Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FDB/Searchlight Exposed

Yes folks we all know the purpose of FDB is to create false and misleading stories so the media can qoute them in any smear story using FDB as the written source. As the master ring leader Mathew Henderson Hau has stated, FDB wishes to follow closly the tactics of Search Light.

I think Greg Roberts, (who can be contacted at
robertsg@the or ph 61 73666 7461 just love the 666 part, irony we think) should take note. exists for two reasons:
ONE, to serve as an online warning to the general media about the true nature and activities of the so-called “anti-fascist” Searchlight Magazine, and its publisher, Gerry Gable; and
TWO, to keep a public record of the outrageous lies, exaggerations and distortions which Gable and his magazine produce.
Gerry Gable – the Die-Hard Communist
Gerry Gable is the official publisher of Searchlight Magazine. While pretending to be an “objective journalist watchdog” Gable is in fact, a hard-line Communist who has, contrary to party orders, specialised in his own form of Zionism, causing a not inconsiderable number of his erstwhile extreme leftist colleagues to either disavow or disown him completely, accusing Gable and his cronies of being state agents.
Searchlight’s Hard Core Communist Backers
More than 15 years have passed since the Berlin Wall fell and Communism collapsed, discredited, exhausted and obviously bankrupt. Given the record, it is incredible that any media source takes seriously anything a Communist says, yet they are always keen to quote Searchlight!
Searchlight’s Criminal and Violent Record
* In November 1963, Gerry Gable was arrested and held at Hornsey police station following a break-in at the flat of the historian David Irving.
After stealing GPO identity documents, the Communist Party member Gable and his comrade Manny Carpel, burgled Irving ’s house hoping to find “evidence” that Irving was a “Nazi.’
Gable’s Open Admissions of Working for State Intelligence Agencies
When Gable was convicted of burglary in 1964, his defence counsel told the court that it had been Gable’s intention to “find material they could take to Special Branch". (Daily Telegraph, January 17, 1964, and the Islington Gazette, Jan 17, 1964).
Harry Bidney – Searchlight’s Pervert Hero
Harry Bidney was manager of the Limbo Club in Soho , which should have been warning enough. He was also involved with the Zionist terror outfit, 'The 62 Group' who were supporters of the terrorist Beginite Herut organisation in Israel .
Gable’s Fables 1: The “Nazi Army Trained by Nato”
In 1975, Searchlight had its first major story exposing what it announced to the world as “Column 88.” This was, according to Searchlight, a “neo-Nazi terror group, intent on having its members in places of influence across the whole spectrum of the Right, from the Monday Club to the National Front" ('Searchlight' May 1975, p5).
Gable then used a tactic which has since become commonplace for Searchlight: he put one of his agent provocateurs into place to generate the “facts” and Bob’s Your Uncle, he had a story!
Gable’s Fables 2: “Maggie's Militant Tendency” Lie
Cost the BBC £1 million
Gable’s Fables 3: Brits “Gunrunning to American Soldiers”
Gable’s Fables 4: The Letter to the Prime Minister
In the November 1997 issue of Searchlight, Gable reproduced what he claimed was a handwritten letter, supposedly sent by a “Ku Klux Klan group in Mercia” (called, not surprisingly, the Mercian Klan) to the Prime Minister.
Gable’s Fables 5: How Gable Paid £5,000 "in costs" for Lying
Gable’s Fables 6: Searchlight Apologizes for “Not Checking Its Facts”
Gable’s Fables 7: Private Eye Sued After Gable “Murder Plot” Fantasy
The April 1986 issue of Searchlight magazine ran this headline: EXPOSED! TORY MP IN PLOT TO MURDER SEARCHLIGHT JOURNALIST. This was allegedly a "plot" by a Tory member of parliament to kidnap and murder Gerry Gable himself.
As crazy as it sounds, this story was taken up by Private Eye magazine, issue 636, 2nd May.
Gable’s Fables 8: The “Notting Hill Bomb Plot” that Never Was
Gerry’s Fables 9: “The Secret Agent” Setup
Much publicity has been given to a TV show, The Secret Agent which resulted in the dramatic trials – and acquittals -- of BNP leader Nick Griffin and party colleague Mark Collett on “race hate" charges in 2006.