Sunday, March 25, 2007

An Awakening?

Oh dear! Hasn’t ‘gramsci’ seen what happens to FDB ‘members’ who fail to maintain absolute solidarity and unquestioning loyalty to the little tin god ‘weezil’?

After all, Stokesy can’t see anything wrong at all with Communism and we all know what happens to dissidents under their political regime. They often end up being frog marched to the gulag for some ‘re-education’ which normally involves electrodes being attached to their soft pink bits.

Perhaps ‘gramsci’ was emboldened by ‘cardijn’s cheeky challenge to the omnipotent one’s supreme wisdom? Foolish boy, we can just see them sharing a bowl of cruel gruel in the cells under the FDB Ministry of Truth.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 2:11 pm
“I'm on the fence (no pun intended) over the issue of illegal immigrants in America. A lot of the rhetoric against illegal immigrants has a racist tinge to it, but the same can be said of the Aztlan movement (which has a serious anti-Semitic and anti-Black strain to it). Mexican gangbangers from south of the border have been shooting blacks in LA just for being black in the wrong neighbourhood.”

Actually it’s been far more extreme, methodical and pre-meditated than that ‘gramsci’. The Aztlan agenda necessitates the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of cities like Los Angeles of non Hispanics and that is precisely what has been happening. The main victims so far have been the Black gangsters who, until now, have ran that city like a criminal fiefdom.

“It's pointless characterising either the anti-illegal-immigrant movement or Reconquista activists by their extremists.”

We disagree ‘gramsci’. We think you’ll find, if you are brave and persistent enough to do some thorough research, that the agenda may be driven primarily by the ‘extremists’ but the average Joe (José?) Mexican is very much supportive of it.

Get hold of a documentary film called ‘The Line In The Sand’ and you will see ‘Aztlans’ from little kiddies to old ladies all shrieking for White blood. That movement very much has a broad based, mainstream support among the Mexicans.

“Why is calling for the expulsion of illegal immigrants "racist"?”

The moment of clarity?

“It's simply a matter of law enforcement. Illegal Irish immigrants get deported all the time. The flow of illegal immigrants across the border from Mexico to America serves big business and lowers wages (because illegals paid under the table can undercut unionised workers)”

Precisely! So why do Socialist parties all over the World, including our so-called ‘Labor’ Party, support an open borders policy? How does this protect and maintain the hard won working conditions of workers in the developed nations? The Working Class has so obviously been betrayed by the very party that purports to represent them. This is something White Nationalists have been saying for decades but no one will listen and instead they all just scream Raaaaycist! Like a mob of sheep.

“and it also serves as a release valve for the racist Mexican upper-class (Spanish-descended Whites) to get rid of "undesirables" at the bottom of the socio-economic pile (Indians)."
I think perhaps 'gramsci' is referring here to the mixed blood 'Mestizos'?
"If you look closely the Repulican (sic) Party of the US are actually aiding and abetting the migrant flow with a nudge and a wink.”

Gramsci’s comments are essentially correct although still restrained by the constraints of Globalist Leftist ideology. There is a glimmer of consciousness starting to show but of course he will be ruthlessly crushed by the likes the hardcore haters like weezil, Darp, Andy etc.

We can’t wait to see weez’s response, death from above, anyone?