Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rev Left at it again

Yes folks those crazy anarchists over at Rev Left are conspiring to bring down Storm Front. White Law staff of late had almost forgotten about these criminals since the successful outing of Fight Dem Back members and Mathew Henderson’s Queensland crew Kaoos_AF and our favorite juvenile Rollo. Until now.

It would seem that the would be Terrorists over at Rev Left have a cunning plan on shutting down Pro White web sites such as Storm Front. The “security culture” not so heavily enforced at Rev Left has yet again shown all who cares to read what sort of people we are dealing with.

The FDB shop front presented to the public hides a darker side. We are all aware of Campbell Smith from FDB and Brian Stokes wish to elevate FDB to the same spiraling success of Rev Left. Why you ask? So they can be little heroes such as this.

What to do about Storm Front.

The RedBanner
Posted: January 02, 2007 01:58 am

I just have a question - and its probably due to my own ignorance of comuters and the likes. Take a website like SF. Is the website, including all information stored, located in the guys house who owns it (or some other location)?If not, where.If so, why hasnt some AFA brigade found this guys house (since the chap who owns it is well known), broken in, and either stolen the hardrives(or whatever) or smashed them up?I mean - that board is a serious threat and it would be worth going to prison to do the damage

Would he have some sort of backup memory in the event one fails?That website needs to be stopped.

Looks like Kaoos_AF from FDB and his RAAN anarchists in Australia have some competition. Rev Left member and one time forum buddy of Rollo and Kaoos _AF Red Banner leaves no doubt that he would involve himself and support others in attacking a White Nationalists house breaking and entering to be exact. In fact he is willing to go to gaol for it. I like many others cannot help but notice the Left are looking more like Fascists than the people they accuse of being just that.

So what of other members of Rev Left? How do they feel about Red Banners call to arms?

Posted: January 02, 2007 02:15 am


Probably not to smart of an idea to talk about this on a website that StormFronters probably regularly look at.

Give this man a cigar. Only problem he is too young to smoke.

What of the other Anti Fa members on Rev Left?

One member of Rev Left goes as far as to explain that the SF site is not hosted at a private residence but is a registered domain in Florida, not that this will stop any attack on a mans private residence.

Posted: January 13, 2007 01:57 am

BS, I gonna call up my lefty group to cut the power of his house.

Interesting to note that members of Rev Left have the capacity to mess with mains power. Something I am sure the Office of Home Land Security in the US would like to know?

Read on as the standard pattern from Anti Fa emerges.

Posted: January 13, 2007 02:37 am

People should fuck this guy up in Florida!!!

Now this is very typical of all so called anti fa in Australia and the US. Any educated person can clearly see that the new Fascists are in fact the Anti Fa.

Posted: January 13, 2007 02:23 pm

Its racist, supremacist and neo-nazi! It encourages hate speech! It is anti-Semitic, anti-Arab and homophobic! We shold not stand for it! In my Stromfornt is much worse than the BNP and although this shit started inAmerica, its grasp has spread throughout the world! I found out about its disgusting veiws from a freind in my British HIGHSCHOOL, and i have been horrified by articles i have found on the web, ranging from segregated proms and schools with pro-Stormfront teachers, to 'Operation Red Dog', in which Don Black (Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan - with a long history of racism and violence) was arrested by U.S. authorities when he was found attempting to invade Dominica with a boat load of weapons, ammo and racist thugs. However, he only got a three year sentence.Black has also predicted a race war in years to come, speaking out to Stormfront members, telling them to enlist in the armed forces to train for future fighting, when (in his words) "We want to take America back. Whites won't have any choice but to take military action. It's our children whose interests we have to defend."I must insist we do something about this, before it gets even more disturbing. Please help me with suggetions, gather support and break up meetings, destroy its websites. We have seen racism in the 20-21st centuries, South Africa, Germany, we have seen the things man can do man, but we have aso seen the things that can b done to stop these atrocities. i truly beleive the Storm Front is a dangerous organisation. Please help.

Our Anarchists Brave NewWorld seems to be reading from the FDB script here. White Nationalist have seen our share of Racism in the 20-21st century. This one would have to be my favorite so far this year. Sums up how deranged these people are.

Posted: Yesterday at 04:24 pm

After reading the stuff on SF specified above, I think we can wipe out fascism forever if we all have kids with people of another race and/or religion. It's kind of hard to be fascist when you're half white, a quarter black, and a quarter hispanic. I know this post might sound silly, but I just think it's a good suggestion. But this is more of a "long road" solution then anything else

Rev Left is now condoning ethnic cleansing of the White Race. What more proof do we need to see how disgustingly sick these people are. Looks like Sultan could get a job with the Australian Catholic Social Justice Commission.

Now many here in particular members from Whitelaw Towers QLD and South Aussie bureaus should get a laugh from this. Looks like another Rollo in the making.

Posted: January 13, 2007 08:55 pm

Let them see it, let them read it. Anybody who is stupid enough to be racist deserves to be openly plotted against. I maybe inexperienced and I probably should listen to my elders on the site (no offence meant), but I will not hide my disgust of them.

Oh we can see it. Do we care about some kid who has no idea that he is just playing into the hands of the globalists? We may look you up when you grow up. Chances are you will have learnt by then that the people who feed you the propaganda that inspires you to be an idiot will be exposed as the empty vessels they know they are.

Some elderly advise to new BraveNewWorld from the 15 year old Fawkes.

Posted: January 13, 2007 09:21 pm

If you really want to do damage to them, you would not let them know it's coming. I'm only 15, so I doubt I'm your elder. You don't need to hide your disgust of them, there's an entire section devoted to hating them (Anti-Fascism), it's just stupid to plot stuff agains them that could be very easily foiled if they find out about it.Would a Mod please trash this thread. Not because I don't agree with the idea, but because it is a liability.

Wise words from our 15-year-old pc geek. Should we take these children serious? Having attended the all white DIY gig in Brisbane last year maybe we should? White Law Staff have attended 3 Rev Left gigs in Australia; some staff could not help feel some type of sympathy to these kids. Claims from groups such as FDB that Australian Patriotic groups prey on the youth of this nation are ludicrous. These kids pumped full of drugs and alcohol that attend anti fa meetings have no idea what they are doing. You see we have meet some of the controllers from the anti fa and were not surprised to see that the only way these people can control these youth is with lots of drugs. The greedy nature of these elders of the Anarchist Left with the motto of if it feels good do it is just what these desperate youth want to hear. Imagine 150 kids all stoned and several burnt out hippies like FDB Brian Stokes preying on these young minds, you slowly understand the enormity of our task.

Back to our fearless BraveNewWorld.

Posted: January 14, 2007 09:59 am

Well i have ben told by admin not to discuss illegal activities such as hacking etc (you can all form your own veiws on what counts as illegal activities), so if we wnat to talk about it use PMs, just as Fawkes and SovietPants suggested (really sorry you guys, i must seem like hypocritical ass now!).

Yes just like FDB they also hide illegal activities from public scrutiny. How revolutionary.

From Rev Left member socialistpunk
Posted: January 17, 2007 12:49 am

i say we send all known viruses to them know to crash that good for nothing white racist shithole and try and do what the soviets did to the germans in ww2 fucking annialate them like the facist dogs they are

Well no point hiding the true feelings here. As many know the German People have been subjected to ethnic cleansing since the end of WW2. The mass murder of one million returned soldiers of the German Army by American and Russian troops at the end of hostilities. The Mass Murder of millions of civilians by the direct targeting of cities by the allies during bombing raids in 1944 and 45. The mass rape and ethnic cleansing by the Soviets in Berlin.

You truly are a piece of work socialistpunk. You have become what you fear most.

But what can we expect when members such as Comrade…Scott preach violence and hatred to the already twisted minds of these Anti Fa. Take it away Scotty don’t hold back.
Posted: January 21, 2007 01:42 am

just annother bunch of stupid fascist punks who should have some sense beaten into them Shut down the damn site and find the fuckers then beat them is what i say.

Rev Left is set to plan more attacks on innocent white folks in 2007. The links between Rev Left, FDB, RAAN and Class War and other dirty little terrorists groups has already been established here.

My advise to these anti fa in Aussie is this. Do not turn a political an ideological difference into a street war. Do not think you can approach our houses our families our place of work with out consequences.

It is all too apparent that FDB and other groups will use any means to silence us and our counterparts. Yes many of these people are young and foolish. Yes they do tend to get a bit carried away. But we are dealing with people who are serious drug abusers. People such as Mathew Henderson a self confessed drug abuser and child abuser are respected by these people. If that does not concern you it should.