has A) Sent numerous veiled threats to people over the internet B) Sought to publish names, addresses, maps etc with the clear intent that physical harm be enacted against those persons and C) Left a very 'interesting' voicemail message on my phone stating "You, Mathew, and the Jews - we will wipe you out, there is nowhere to hide etc etc" ....would MOST CERTAINLY contravene ordinary community standards as to whom we see fit to hold a firearms licence.”

A. Unlike FDB threats which are totally UN veiled that is. Also, it’s going to be “fun” to see what ‘evidence’ desperate little Darpy boy can cobble together on this one.

B. Oh, you mean like the MANY attempts Mathew Henderson-Hau has made to have White Nationalists bashed or even “eliminated”? The most infamous being the planned Sydney Forum ‘hit’. As promised folks, there WILL be much more evidence to prove Darp and FDB were involved in these plots.

We will furnish as evidence HUNDREDS of pages of MSN conversations between various FDB members (going back over TWELVE MONTHS), many P.M.’s and E-Mails plus much material evidence including printed matter and photographs.

Face it Darp. You are totally, completely and utterly fucked.

C. Oh, this is WAY too funny. So, let’s get this right. Darp is going to go after someone’s shooter’s licence using for ‘evidence’ a taped phone message from Darth Vader!?!?!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

While on the subject of firearms Darp, and while you’ve got little Rollo tucked under your arm, how about you ask him about his (totally illegal) crossbow and… erm… that 'handy helper' he keeps taped under the dashboard of his car?

Oh dear!

“Evidentiary issues? That's the beauty of Perren using a homegrown ISP (Austarnet), his online footprints and cache are logged within an Australian jurisdiction and can be easily accessed by Australian law enforcement officialdom (unlike the absolute shitfight you have with AOL etc). Is blogger a problem? No, not in the slightest. We currently have a very good relationship with Google Australia NZ. Though they are of course subject to dictum from Mountain View + Sergei and Larry, Google Australia have a strong degree of autonomy when it comes to putting out local spot fires.”

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Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 7:23 am
"why are us WN's always cast as evil violent morons?"

“Theres (sic) one thing more to add to this when the large Black meat showed up both patrons and bouncers the Nutzis (sic) were seen to scatter out the hotel as fast as there lard whites asses & lards (sic) guts would allow for their velocity in fact they spent whole night in hotel beer garden surrounded by such folks including many of those whites they call lefties, but strangely didnt (sic) have the guts to tell them they where blacks cunts gooks and muslim (sic) filth or commie scum,”

Perhaps, and this is merely another wild, redneck, Neo-Nazi conspiracy theory, you might have been more… erm… ‘interesting’ because it is well known about town that apart from your slagging of just about everone in the Nationalist Patriot scene you are known as the one who supplied lies and false ‘evidence’ to FDB and conspired with Cam Smith and Greg Roberts to have a certain White Nationalist not only defamed and sacked from his job but actually gaoled for “Terrorism”. For what good reasons? There are none.

“like they do on scum front all the time however i seemed to suffice for being black oh well i (sic) guess my bone stucture (sic) facial features”

I believe Neanderthal would be the appropriate term

“could be mistaken for being non white it is the only thing i can think otherwise its got me beat why the visiting Waffen SS didnt have the guts to tell the significantly large enough non white patronage why they shouldnt (sic) be there including questioning the bouncers rights to jobs in Australia such wallflower cowering seems to be the nature of sydney (sic) nutzis (sic) it seems king among these is kraplock (sic) the true stiff up lip style of true englishmen (sic) all piss and no action.”

Ooer! Isn’t that a “Racist” comment Johnny?

Poor widdle Johnny, if there IS a video he’ll be the one with the wet patch rapidly spreading across the front of his trousers, is curiously brave all of a sudden. It must be from basking in the bravado of Darp’s “Maori berserker rage” and the glow of his Trans-Tasman, burnished metallic gonads. You can just picture it now, can’t you folks?

Uncle Darp with his arm around young Rollo’s shoulder telling him to dry his eyes and he won’t let those nathsty, wicked Nazis get him. Then hunkering down in some North Shore hotel to further conspire with the mentally challenged, illiterate buffoon John Humpherys on how to salve their badly bruised egos with yet more mindless revenge.

In response to all this FDB bullshit bravado we say “bring it on”. We are prepared. The stuff the White Nationalists now have on FDB will even scour away Darp’s hitherto impervious Teflon coating. This time the shit will stick.

You sad morons simply have no idea what you are getting yourselves into.

No idea.

To use an FDB phrase “It should be FUN”.