Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fuddsy fucks up...again.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

Crikey's Christian Kerr shoots off mouth, loses foot (again)

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Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 8:40 am

Our Dr Cam Sexenheimer was published in the March 12th Crikey newsletter:

The KKK took my perspective away

By Cam Smith, a campaigner with the anti-racism group Fight Dem Back

The news last week that a Ku Klux Klan group (The White Legion Knights of the KKK) was attempting to recruit in the Queensland city of Toowoomba via a leaflet campaign has been blown somewhat out of proportion and is just a little bit pathetic. Surely a proper Invisible Empire would never do anything as tacky as sticking propaganda (American propaganda! Very UnAustralian) under people's windscreen wipers. It's just not the done thing.

The Mayor (Dianne Thorley), the local members (Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane and Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine) and Premier Peter Beattie have all come out slamming the pamphlets. Just how worried should they actually be?

Let's put this group into perspective. There's already a KKK group operating in Australia -- they're called the Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Australia and the organisation is run (Grand Wizarded) by a bloke called David Palmer, a retired electrician who divides his time between doing his bit for the incredibly beleaguered white race and sinking beer at his local RSL. Unlike these classless Toowoomba sheet-heads, he reportedly does much of his recruiting the old fashioned way: in mental institutions and jails.

The crowning achievement of the IEKKKKA has probably been the establishment of their 100% Aryan Breeding Program, wherein women wishing to ensure the racial integrity of their offspring can (for a small fee) do the "horizontal Austrian polka" with Dave or one of his kamaraden. To date there have been no takers.

We are possibly not dealing with the cream of the crop of Australian society. The fact that Dave completely disavows any connection to this new group and disparagingly refers to them as "the Toowoomba Centrelink Mob" speaks volumes as to just how insignificant they are. If these losers can't even organise themselves some jobs, how are they expected to organise a cross burning (it's actually harder than you'd think).

The authorities should definitely keep an eye on them (in case they should grow beyond what we estimate are 5-10 members), but as Dr Mark Copland from the Catholic Social Justice Commission has pointed out, there are actually more important racial issues in Toowoomba for Di, Ian, Kez and Pete to be dealing with. Perhaps the shocking state of Aboriginal education and health should be prioritised above the activities of a few losers in bedsheets.

Which drew this absolutely moronic, left-field response from Christian Kerr in March 13th Crikey subscription newsletter:

Cam Smith – poseur or van Tongeren?

Christian Kerr writes:

Crikey made an error of judgement granting space to the self-styled anti-racism campaigner Cam Smith yesterday, since Smith is either one of two things: a poseur or an advocate of violence.

Smith says he represents an organisation called "Fight Dem Back". Fight Dem Back has a website, but like most groups on the political fringe there appears to be little more to the entity than some self-selected spokespeople and a message.

In Fight Dem Back’s case, that message is ambiguous.

The organisation’s homepage talks about its "opposition to all groups who would seek to propagate racial hate and division".

It provides chapter and verse on some strikingly obnoxious groups and individuals who do this – people such as Jack van Tongeren, the white supremacist who served 12 years in prison from 1989-2001 in Western Australia for firebombing Asian businesses.

Nowhere, however, in all the detail on its site, does Fight Dem Back precisely spell out how it expresses its "opposition" to racism.

Violence plays no part in political decision making or debate in Australia. We recognise this. It is why we send people like van Tongeren to jail.

Yet Fight Dem Back explicitly meets violence with violence in its name. Does it also do so in its activities?

It might not have all that many. Smith and his confreres may do little more than run a website and occasionally offer opinions to hard-pressed, naïve or gullible journalists and editors.

If this is so, then they are nothing but are puerile political poseurs. Political poseurs who exploit decent minded people’s repugnance at racism to gain themselves media notoriety.

And if Fight Dem Back uses or condones violence, then Cam Smith is as offensive to our democracy as Jack van Tongeren.

Either way, Crikey should be embarrassed for giving him a platform.

Crikey should be a lot more embarrassed about Kerr publishing unresearched bullshit.

FDB have never EVER been involved in violence- Liar! Liar! the only people who claim that we're violent are neo-nazis trying to smear the FDB messengers. If Kerr had talked to anyone other than the neo-nazi connected Australia First about us, I think he might have gotten a slightly different impression.

In fact, Kerr hasn't talked to any of the FDB core about our methods of activism.

FDB are a research and information bureau.? When we encounter racist activity, we compile, discuss and distribute the information to concerned parties like police, HREOC, journalists, etc.

Kerr should read less Stormfront and more FDB. It's not like we're hard to contact, either.”

The mere fact that tough talking cripple Brian Stokes aka ‘weezil’ posted this at all, bringing it to the attention of hundreds of more people than it ever would have done languishing on the pages of the wanky, self-indulgent ‘crikey’ site is testament to his sheer arrogant pomposity and fringe dwelling credentials. Delusions of grandeur anyone?

His confusion, incredulity and indeed his utter outrage at the fact that the entire World, outside of the realms of White Nationalism, is not in lockstep with his own twisted ideology and fully supportive of FDB’s criminal tactics does his tiny little mind in. He is beside himself, he cannot sleep and his posts are hitting the pages of the FDB Forum like shotgun pellets. For all his bluff and bluster he really is so sad and insecure.

While he loves to wax lyrical on others’ marginality and lack of political validity the instant there’s a peep from anyone with a contrary view, even those nominally on his own side, he’s in a state of apoplexy and so overplays the wounded and misunderstood card, laying the sarcasm on with a trowel, he guarantees he will NEVER garner support among the moderates.

The fact is, and yes it IS getting through slowly folks, that outside of the inner circle of FDB conspirators the vast majority of punters have no time for violent, welfare leeching Anarchist criminals, sad old Commies, bitter and twisted newspaper hacks and other assorted losers and dropouts.

Even the tired old hackneyed references to working with the police and other authorities stinks of bluff and desperation. He KNOWS he and FDB have consistently flouted the law as well as every moral and ethical code because to them the end justifies the means, absolutely, no exceptions. In this he and FDB are nothing unusual on their side of politics. One only has to research the criminal activities, including theft, fraud, extortion, assault and battery and terrorism, of the Anti Defamation League, the Anti Nazi League and the Jewish Defence League. As with them, FDB believe supreme chutzpah alone will carry them through and keep the law from their door.


The reverence with which ‘Dr’ Cam is treated now is…erm… interesting because we’ll see just how keen old weevil and some of the other FDB wasters are to back him up when the real shit comes down on him and Darp for their part in more than one serious case of conspiracy to defame and various other nasty little criminal acts.

Not only does White Nationalism never sleep…it never forgets.