Friday, January 05, 2007

Machismo Goes mad in…well…erm…actually Machismo just goes MAD…


“They're coming to take me away,
They're coming to take me away,
To the funny farmWhere life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to seeThose nice, young men
In their clean, white coats
And they're coming to take me away,
Napoleon XIV

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Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 7:41 am

“Hey Peter you Pommie bogan (sic) turd you call me a lefty mentally ill person plus Alan Bond all in the one sentence on your Whitetrash (sic) towers so which one as it surely cant (sic) be both, fucking nutjob (sic) ex drug fucked hippie Inflatable rubber boat my patience is wearing thin with you kid in an old mans body i (sic) sense alzhiemers (sic) in you already you crusty bogan (sic) upstart!.”

Way too funny Johnny, you pathetic dribbler.

This so reminds me of the taunting Frenchman in Monty Python’s The Holy Grail movie except HIS diatribe made more sense.

“You don't frighten us, English pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottom, sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called Arthur King, you and all your silly English k-nnnnniggets. I don't wanna talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Now, go away, or I shall taunt you a second time-a!”

Without a doubt you are one blown unit. You are severely mentally retarded and quite possibly dangerously psychotic. Not managing your manic-depression properly by taking your medication and reading too many Nexus magazines can do that to a congenital moron like you Johnny.

“So big deal Inflatable rubber boat you know people at the top surprsie (sic) no it isnt, (sic) infact (sic) everyone should realise is you have had your hand deep in cointelpro (sic) style Psyops (sic) fabricated fash(sic) groups and always have even saleam knows that, you are with the status quo not against it, for those fash to thick to read between the lines that means NEO CONSERVATISM not WN you are an apparachik (sic) stooge pete (sic) like your mentor palmer even people like ex PYL Mcbeth (sic) know ofcause (sic) that you were behind trying to frame them for the newcastle (sic) synagoge (sic) attack plus WPCA stickers which mysteriously showed up around newcastle (sic) the same week as the attack because you and your goons planted them ofcause!. (sic)”

“Inflatable rubber boat?” I think somebody needs a spell in the rubber room. And really Johnny, if anyone absolutely typifies the “Neo-Con” it is you. You are a walking, talking (well gibbering) living stereotype of the Pro-Multi-Cult “Neo-Con” and as far as “stooges” go you are currently hanging out at Stooge Central.

“Those moron useful idiots like Scotty (sic) and alex (sic) are ofcause (sic) i (sic) naive to this fact but they and others are going to learn the hard way when criminal charges start pending and you know where the trails eventually going to lead when it all falls apart in your crusty old lap Inflatable rubber boat enjoy.You underestimate law enforcement intelligence resources Old peter and my willingness to use them!.”

Oh, the awesome power of little Johnny.

“For all you really thick fash (sic) reading there that havent(sic) yet worked it out, the PYL was framed by none other than VICTOR WHITELAW aka PETER CAMPBELL the same guy that use (sic) to call himself ASGARD OF KROMLOK and use to hang out with DAVID PALMER and aka cyrus samhain and main ringleader of the WPCA linked to other nut job terrorists like jackass van tongoren (sic) wake up and smell the coffee morons!.”

You can almost see the spray of spittle hitting the monitor’s screen on this one.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 8:44 am

Perhaps, and this is merely another wild, redneck, Neo-Nazi conspiracy theory, you might have been more… erm… ‘interesting’ because it is well known about town that apart from your slagging of just about everone in the Nationalist Patriot scene you are known as the one who supplied lies and false ‘evidence’ to FDB and conspired with Cam Smith and Greg Roberts to have a certain White Nationalist not only defamed and sacked from his job but actually gaoled for “Terrorism”. For what good reasons? There are none.

“Well peter with all your rat cunning attempts to dump me in the shit about the Mcbeth (sic) affair for him getting sacked from his job in 2005.

I can vouch from first hand experience that Mcbeth never liked you or would ever believe you even months before the synogogue attack setup as confided to me as far back as January 2004 neither Saleam or Mcbeth ever trusted you and why would they when it was you that use to hate their guts remeber (sic) along with close buddy Terence Davis or have you such a short memory!.

For example have you such a short memory that you forget plastering saleams marrickville area with claims that saleam (sic) was peadophile (sic) in 2004 iam (sic) sure saleam wont forget it in hurry even if he does share the occasional beer with you these days.”

Johnny could be a good choice of candidate for an Australian version of the Monster Raving Loony Party at the upcoming State election.

“Ill (sic) say again as the following exert shows Mcbeth (sic) or the PYL in newie (sic) always suspected that you and your goons were behind the synagoge (sic) attack. For those that dont(sic) believe my first hand claims heres (sic) the proof!.
On the night of 20th April 2005, the Newcastle synagogue was damaged. A slogan calling for the murder of Jews was spray-painted on the building. Stickers in the name of the 'White Pride Coalition Of Australia' (WPCA) were strewn about.

The 'anti-semitic(sic) incident' has provided ammunition for the city's anti-racists to drone on about tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism at a time when there is increasing community opposition to the policy of the City Council on refugee settlement and pro-refugee housing and job discrimination.

What is the truth about this incident? Let us provide the information that we have but which the mass media either does not - or will not report.

The WPCA was a formerly existing organisation. It has never functioned in Newcastle. It may be fair to say that it was a loose structure involving a neo-nazi (sic) leadership (of five particular individuals) with a few committed older persons and some younger people concerned with immigration. It mainly existed in Sydney. After a meeting of 7th January 2005 it split, with the majority group criticising the same old clique of neo-nazis (sic) who are known to us by name, address and history; it was said they were revving people with alcohol as a possible prelude to offences. It might even be that these persons have rejected their previous politics.

The neo-nazi (sic) leaders ceased to use the name WPCA in January and have denounced the others on an Internet chat room site. It is understood these persons no longer operate the WPCA but that has not stopped the neo-nazis (sic) from smearing them as individuals and possibly harassing others by phone.

It is significant to us that a few years ago, the Sydney neo-nazis (sic) damaged Jewish property and left behind stickers issued by one of their own with whom they were then feuding.

Who damaged the synagogue? We say that it was damaged by the Sydney neo-nazi (sic) clique. They did this with several objectives: to severely annoy their former associates, to cause a brush-fire for Novocastrians (sic) who criticise the City Council's policies, to allow 'anti-racists' like Socialist Alliance, Mayor Tate and others to vilify the Australia First Party and the Patriotic Youth League as people who could be connected to the offences.

We point out that - right now - the Sydney neo-nazis (sic) are headquartered in the office of a solicitor who is an official of Liberal Party. In this guise they 'represent' (sic) a religious organisation which is a sort of copy of an actual group that might come into a large sum of money and which the neo-nazis (sic) covet. These people are a shadow operation. We demand a public inquiry into this group.

In the meantime, we make it very clear that the Australia First Party condemns this sort of vandalism done for any reason. On this occasion we think there is a dark truth behind the affair.

The matter is now a police matter.
sou: (sic) Newcastle Branch PYL art: "Synagogue Attack was A Provocation"

That is “proof”? What of? Your infantile credulity and gullibility?

“And peter one more thing for this post as long as the below link exists from your so called trusted friend Dr saleam (sic) noone (sic) with half a brain and ounce of deductive capability is ever going to believe you so dream on krapcunt!. (sic)”

We must say one thing for you Johnny, you certainly haven’t lost your old touch. But can we have some more THREATS please. We want to hear more about how you are going to further harass White Nationalists in their workplaces and how you will work with Mathew Henderson-Hau and Brian Stokes and their contacts in the Media to stalk, slander and vilify them.

Also, please elaborate on your relationship with the Australian Security and Intelligence Agencies and how you can “use” them against White Nationalists. This sounds very interesting.

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Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 9:48 am
“O.k Lets get the core of why Campbell really hates or despises me so much so that he is willing to have me MURDERED or a GBH victim as second best!.

It is simply this and nothing more, I DECIDED TO DEFECT to the PYL back in 2003 rather stay with his own rag tag bunch of drop kicks(half of whom where weirdos (sic) nuts &queers) not that all these vices necessarliy (sic) bothers you guys here still worth noting especially considering these hypocrites consider themselves morally pure and heterosexual and willing to hammer others for not being so, they claim.

On top the above reasons Campbell is MEGLO (sic) MANIAC with a huge EGO that hungers for power just like any real dictator Hussain (sic) stalin (sic) Hitler ofcause (sic) you name it!.

The guy takes himself and his goals ( or is it the pay pack he receives from some clandestine source) unbelievebly (sic) seriously although to me and many of you i suspect he comes across like palmer as just plain comical in his baffoonary (sic) sadist wit and biting criticism on White Trash Towers. Ofcause (sic) its not like any of this pettyness (sic) is ever going to save his beloved white race but well theres (sic) little else and bogan with limited education and electrical electrical (sic) sales career can do especially when you are based in campbelltown. (sic)

Any way the point is if any one crosses this ego like myself or Darp the pyschopath (sic) and sociopath in Campbell really comes to the fore and I must say i (sic) can be nasty or at least indirect nasty consequences as i said the the (sic) guys a pyschopath (sic) he gets obesssed (sic) over certiain (sic) individuals like a dog with it s bone tends not rest until he makes them suffer in some way clearly the guy must have limited life span to be carrying such bad blood around constantly with his soul goal in life on based such hatreds i find hard believe the guy has female partner although thats (sic) what darp tells me!. To sum up i did nothing to deserve this unprovoked violence other than get on with my own life well away from WN altogether having learned my lesson with consequences of organised racial identity &dislike towards other non euro races.

However it seems these dropkicks just will never be satisified (sic) until they can pull me back in to their dark and hate twisted worlds.My life is just starting to look up so i certainly dont need this shit when i go for a night out in sydney (sic) unfortunately it seems the law is not up the task as they have not taken action since the incident which is disappointing or perhaps more delibrate (sic) if you believe saleams claims of Agent provocateur black ops groups, set by intelligence to destroy legitmate (sic) political groups or dissidents, especially AF or PYL. In his case it would make the Cops or the goverment (sic) little better although I STRESS this is mere SPECULATIONS i am not making any ALLEGATIONS.

Still it would be good finally see some action from the NSW Police on the Palmer or Campbell circle actuallly (sic) put their money where their mouth esp (sic) after cronulla. (sic) ”

“You don't frighten us, pommie, whitetrash, pig-dog, neo-nazi inflatable rubber boat! Go and boil your bottom, son of a silly electric donkey bottom biter. I blow my nose at you, so-called Arsegard Kumlok, you and all your silly neo-nazi kkknights. I don't wanna talk to you no more, you empty headed apparachik animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a bogan and your father smelt of nutjob turds! I unclog my tiny brain at you. Now, go away, synagogue stickerer or I shall taunt you a second time and make more fun of your stupid name asscrap kumlik!”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!