Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ironic or simply moronic?

David Butt
45a Allan Street
Curtin ACT 2605

Here at Whitelaw Towers we always get a good hearty laugh out of an insipid Lefty geek talking tough to real people and this one's a real treat.
He runs his own little province, of which he is the only citizen, beyond reality that he calls The Irony Party. Sadly, as even a brief perusal of his puerile dribbling will confirm, he has not the foggiest understanding of the concept. Like ALL Leftist swill he is utterly bereft of any sense of humour and is as creative as a common cockroach.

In a creepy way he reminds us of the late David Heidelberg in having a decidedly unhealthy interest in minors. He has actually written several books for children!?!!! *shudder*

Here he addresses Darrin Hodges, an Australian Patriot, with some not so subtle threats. Darrin’s crime? To have an opinion not in direct concordance with Multicultural dogma and at odds with Davey Butthead’s own twisted political ideology. Butthead would fit in perfectly with Darp and Co.

“lol troll's a convenient label for someone who engages you in a dialogue you don't like... don't publish online if you don't want responses you don't like.I don't much care what you like or don't like. Unless you people evaporate all by yourselves, we're on opposite sides in a coming war.

Just in case you think your opposition is soft and 'liberal' I'm letting you know we're looking forward to it - to pushing the sutherland shire into the sea and wiping this continent clean of domineering backward looking retro-whitey, who still thinks he ought to be in charge.
Doesn't recognise that he's the barbarian, not the others.Just letting you know that your (sic) wrong if you think you're gonig (sic) to be able to proceed without opposition far better thought through and articulated than anything your degenerate illiterate troops are capable of.Additionally, it's been interesting to learn that white supremacists of Australia use as a cheap justification for maintaining whitey's sorry domniation (sic) of this continent the sad redneck idea that 'europe (sic) is lost'. Lol.
You thugs are out of your depth. Which side do you think, in general the population of the planet's on?No, don't answer that. Rhetorical question. We're done here.”

This is only one of a series of threatening E-Mails received by Darrin but it inspired our Canberra correspondent to do a little research and take a few happy snaps. Enjoy.