Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thick as pig shit jammed in the neck of a bottle...

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 6:49 am Post subject:

Any descriptors? Or is this going too far? I don't want to start trouble... not much anyway. I just want them refused entry. Even on the most dubious grounds.

“In answer to your question they look like any typical White Aussies that might inhabit the corso (sic) at Manly any Fri or saturday (sic) night. The only difference being the tats on parts of their body.

One has thor (sic) tats or wears Nordic (sic) t shirts etc stuff like that which not many mainstream types would necessarily think means they are nazis.And no they dont (sic) have shaved heads, braces or docs so they do not look like stereotypical skinhead nazis.

And since you asked how did they get into the steyne (sic) Hotel you may as well ask how do they get to view posts on this forum even though according to darp none of them are members of this FDB forum.

They just have their ways of inflitrating (sic) and knowing NEVER underestimate their reach, no doubt my reappearance back on this forum will be discussed on whitetrash (sic) towers within a couple of days!.

Maybe you should ask DARP about his REAL relationship to Peter Campbell.”

It’s reassuring on one level to observe that the hilariously named ‘machismo’ (yeah right) aka John Humpherys is still as inept and ham fisted as ever. This would have to go down however as one of his more clumsy attempts at disinformation. He must have really taxed those few remaining brain cells, lodged in a dark corner of his plank thick skull, to come up with that last line.

And of course, it’s all just a mere coincidence isn’t it, that Darp is off the radar for a couple of weeks (again) and bingo! little Johnny Huff ’n’ puff pops up right on cue with yet another Red Herring (pun intended) to assist his new masters in fishing for information using DIS-information as bait.

Give it up Johnny boy, every White Nationalist in Australia knows you are, and have been for some time now, working closely with Darp and FDB to assist them in harming Australian Racial Patriots in general and to indulge your own petty, personal vendettas with certain old WPCA people in particular.