Friday, March 16, 2007

The Big Bite

Jeezuz! Talk about bite.
There are sharks out there that wish they had a bite like that. It is noteworthy that after many weeks of, quite frankly, suspicious quietness from Darp and the total lack of acknowledgement of several other posts we thought the FDB clowns could not resist, it was the ‘New Look’ story that got them all barring up.

As always they are leading with their chins (can chinless wonders actually HAVE chins?) and this time they’ve swallowed the bait whole and are still chomping madly. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The real irony of course (that’s something FDB just don’t get) is that if they knew what was good for them the LAST thing they should be discussing is sexuality, particularly their own. Not a wise move considering that in any comparison they come out looking like the princes of perversity.

FDB’s sickness is manifestly evident both in their twisted political ideology and the puerile ranting of their members online. At any given time it sounds like a conga line of queers all hanging out of each others arses. Whereas they are all pathological liars for whom the truth is an alien concept we at Whitelaw Towers care ONLY about the truth. We have worked and will continue to work tirelessly to expose the facts about Darp and his motley crew of Anarchists’ criminal activities.

Although we have amply demonstrated their total lack of credibility we must still maintain our position as watchdog while ever they still spread their poisonous lies through their presence on the Internet and influence within the media and political entities. We are totally committed to bringing Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW to justice for his crimes against White Humanity and will do all that is possible to prevent him ever realising his sick dream of becoming a practicing lawyer and setting up an antipodean version of Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Centre. There’s money to be made in them thar ‘hate crimes’.

Fact: As keen, long term Greens Party members Mathew Henderson-Hau and Brian Stokes support and advocate sick Greens policy such as the inculcation of our children, as young as pre-school age, with the recognition and indeed promotion of queers and even queer ‘families’ as ‘normal’. Their insipid, mumbling and appropriately named hero, Bob Brown, is one sick unit who has consistently campaigned to reduce the age of sexual consent for males to fourteen!

Why? Because ALL faggots are either pederasts or potential pederasts. Unconvinced? Hands up then who would leave their toddlers in the care of Bruce and Barry the bum chums? The Left, including the Labor Party and its supporters, is literally lousy with poofters. Milton Orkopoulos just happened to be one of the very few to actually get caught. But what about the legions of other well suss characters who either bailed out at the last minute or gained immunity due to the old school tie? The Three Arseketeers Egan, Carr, Refshauge being the most notorious and the list goes on.

On top of this is the Greens’ attitude to illicit drugs. Their piss weak euphemism of so-called ‘decriminalisation’ basically means just legalise everything. It’s the same with border protection. They simply don’t want any. It’s typical fairies (this pun intended too) at the bottom of the garden permissiveness. No accountability. No responsibility. Big Mother of the rainbow socialist nanny state will take care of everything. Just keep spending the average joe’s hard earned tax dollars on driving him into extinction.

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Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 6:19 am
“Peter's so utterly obsessed about you, isn't he, Darp?!”

We’re certainly no more ‘obsessed’ with Darp than he is with body image, fluids and excreta. Besides I think one might be excused for seeming a little bit ‘obsessed’ with a creature that coordinates a criminal network dedicated to making one’s life a misery. A group that follows its ringleader (pun intended) in his quest to stalk, harass and defame. A group that conspires with government bureaucrats, journalists, politicians and others to follow one from job to job and attempt to smear one by having said journos or other FDB members to phone or fax or E-Mail one’s employers with lurid tales of ‘Neo-Nazism’ so-called ‘hate crimes’ and…”terrorism”…

“All these lengthy and detailed soliloquies devoted to you. And his in-depth knowledge of 'homosexual behaviour' - where'd he learn that?!”

Hurr! Hurr! Hurr! What brilliant (not) logic.

The clumsy inference by ‘Colours’ is of course that the author must somehow be Homosexual himself merely because he has learned much about his enemies. Following this line this would mean that Policemen are all really just ‘closet’ criminals, Medical Examiners are all just sickos who like to play with dead bodies, physicians are diseased due to their knowledge of pathology and pathogens etc…

To research anything distasteful is therefore to somehow endow oneself with the characteristics of the subject. We shouldn’t really need to explain the utter stupidity of this premise but if past experience is anything to go by it’s not just FDB who are idiots, many ‘third party’ observers of this conflict often appear to be incapable of understanding precisely the nature of the psychology at work.

The plain and simple facts are that just reading the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum alone provides enough material to write a thesis on the subject of Queer Politics but if one lives in Sydney and walks around with one’s eyes and ears open then it is all there in garish living colour. But failing that, five minutes Googling up a few key words or reading the admittedly semi fictional Wikipedia site or the excellent study put out a few years ago by the Southern Baptist Church is an excellent resource.

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Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:52 am
“HE could make a decent living writing slash, but methinks he prefers keeping it personal...”

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“Peter's obsession with Darp seems to be linked with an equally large obsession with Judaism. I had to look up the term:
Quote: Mamzer Jew”

Erm…and WE had to search to find out what ‘slash’ is. Apparently it’s not (anymore) what you do against the fence on the way home from the pub on a Friday night to help relieve your swollen bladder of that dozen or so schooners. It’s got something to do with a sort of gonzo homo fiction. The sort that would have dirty old uncle weezy tuggin’ his tossle over the monitor screen… apparently…
And when it comes to sexual perversion and all other forms of deviancy...

It’s not US that waxes lyrical about the halcyon days of yore on Oxford Street when Darp was guaranteed of being groped in the toilets.
It’s not US that shaves our ‘nads and waxes our chests.
It’s not US that describes in excruciating detail the “squelchy” noises fat kids at the beach make just before you physically assault them.
It’s not US that provides forensic details of an attack of the green apple splatters, Darp’s own pornographic version of ‘The day my bum went psycho’.
It’s not US that fantasise about wanking into the Prime Ministers food and making him eat it at gunpoint.
It’s not US that tell the World our cock is chamomile flavoured.
It’s not US that solicit for the bashing and even murder of political opponents.
It’s not US that are conspiring in acts of gross irresponsibility to give false and misleading information to the Australian federal authorities about our political adversaries, diverting and wasting precious taxpayer funded resources vital for national security.

We just read the stuff and cringe. THIS is how we gain an insight into the Leftist Queer mentality. It is not, as they say in the classics, rocket science.

The unpleasant reality of homosexual and scatological obsession endemic in Leftist circles needs to be acknowledged because their Anti-White, Anti-Western activity is possibly the single most corrosive influence on our young people who, not realising it is genocidal and suicidal, often just jump on board because it seems like good old fashioned Anti-Establishment ‘fun’.

If this acknowledgement and study entails getting FDB verbal dog shit stuck to our boots then so be it, it’s just one of the hazards of stepping into the arena to deal with these Anarchist thugs.
Oh, and we hope everyone over at brown rainbow headquarters enjoys all the colours...