Monday, January 08, 2007

News or simply Hate Speech?

How would you like your hate speech sir?

Would you prefer it neither big nor clever?

Enclosed in a chip wrapper fit only for recycling as toilet paper?

Printed on the pages of tomorrow’s budgie cage liner?

Presented by some chardonnay swilling mole from Darlinghurst?

Well sir, you might just be in luck.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Flying the flag for an upside-down kind of patriotism

Lisa Pryor

January 6, 2007

“There is a certain kind of patriot with a bold vision for the future of our country. A future where all the Lebs, wogs, chinks, do-gooders, elites and hippies rack off, so that the true Aussies who are left can breed a master race of rednecks.

In this paradise, every baby will be named Montana or Dakota. Every child will grow tall and white on a diet of chicken nuggets, cordial and potato gems. There will be baby bonuses for all, to be spent on smokes, beer, video-shop fines, expensive surfwear and a big telly for the lebensraum.

Surely that is what our forefathers fought for.

Redneck patriots are sporting a distinctive accessory this season. You may have seen it while waiting in traffic: a bumper sticker with a picture of the Australian flag. Below the flag it says: "If you don't love it, leave."

You can buy the stickers on eBay for a few dollars. "Wear some Aussie pride on your vechile! [sic]" one online seller urges. "So get one and show your [sic] proud of being AUSSIE," the hopeful seller adds.

I'm not sure if redneck patriots realise it, but the slogan they are proudly displaying on their cars is not even Australian. On American websites you can buy similar stickers with American flags, along with T-shirts and mugs. On the same sites you can buy merchandise with slogans such as "JIHAD?! I'll give you jihad, you miserable, rag-headed heathen bastards!" and "Guns God Glory".

The slogan didn't start out as a bumper sticker. It can be traced back to a line in a country song, Fightin' Side of Me. The American singer Merle Haggard recorded it in 1970, as a protest against Vietnam War protesters.

The song goes:

If you don't love it, leave it,
Let this song I'm singin' be a warnin',
If you're runnin' down my country, man,
You're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.

Patriots are not strong on consistency. They claim to be truly indigenous, yet they display exactly the same slogans as everyone else in the international brotherhood of rednecks. They whinge about whingers but in doing so become whingers themselves. They profess their cultural superiority and demand that everyone speak English, yet fail to spell basic words such as "vehicle" correctly.

Let's face it, most of them are life's losers. Anyone who falls back on race, nationality or even a famous ancestor to prove they are rooly, rooly good probably has few genuine achievements of their own to boast of.

I would almost feel sorry for them if I didn't think they were so dangerous. They have sullied the national flag, which is now closely associated with slack-jawed racists. Pauline Hanson draped herself in it. One of the most famous images of the Cronulla riot shows a white boy wearing the flag as a cape, bashing a man of Middle Eastern appearance. The flag, along with the "love it or leave it" slogan, flies proudly on white supremacist websites.

What to do about the redneck problem? Should we deport this troublesome minority who are so out of step with the values of mainstream Australians? Should we lock them up and charge them with anything, just to send them a message?

Maybe it's time for a new bumper-sticker campaign. The university town of Austin in Texas had a great one. The stickers said: "Keep Austin Weird".

Maybe it's time for a new flag. Or maybe we should reclaim the one we have. I saw something last month that gave me an idea for how we could do this. At the Meredith Music Festival in Victoria, someone was flying the Australian flag upside down. To me, it suggested a kind of affection for the country which does not take itself too seriously, which embraces unconventionality and change, and which has a sense of humour and playfulness - rather than the symbol of chauvinistic, ocker, mean-spirited nationalism that the flag has become.

Flying a flag upside down is widely considered a signal of distress, which seems appropriate. The Australian Government's protocols insist the flag should never be flown upside down, even as a signal of distress.

So there is another incentive to do just that.”

Jeezuz! It certainly looks like Greg Roberts and Joe Hildebrand seriously need to watch their backs. There’s a tough new contender out there in the Controlled Media for the positions of greatest defender of Multiculturalism and greatest hater of White Culture. Her name is Lisa Pryor of the increasingly shrill and Left Wing Sydney Morning Herald.

Phew! This mad Sheila (yeah Lis, that’s Westy, Redneck talk for loud mouthed, empty headed Woman) has beaten these two at their own game. Up here at Whitelaw Towers there are some of us who are old enough to remember a time when Newspapers were, as the name implies, a source for NEWS. The facts, as best as they could be verified, were generally presented in as balanced and as dispassionate a manner as was reasonably achievable. If one craved OPINION one would open the paper at the Editorial column or the letters pages.

Sadly, what passes for journalism today is little more than the pathetic dribbling of self-indulgent wankers who just can’t cut it as real writers. So dismally lacking in talent are these creatures that, twenty to thirty years ago, their efforts would not even have secured them an elementary pass in primary school English.

The sheer vitriolic hatred, let alone the subjective and partisan nature, apparent in this piece render it utterly irrelevant as an information source. It seems Ms. Pryor’s primary motivation for presenting this piece of hate speech was to cram in as many hackneyed phrases, insulting epithets and stereotypes as she possibly could for a class of (mostly imagined) people she so plainly despises.

It is undeniable that in today’s so-called ‘Politically Correct’ Multicultural World it would be a prosecutable offence to rip into ANY other group of people in this manner. Just simply replace the term Redneck Patriot with Lebanese, Muslim, Aborigine or Negro and you’ll see what we mean.
We have highlighted most of the deliberately hysterical, provocative and insulting words and phrases simply to show how choc full o’ insults and dripping with venom this story is. But you should get the general gist of what this creature is and where she’s coming from.

It sounds as if the SMH really is devolving into little more than a Left Wing stroke book, although the standard(?) of writing is barely fit for page 57 of Zoo Weekly. It reads like the type of material Darp and Weezil would sneak into the lavatory with for some masturbatory relief.

Self-loathing White trendies like Ms. Pryor always despise Patriotism and Nationalism, regarding it as base and unsophisticated, because their elitism is dependent upon their self perception as educated, intelligent and worldly. Anything that sets them apart from the perceived ugly mob, such as Internationalism and Multiculturalism, supposedly validates their position as ‘progressives’ and permits them to sneer at the dumb provincialism and parochialism of the peasants.

It is the ultimate in the so-called cultural cringe because it crosses over into shame inspired hatred for one’s own kind. It is morally and socially corrosive in its deviancy, aiding and accelerating the destruction of White Culture.

What this stupid, hateful bitch is revealing though is her own ingrained bigotry and snobbery. She has obviously typified all White Australian Patriots as pretty much everyone’s stereotype of the Housing Commission loser. Hence all the references to poor diet, poor education, wasting money on beer, smokes and cable TV, baby bonuses etc.

Here’s a couple of insults she missed: White Trash, Bogan, Trailer Trash, inbred, hillbillies, six fingered banjo players. Also, remarkably, there was no mention of Macquarie Fields, Claymore or Mt. Druitt. We’re sure our favourite St.Ives snob John Humpherys would love her style and help her with some insults. It’s just a pity he can’t spell to save his miserable life.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well, why don’t we indulge in a spot of presumptuous stereotyping ourselves? Let’s see. Lisa grew up, an only child to two college professors, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, went to an exclusive private girl’s school, lives in a million dollar renovated terrace in Surry Hills with her Black Zimbabwean ‘partner’. She’s been to Paris, Venice, New York and Rio but never to Blacktown or Wollongong.

She loves Moroccan food, Thai is so yesterday darling, listens to nothing but Jazz, dresses only in black pants suits and drives a Saab. Her interests include sailing her yacht around Sydney harbour, riding her Vespa scooter to the Café, touring through Asia and Africa and she hopes one day to adopt an Ethiopian child.

See. We can all do it, but it sure ain’t NEWS!