Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Weezil the “honkie” liar

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:52 am

“I've seen racists in action on 4 continents.”

It’s simply amazing how well travelled one can be on a disability pension.

“You can fairly closely estimate the percentage of racists almost to the kilometre, in an inverse square relationship to the distance to the nearest urban centre.”

Oh you can, can you Stokesy?

“The further away you get, the more racists there are, squared!”

Of course one has to understand that the self proclaimed scientific expert ‘weezil’ is referring ONLY to WHITE so-called ‘racists’ here and the findings of his little formula are more indicative of the fact that the further you move away from the urban centres of most Western cities the more White people there are. Brilliant!

Of COURSE there are going to be less so-called (White) ‘racists’ in the urban centres because there are LESS WHITE PEOPLE! But apart from his easily researched demographic observations that any twelve year old could replicate what method of analysis did he employ? Where are his figures, his notes, his references etc?

“Funnily enough, you find most racists in places where there are very few persons of the ethnicity hated.”

This is precisely the EXACT opposite to the truth. It is the people who live among the imported dregs of the Third World who suffer the most, through everything from diminished employment prospects to violent criminal gangs and vandalism to the inevitable property devaluation, so therefore they quite rightly hold negative feelings towards the invaders. Once again, Weezil the “honkie” is lying quite brazenly.

“Now, one might suggest that honkies are self-segregating, but it's a bit more complex than that.”

The fact that a creature who has often described himself as an archetypal “blonde, blue eyed Aryan” (despite the fact he looks like Elmer Fudd’s love child and would not be out of place in the Appalachians with the inbred hillbillies) also uses the Racist derogatory term “honkie” to describe White people is a good indicator of his twisted mentality. It’s also a pity Brian’s brain wasn’t “a bit more complex” and had evolved beyond that of the common Sydney cockroach.

“Banks in the USA had segregationist mortgage lending practises for a very long time, keeping African Americans 'in their place.' This was the genesis of the Fair Housing Act, which is administered by HUD these days.”

And the point would be?

“Regardless, it'd be a tough row to hoe if you were a tattooed nazi living in Lakemba. Probably a lot easier to get on with your neighbours than not.”

Typical of the FDB mindset, what this last comment basically suggests is that if one happens to be opposed to Multiculturalism you WILL be bashed (or worse) so you had better learn to kiss Leb (or whatever) arse simply to survive in what was originally your homeland. Nice eh?

There is a very special place reserved in the lowest pits of Hell for filthy, lying vermin like Brian Stokes and we White Nationalists can only hope he gets there sooner rather than later.