Thursday, January 04, 2007

FDB’s true colours

In politics there really is no such thing as coincidence. Things are quite deliberately made to happen and symbolism, having the powerful impact it does, has been employed from the very beginning to control, inspire, manipulate and motivate.

It is no coincidence whatsoever that the Fight Dem Back colours, as displayed on their website, are Green, White, Black and Red. These four colours are also known as the ‘Pan Arab’ colours. These are precisely the same colours as the Palestinian flag designed in 1916 by Sharif Hussein and also many other Arabic and Islamic flags.

For Fight Dem Back purposes the Green and White represent Islam, the Green being the Moon and the White being the light of the Sun. The Red and the Black represent Anarcho-Communism, the Red being Socialism and the Black being Anarchy.

This makes both Islamists and Anarchists feel immediately welcome as they see the front page of the Fight Dem Back website load up. It is like putting down a welcome mat to terrorists. Anyone who doubts this has only to see how, over the past two years or so, FDB has become the lightning rod for some of the most militant and violent Islamic extremists like ‘Jihad’ and Anarchist thugs like ‘Kaaos_af’, ‘Rollo’, @ndy AKA Andy Fleming, ‘Raz’ etc.

Additionally it is also generally accepted among Muslim historians that the four ‘Pan Arab’ colours have another significance attributed to them. The various colours followed the dynastic progression of Islamic warrior leadership. White for Umayyad, Black for Abbasid, Green for Fatimid and several others employed Red as the colour of their battle standards.

Overwhelmingly though, the colour Green has become associated with Islam and the Christian Crusaders avoided its use like the plague. This policy had a very practical use. Considering Green proliferated among the banners and flags of the Saracen, by not using it on their own coats of arms, shields, standards or clothing the Christians were not mistaken for the enemy on the field of battle.

Obviously every people and belief system assigns culturally specific significance to certain colours but generically, with few exceptions, these four colours are regarded as Green = Earth & Nature, White = Purity, Black = Death & Mourning and Red = Blood & the People.

Generally speaking, in White Nationalist symbolism, White represents the ideal of Racial and Cultural Purity. Red represents the Blood of the People and the Socialist aspect of the ideology. Black represents Fascism (Strength through Unity) as well as Loyalty unto Death.