Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thick as pig shit jammed in the neck of a bottle...

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 6:49 am Post subject:

Any descriptors? Or is this going too far? I don't want to start trouble... not much anyway. I just want them refused entry. Even on the most dubious grounds.

“In answer to your question they look like any typical White Aussies that might inhabit the corso (sic) at Manly any Fri or saturday (sic) night. The only difference being the tats on parts of their body.

One has thor (sic) tats or wears Nordic (sic) t shirts etc stuff like that which not many mainstream types would necessarily think means they are nazis.And no they dont (sic) have shaved heads, braces or docs so they do not look like stereotypical skinhead nazis.

And since you asked how did they get into the steyne (sic) Hotel you may as well ask how do they get to view posts on this forum even though according to darp none of them are members of this FDB forum.

They just have their ways of inflitrating (sic) and knowing NEVER underestimate their reach, no doubt my reappearance back on this forum will be discussed on whitetrash (sic) towers within a couple of days!.

Maybe you should ask DARP about his REAL relationship to Peter Campbell.”

It’s reassuring on one level to observe that the hilariously named ‘machismo’ (yeah right) aka John Humpherys is still as inept and ham fisted as ever. This would have to go down however as one of his more clumsy attempts at disinformation. He must have really taxed those few remaining brain cells, lodged in a dark corner of his plank thick skull, to come up with that last line.

And of course, it’s all just a mere coincidence isn’t it, that Darp is off the radar for a couple of weeks (again) and bingo! little Johnny Huff ’n’ puff pops up right on cue with yet another Red Herring (pun intended) to assist his new masters in fishing for information using DIS-information as bait.

Give it up Johnny boy, every White Nationalist in Australia knows you are, and have been for some time now, working closely with Darp and FDB to assist them in harming Australian Racial Patriots in general and to indulge your own petty, personal vendettas with certain old WPCA people in particular.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Liar fucking liar!

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters' Forum:

duck monster
Remember,remember, the fifth of November
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Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 2:26 am Post subject:

“I think miller beat the charges on that. Which was shocking, because it was self evident to most observers that the charges where correct. Good lawyers win cases.

Check via the front page whats (sic) in there, and your (sic) welcome to hit the search button at the top and search him.

The more in depth info FDB has, we simply cant go giving out for operational security reasons, and because some of it isnt (sic) directly verifiable yet. FDB has an information vetting process where we require a certain degree of verification of facts first before releasing it to make sure we get the facts right. Finally we have a policy of not giving geographical information out that could lead to vigilante stuff. Unlike Nic or Ben Weerheym, we do not 'call for hits' and prefer to stick within the law.

Now disclaimer aside, if theres (sic) anything you want to know, just post and we'll see if we can answer.”

The tragic buffoon Donald Oorst’s illiteracy is matched only by his hypocrisy and proclivity to lie through his fuckin’ teeth. The motley crew of criminal sociopaths known as FDB have repeatedly performed feats of blundering destruction on innocent people’s lives that a bull in a china shop would be hard pressed to match.

With unequalled brute force and ignorance they have persisted in going ahead with personal smear campaigns on their political adversaries on the flimsiest of ‘evidence’ and when, more often than not, their claims have been proven baseless they utterly refuse to retract or apologise.
The Frank White and Jim Perren cases are the most notorious, (See the archives of the 'Victor Whitelaw' Blog for the full stories on these and other political atrocities committed by FDB) the true facts refuting their claims having long been available to FDB, although others too have been ruthlessly attacked by these gutless FDB cowards.

As far as not passing along details that might physically endanger their targets. BULLSHIT! We have evidence, real, hard evidence that they have and continue to do precisely this BEHIND the scenes. FDB just don’t openly ADMIT they do this. And trying to bluff everyone by implying they are holding back lots of information. Well, dear Donny duckmonster must truly believe everyone is as wretchedly stupid as he is.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ironic or simply moronic?

David Butt
45a Allan Street
Curtin ACT 2605

Here at Whitelaw Towers we always get a good hearty laugh out of an insipid Lefty geek talking tough to real people and this one's a real treat.
He runs his own little province, of which he is the only citizen, beyond reality that he calls The Irony Party. Sadly, as even a brief perusal of his puerile dribbling will confirm, he has not the foggiest understanding of the concept. Like ALL Leftist swill he is utterly bereft of any sense of humour and is as creative as a common cockroach.

In a creepy way he reminds us of the late David Heidelberg in having a decidedly unhealthy interest in minors. He has actually written several books for children!?!!! *shudder*

Here he addresses Darrin Hodges, an Australian Patriot, with some not so subtle threats. Darrin’s crime? To have an opinion not in direct concordance with Multicultural dogma and at odds with Davey Butthead’s own twisted political ideology. Butthead would fit in perfectly with Darp and Co.

“lol troll's a convenient label for someone who engages you in a dialogue you don't like... don't publish online if you don't want responses you don't like.I don't much care what you like or don't like. Unless you people evaporate all by yourselves, we're on opposite sides in a coming war.

Just in case you think your opposition is soft and 'liberal' I'm letting you know we're looking forward to it - to pushing the sutherland shire into the sea and wiping this continent clean of domineering backward looking retro-whitey, who still thinks he ought to be in charge.
Doesn't recognise that he's the barbarian, not the others.Just letting you know that your (sic) wrong if you think you're gonig (sic) to be able to proceed without opposition far better thought through and articulated than anything your degenerate illiterate troops are capable of.Additionally, it's been interesting to learn that white supremacists of Australia use as a cheap justification for maintaining whitey's sorry domniation (sic) of this continent the sad redneck idea that 'europe (sic) is lost'. Lol.
You thugs are out of your depth. Which side do you think, in general the population of the planet's on?No, don't answer that. Rhetorical question. We're done here.”

This is only one of a series of threatening E-Mails received by Darrin but it inspired our Canberra correspondent to do a little research and take a few happy snaps. Enjoy.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Zionist show true colurs!

And what does anti fa groups like FDB say? Nothing, why? Because like the Zionist FDB are also part of the problem and nothing to do with the solution.

Please be warned contains extreme anti christian views and abusive language, hey just like the FDB forum. Go figure.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wakey! Wakey!

It's 'hands off cocks and on with socks' for our national leaders...

From the Sunday Herald Sun Newspaper 4th February 2007:

Lock out these refugee thugs

Lincoln Wright

AUSTRALIA is set to drastically reduce its Sudanese refugee program this year.

With growing community concern about the behaviour of the refugees, Federal Cabinet will soon consider a proposal from Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews to reduce the intake from Horn of Africa nations. Australia's humanitarian program has allowed thousands of Sudanese refugees to come to Australia in recent years.

But there are growing doubts about the wisdom of the decision, especially with the rise of gangs of Sudanese youths and drunk drivers. There are about 18,000 Sudanese in Victoria, with many traumatised by their experience of civil war -- and the challenge of living in a Western society.

A Sunday Herald Sun survey of 400 cases at magistrates' courts across Melbourne found 14 per cent of offenders came from the Horn of Africa and the Middle East -- many of them refugees -- about 20 times the representative proportion of the population.

"Australia has one of the most generous humanitarian resettlement programs in the world at 13,000 a year," Mr Andrews said yesterday. "But immigration is a process, not an event.

"Successful immigration requires integration into the broader community." A high-profile court case this week highlighted the crime spree of a Sudanese man, Hakeem Hakeem, 21, who raped two (WHITE) teenage girls and an elderly women in a drunken, drug-fuelled episode. He was sentenced to 24 years in jail. Hakeem had been in Australia for only one month before committing the crimes. The proposed new policy would focus on settling refugees from the Asia Pacific region. Sudanese elders believe their community is being unjustly targeted.

The elders yesterday blamed failures in Australian welfare and education systems for crimes in the community.


Jago Adongjak, an educator at the South Eastern Region Migrant Resource Centre and an elder of Melbourne's 7000-strong Sudanese community, said many fellow migrants who had escaped the war-torn nation were facing a different conflict in Australia. "I came here because there was a war in Sudan and I was a target for the junta," Mr Adongjak said.

And the point would be?"

I was expecting a peaceful land of opportunity

We HAD it mate, until all the non White filth started lobbing in.

-- and there are opportunities -- but we are also facing a battle here, to survive."

So are most other Australians. It’s called free market capitalism.

Mr Adongjak dismissed claims the community did not respect or trust authorities as much as other cultures and had drink-drive issues. "The Sudanese are not as bad as we are portrayed," he said.

No, it’s quite possible they are much worse. We haven’t yet fully experienced their real potential for ‘cultural enrichment’."

We know because we have just had a meeting with the police and they told us according to their statistics the Sudanese are not anywhere near the worst community for crime in Victoria.

So who’s lying here?"

And I know because I live in the community. "On the issue of drink-driving, I would not say the Sudanese are exceptional either."


The major cause of crime and restlessness in the community was disadvantage, he said. Large families did not receive adequate housing, with several children sharing small rooms.

Plenty of White (and other Races) live in these conditions and worse yet they are not resorting to the law of the jungle like these brutal savages.

Children struggled at school because they only had nine months to learn English before being put in classes based on their age, rather than ability.

And also perhaps because the average I.Q. of Negroids is approximately twenty to twenty five points below that of White Westerners. By any reasonable criteria they are severly retarded.

Parents also found it hard to provide because their professional qualifications were not recognised, so they had to settle for lower-paid jobs, Mr Adongjak said.

Welcome to OUR world! What, you think you’re Robinson Crusoe? Would you rather be back in the desert or the jungle with your former standard of living? Talk about ungrateful!

Can everyone say VINDICATED? Yet again what White Nationalists and Australian Patriots in particular have been saying for YEARS is being proven to be ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CORRECT. And this article doesn’t even address the problems being covered up in places like Toowoomba and Western Australia by the Multicultural Industry as it goes into a frenzied program of damage control. What about the African Kings in Perth and their ongoing street war with the local aborigines? What about the young girl ‘raped’ with a tree branch and a broken bottle in Sydney’s Ashfield? What about the domestic violence and street thuggery committed by Black Africans in Toowoomba?

So where the fuck are those miserable, lying, apologist arseholes John Casey, Mark Copland, Jason Purdie, Greg Roberts etc now? Where are all their ‘explanations’ for all this? Whitelaw Towers and our associates have been at the forefront of the campaign to alert Australians to this impending Racial disaster and several of us have been targeted with ruthless campaigns of vilification and slander for our troubles. Our employers have been approached, our homes and families have been stalked and threatened. Yet look, we have been right all along!

Darp and rights at work?

Strange, puzzling and more than a little ironic that Mathew Henderson-Hau should express so much concern and interest in workers’ rights when he and his criminal gangsters expend so much effort in ensuring certain other Australians are summarily sacked from their jobs purely on the grounds of their politics.

These efforts involve conspiring with journalists and other well connected people to fabricate and maintain total lies about Australian Nationalist Patriots. Personal information is routinely (and illegally) accessed through their contacts in Government bureaucracies, personal computers are hacked, websites are sabotaged, extreme pressure, involving overt physical threats even to minors, are directed at political adversaries, their employers and family members. Gross and cynical hypocrisy is barely adequate to describe the actions of Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW.

Equally strange though is the unexplained ‘housecleaning’ that appears to have occurred over at the ‘Your Rights At Work’ Forum. Darp has been banned but only ONE of his posts is now visible. We can’t say it is unprecedented, because frankly we have no way of knowing if it has occurred before, but it is certainly the first time we at Whitelaw Towers have become aware of a person being banned from a forum AND having all his posts expunged from the records! Extreme measures indeed.

How did Darp fall from favour with his beloved Trade Unionists? Might it have something to do with full details of Mathew Henderson-Hau’s disgusting un-Australian activities being supplied to certain people? One can only speculate. Might he perhaps be asked to return his sacred lumber jacket and holy Eureka flag belt buckle?

Could it be that certain, more down to earth and fair dinkum elements of the Trade Union movement no longer want the ‘help’ of trendy, upwardly mobile, ‘progressive’, mud lovin’ metrosexuals like Mathew Henderson-Hau?

Could it be they finally recognise where this one world, open borders, let them ALL in insanity is leading? Where will their ‘rights at work’ be when the entire country is flooded with Third World filth who will work for two dollars an hour? Workers rights and conditions have been eroded far more efficiently and destructively by the importation of cheap coolie labour than by any other factor. And the loony Left have advocated this all along like the traitorous useful idiots they are.

It is time the Trade Unions kicked out the university educated globalists and put the power back into the hands of the real Workers.

Do a Google search for a thread such as the one below and it does appear with a link…

Fight Dem Back / Anti-racism - Page 2 - Rights at Work Community
Page 2-Fight Dem Back / Anti-racism Social justice campaigns. ... Rights at Work Community ... After clicking on your link and reading your comments, ... - 28k - Cached - Similar pages

Fight Dem Back / Anti-racism - Rights at Work Community
Fight Dem Back / Anti-racism Social justice campaigns. ... ALL MATERIAL THAT DOES NOT EMANATE FROM PUBLIC FORUMS UNDER "EQUITIST" IS ... - 55k - Cached - Similar pages

However, when one clicks on these links one is presented with this…

Rights at Work Community
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It would appear poor little Matty has been shoved down the memory hole…

And just so you don’t think we are making this up, here are some of the posts that WERE on the forum prior to the ‘cleansing’. Fortunately the staff at Whitelaw Towers are ever vigilant and archive everything this lunatic posts, just for the record.

28-12-2006, 10:49 AM
Darp Hau
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 8
Studying Law at UTS and have a strong interest in employment law.
I've also witnessed so many of my friends being shafted by employers over the last few months that it isn't funny. The most stark example of just how far we are heading back to the worklife of Dickens is a mate who worked in a shop. The shop was purchased by new owners who guaranteed them continuing work at the same pay rate and hours they were used to. Sure enough this bloke renegs and starts dodging penalty rates, cuts down hours when people complain (like from 28 hours down to 6 six hours) and then sacks people when they complain about that!
We have a club running at UTS and are kicking around a few ideas on how to bring these issues to young people's attention. The SMH makes some good points today:
Too many young people don't know what rights they have, let alone that they have rights to stand up for those rights (and even then they wouldn't know how to make that stand).”

31-12-2006, 12:01 PM
Darp Hau
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 8 Fight Dem Back / Anti-racism
We've been running for a few years now in Aus and NZ.
Check it.”
“We've organised a couple of counter-rallies with the CFMEU, MUA, MUNZ and AMWU against various neo-Nazi groups in the past. FORTUNATELY, the fash have been to shy to rear their heads up recently.
This article should be of interest to people here:”
"Racists front IR rallies"

04-01-2007, 12:20 AM
Darp Hau
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 8
“I wouldn't be too worried about Aus Day. It will be the same, sad and sorry turn-out they had last Aus Day and also on the anniversary (10 people). Take every two-bit deranged racist sad case that has played a role in the Sydney far-right over the last three decades and put them all together and that is Australia First. Add in about a half dozen transient and disturbed skinhead youth and you don't exactly have the potent ****tail of PR genuises and manly Aryan studmuffin-ness required to swing public opinion in their favour.
Nine out of ten people when approached by one of their leafleters will run a mile when approached by them.
FDB will of course put in a low level appearance on Australia Day but some counter flyering informing the 'Nulla beach locals that those dudes claiming to be Aussie 'Patriots' also have a habit of organising neo-Nazi music gigs, collecting Nazi memorabilia and holding combined Anzac Day/Hitler's B'day celebrations.
Considering tha Anzacs fought against Herr Hitler - tis kinda odd.”
FDB's 2006 in review here:

06-01-2007, 11:16 AM
Darp Hau
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 8
“Well, speaking of honest Johnny, MOST of the lunar-right pile him into their wacked-out highly conspiritorial world-view where he is considered too LEFT wing and progressive for their liking.
But ...throughout our campaign we are forever stumbling across current and past members of the Liberal Party playing an active role in openly white supremacists/seperatists orgs.
ie, the main Australia First activist in the Sutherland Shire, Darrin Hodges, is a former Liberal Party member:”
“As you can see from his blog, he's now buddy buddy with Jim Saleam.”

06-01-2007, 11:25 AM
Darp Hau
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 8
“AND ..I should add with regard to Darrin Hodges.
He is one handsome devil.”

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rev Left at it again

Yes folks those crazy anarchists over at Rev Left are conspiring to bring down Storm Front. White Law staff of late had almost forgotten about these criminals since the successful outing of Fight Dem Back members and Mathew Henderson’s Queensland crew Kaoos_AF and our favorite juvenile Rollo. Until now.

It would seem that the would be Terrorists over at Rev Left have a cunning plan on shutting down Pro White web sites such as Storm Front. The “security culture” not so heavily enforced at Rev Left has yet again shown all who cares to read what sort of people we are dealing with.

The FDB shop front presented to the public hides a darker side. We are all aware of Campbell Smith from FDB and Brian Stokes wish to elevate FDB to the same spiraling success of Rev Left. Why you ask? So they can be little heroes such as this.

What to do about Storm Front.

The RedBanner
Posted: January 02, 2007 01:58 am

I just have a question - and its probably due to my own ignorance of comuters and the likes. Take a website like SF. Is the website, including all information stored, located in the guys house who owns it (or some other location)?If not, where.If so, why hasnt some AFA brigade found this guys house (since the chap who owns it is well known), broken in, and either stolen the hardrives(or whatever) or smashed them up?I mean - that board is a serious threat and it would be worth going to prison to do the damage

Would he have some sort of backup memory in the event one fails?That website needs to be stopped.

Looks like Kaoos_AF from FDB and his RAAN anarchists in Australia have some competition. Rev Left member and one time forum buddy of Rollo and Kaoos _AF Red Banner leaves no doubt that he would involve himself and support others in attacking a White Nationalists house breaking and entering to be exact. In fact he is willing to go to gaol for it. I like many others cannot help but notice the Left are looking more like Fascists than the people they accuse of being just that.

So what of other members of Rev Left? How do they feel about Red Banners call to arms?

Posted: January 02, 2007 02:15 am


Probably not to smart of an idea to talk about this on a website that StormFronters probably regularly look at.

Give this man a cigar. Only problem he is too young to smoke.

What of the other Anti Fa members on Rev Left?

One member of Rev Left goes as far as to explain that the SF site is not hosted at a private residence but is a registered domain in Florida, not that this will stop any attack on a mans private residence.

Posted: January 13, 2007 01:57 am

BS, I gonna call up my lefty group to cut the power of his house.

Interesting to note that members of Rev Left have the capacity to mess with mains power. Something I am sure the Office of Home Land Security in the US would like to know?

Read on as the standard pattern from Anti Fa emerges.

Posted: January 13, 2007 02:37 am

People should fuck this guy up in Florida!!!

Now this is very typical of all so called anti fa in Australia and the US. Any educated person can clearly see that the new Fascists are in fact the Anti Fa.

Posted: January 13, 2007 02:23 pm

Its racist, supremacist and neo-nazi! It encourages hate speech! It is anti-Semitic, anti-Arab and homophobic! We shold not stand for it! In my Stromfornt is much worse than the BNP and although this shit started inAmerica, its grasp has spread throughout the world! I found out about its disgusting veiws from a freind in my British HIGHSCHOOL, and i have been horrified by articles i have found on the web, ranging from segregated proms and schools with pro-Stormfront teachers, to 'Operation Red Dog', in which Don Black (Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan - with a long history of racism and violence) was arrested by U.S. authorities when he was found attempting to invade Dominica with a boat load of weapons, ammo and racist thugs. However, he only got a three year sentence.Black has also predicted a race war in years to come, speaking out to Stormfront members, telling them to enlist in the armed forces to train for future fighting, when (in his words) "We want to take America back. Whites won't have any choice but to take military action. It's our children whose interests we have to defend."I must insist we do something about this, before it gets even more disturbing. Please help me with suggetions, gather support and break up meetings, destroy its websites. We have seen racism in the 20-21st centuries, South Africa, Germany, we have seen the things man can do man, but we have aso seen the things that can b done to stop these atrocities. i truly beleive the Storm Front is a dangerous organisation. Please help.

Our Anarchists Brave NewWorld seems to be reading from the FDB script here. White Nationalist have seen our share of Racism in the 20-21st century. This one would have to be my favorite so far this year. Sums up how deranged these people are.

Posted: Yesterday at 04:24 pm

After reading the stuff on SF specified above, I think we can wipe out fascism forever if we all have kids with people of another race and/or religion. It's kind of hard to be fascist when you're half white, a quarter black, and a quarter hispanic. I know this post might sound silly, but I just think it's a good suggestion. But this is more of a "long road" solution then anything else

Rev Left is now condoning ethnic cleansing of the White Race. What more proof do we need to see how disgustingly sick these people are. Looks like Sultan could get a job with the Australian Catholic Social Justice Commission.

Now many here in particular members from Whitelaw Towers QLD and South Aussie bureaus should get a laugh from this. Looks like another Rollo in the making.

Posted: January 13, 2007 08:55 pm

Let them see it, let them read it. Anybody who is stupid enough to be racist deserves to be openly plotted against. I maybe inexperienced and I probably should listen to my elders on the site (no offence meant), but I will not hide my disgust of them.

Oh we can see it. Do we care about some kid who has no idea that he is just playing into the hands of the globalists? We may look you up when you grow up. Chances are you will have learnt by then that the people who feed you the propaganda that inspires you to be an idiot will be exposed as the empty vessels they know they are.

Some elderly advise to new BraveNewWorld from the 15 year old Fawkes.

Posted: January 13, 2007 09:21 pm

If you really want to do damage to them, you would not let them know it's coming. I'm only 15, so I doubt I'm your elder. You don't need to hide your disgust of them, there's an entire section devoted to hating them (Anti-Fascism), it's just stupid to plot stuff agains them that could be very easily foiled if they find out about it.Would a Mod please trash this thread. Not because I don't agree with the idea, but because it is a liability.

Wise words from our 15-year-old pc geek. Should we take these children serious? Having attended the all white DIY gig in Brisbane last year maybe we should? White Law Staff have attended 3 Rev Left gigs in Australia; some staff could not help feel some type of sympathy to these kids. Claims from groups such as FDB that Australian Patriotic groups prey on the youth of this nation are ludicrous. These kids pumped full of drugs and alcohol that attend anti fa meetings have no idea what they are doing. You see we have meet some of the controllers from the anti fa and were not surprised to see that the only way these people can control these youth is with lots of drugs. The greedy nature of these elders of the Anarchist Left with the motto of if it feels good do it is just what these desperate youth want to hear. Imagine 150 kids all stoned and several burnt out hippies like FDB Brian Stokes preying on these young minds, you slowly understand the enormity of our task.

Back to our fearless BraveNewWorld.

Posted: January 14, 2007 09:59 am

Well i have ben told by admin not to discuss illegal activities such as hacking etc (you can all form your own veiws on what counts as illegal activities), so if we wnat to talk about it use PMs, just as Fawkes and SovietPants suggested (really sorry you guys, i must seem like hypocritical ass now!).

Yes just like FDB they also hide illegal activities from public scrutiny. How revolutionary.

From Rev Left member socialistpunk
Posted: January 17, 2007 12:49 am

i say we send all known viruses to them know to crash that good for nothing white racist shithole and try and do what the soviets did to the germans in ww2 fucking annialate them like the facist dogs they are

Well no point hiding the true feelings here. As many know the German People have been subjected to ethnic cleansing since the end of WW2. The mass murder of one million returned soldiers of the German Army by American and Russian troops at the end of hostilities. The Mass Murder of millions of civilians by the direct targeting of cities by the allies during bombing raids in 1944 and 45. The mass rape and ethnic cleansing by the Soviets in Berlin.

You truly are a piece of work socialistpunk. You have become what you fear most.

But what can we expect when members such as Comrade…Scott preach violence and hatred to the already twisted minds of these Anti Fa. Take it away Scotty don’t hold back.
Posted: January 21, 2007 01:42 am

just annother bunch of stupid fascist punks who should have some sense beaten into them Shut down the damn site and find the fuckers then beat them is what i say.

Rev Left is set to plan more attacks on innocent white folks in 2007. The links between Rev Left, FDB, RAAN and Class War and other dirty little terrorists groups has already been established here.

My advise to these anti fa in Aussie is this. Do not turn a political an ideological difference into a street war. Do not think you can approach our houses our families our place of work with out consequences.

It is all too apparent that FDB and other groups will use any means to silence us and our counterparts. Yes many of these people are young and foolish. Yes they do tend to get a bit carried away. But we are dealing with people who are serious drug abusers. People such as Mathew Henderson a self confessed drug abuser and child abuser are respected by these people. If that does not concern you it should.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Greg “We’re the fuckin’ press and we’ll do what we want” Roberts strikes again

From The Australian Newspaper:

Ku Klux Klan logo used on party website

By Greg Roberts

THE Australia First Party has defended its sale of merchandise featuring Ku Klux Klan symbols and its association with a group headed by an American neo-Nazi leader facing child pornography charges.

Erm, hello? Precisely when did the Celtic Cross become a “Ku Klux Klan logo”? Details please Mr. Roberts.

The AFP is supporting a campaign by independent candidate and party member John Moffat in the southern Sydney seat of Cronulla in next month's NSW election.

The AFP website shows the party is selling T-shirts displaying the Celtic Cross with the words, "Our Race Is Our Nation".

The cross and the slogan have long been identified with the Ku Klux Klan.

They HAVE? Where are the sources and references for this claim? A short stroll through most Australian graveyards will reveal this same ‘wicked’ symbol on many headstones and graves. As will a look at many church stained glass windows or even incorporated into the architecture of many buildings. It is an ancient symbol going back millennia in White European history but why would we expect an illiterate ignoramus like Roberts to know this? He probably knows more about Black African voodoo fetishes and New Guinea animal totems than he does about White History. The one worlders have nothing but utter contempt and derision for White history.

Mr Moffat has based his campaign for the election on what he describes as a "civil uprising of the Australian people" - the December 2005 riots at Cronulla.

Moffat was totally correct. If the Redfern and Macquarie Fields events, which both ran for days, were merely, according to NSW Police Chief Commissioner Ken Moroney, “disturbances” then we fail to see how Cronulla was any more than a minor incident in relation to the violence factor. It was however a genuine expression of outrage from the White Australian community which had become terrorised on its own turf.

All it got for its belated act of self defence was merciless vilification from the Controlled Media and further intimidation, this time from the Law which was too cowardly to tackle the real offenders so they went after the easy mark. A shameful example of punishing the victim.

Anti-racism campaigner Cam Smith said Mr Moffat should disassociate himself and the AFP from the KKK.

Roberts omitted to mention co-conspirator, libeler, slanderer and all round FUCKING LIAR as other examples of Cam Smith’s ‘qualifications’.

"The use of this slogan and symbol makes it clear the first loyalty of these people is to their race, not to Australia," Mr Smith said.

Now this short statement is very interesting for several reasons and well worth the effort of analysis because any Australian White Nationalist is, by their very nature, one hundred percent loyal to Australia. It needs to be carefully defined in very precise terms what ‘Mr Smith’ means by “Australia”.

We White Nationalists believe Smith is referring to the corporate concept of a nation as a Multicultural club which anyone can join as one would a football or social club and not the true ‘Nation of Australia’ which is underwritten with the blood of the people who built it and maintained it. Any nation is invested in the blood of the people and their ancestors. Australia is no exception to this.

Nation is culture, government, law, infrastructure, industry, civilization and sovereignty. It is not simply a crude form of tenancy like wandering about on a block of dirt foraging for nuts and berries or collecting social welfare benefits from the productive, tax paying members of society. That is simply parasitism.

Neither is it contained merely within the arbitrary lines on a map. It cannot be separated from the people who founded it. The Australian Aborigines, bereft of any notion of nationhood or land ownership cannot be viewed as anything more than part of the fauna and flora of the land upon which they have wandered aimlessly for millennia. They are “of the land” whereas the White European Australians are “of the nation”.

The statement is also obviously intended to convey the spurious notion that White Nationalists are not good citizens and have a conflict of loyalties, when the truth is, as the preceding has fully explained, there is none.

But Mr Moffat yesterday said he was not concerned about the association of the slogan and symbol with the KKK. "A lot of people are using that slogan these days," Mr Moffat said. "It represents what we stand for."

Well said John. The message is clear and succinct. Any sinister connotations are in the mind of the critic. It is not offensive to any other than the weak minded and morally corrupt. There is no crime in stating an obvious and incontrovertible truth.

The Australian reported last month that Mr Moffat had posted messages attacking Muslims on the extremist right-wing National Vanguard website.

The fact that the worst budgie cage liner in Australia reported on these claims in no way bestows validity upon them.

National Vanguard leader Kevin Strom has appeared before a court in West Virginia on child pornography and witness tampering charges.

Apart from the obvious intent to smear White Nationalists with a tenuous connection to ‘alleged’ kiddy fiddlers what relevance this last sentence has to the amateurishly lurid story is anyone’s guess.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Vote One Islamic Terrorism

Newsflash! FDB support Islamist Terrorism
(like we didn’t know already)

Brian Stokes aka ‘Weezil’, who is such an Islamist suck-hole he even refused to believe the veracity of the so-called ‘Granville Boys’ You-Tube videos, despite overwhelming evidence, blaming them instead on “Neo-Nazis” is now the unofficial online campaign manager for Mamdouh Habib!!!

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Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 11:42 am
Post subject: Re: Habib: From Gitmo to Parliament?

In a statement issued today, Mr Habib said he would be campaigning for "the right of freedom of expression and in opposition to the anti-terrorist laws, state and federal".

"The right to fight racism, the end of scapegoating of Aborigines, Muslims and migrants," Mr Habib said.

"The right to oppose Australia's involvement in Iraq."

“I'd vote for him on those grounds alone. Good luck to Mr Habib.”

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Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 8:16 pm Post subject:

“Remember, this is the guy whom not only the Howard gubmint but also the Murdoch press, were calling a "terrorist" with the very word, absent any proof or conviction of an offence.”

Erm…what’s your POINT there Stokesy? Do you even HAVE one? Your outrage is also quite hilarious too considering the “bomb making manual” and “Neo-Nazi Terrorist” story cooked up between FDB and Greg Roberts of The Australian Newspaper. You HAVE no conscience whatsoever.

“The Habibs are probably looking over which island(s) they're going to buy with the proceeds of their defamation suit presently in process against News Ltd.”

That is pure, classic, one hundred percent Stokesy, always masturbating at a furious velocity over litigious fantasies.

“Habib's presence in the race proves one thing well and truly- if Habib ever was a 'terrorist,' you wouldn't think he'd be inclined to use the democratic political process to seek redress.”

Stokes, you are an idiot of the highest order. That is PRECISELY what he’d “be inclined to USE” because the insipid liberal so-called ‘Democratic’ system lends itself perfectly to abuse and corruption. This is why it is favoured by scum the World over. Radical Islamists actually cop a harder time in INDONESIA than they do in Australia and other Western ‘Democracies’.

“Go gittem, Mamdouh.”

Now THAT’S an endorsement!

And what happens when an FDB Member is foolish enough to not support Weezil’s endorsement of Habib one hundred percent? Out comes the whip to lash him back into line. There IS no dissent tolerated over at FDB!

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Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 11:52 am Post subject:

Quote: themonkey wrote:
Then you need to read my posts more carefully instead of presuming to know the intent behind them.

“I did read your posts carefully. I'm not responsible for your ability to cogently express an idea and defend it if challenged... but I am one of those responsible for the FDB user accounts. Would suggest you read back over the what you yourself wrote. Why don't you take a couple of days to think about it before you post on this again.”

Ooer! Now if that’s not a (not so) veiled threat to wield the old ban stick on ‘themonkey’ for his insubordination then we don’t know what is.

It’s good though that everything’s out in the open now and we can ALL see precisely whose side the FDB traitors are on. We hope old Habib goes well too because it’s only when more of these Muslim filthpigs get into positions of influence, like the Syrian Nationalist currently in the Victorian Parliament, and the average White Australian starts to really hurt that they might get off their arses and take some action to evict these invaders.

In the end it matters not a jot whether Mamdouh Habib could be legally proved a Terrorist, wriggling out on technicalities. Every man and his dog knows who he associates with and what his true politics are. He will be a lightning rod for Islamic fundamentalist radicals. Absolutely no doubt about it.

If it walks like a duck…